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    Help from higher authority regarding violations of rule and favouritism in the institute

    Have a query regarding redressal of rule violations and favouritism? Looking out for detailed protocols to escalate this issue? Our ISC Experts shall answer your questions and assist in resolving your issues here.

    I am presently working in Directorate of Education GNCTD. I am posted as a teacher in a Govt. School. My Principal is not accepting my verbal and written communication regarding
    some matter. He even refused to comment on my written representation.

    Kindly guide me what are the ways out.If I seek
    help from Education Officer and DDE: how to seek
    help and bring this matter in notice of the authorities?
    This is a matter of right.
    What are the protocols regarding
    this? Even if he is not responding the email which was
    sent having no option left to intimate.

    The matter is related to depriving me of my right to
    seniority and case of favouritism also overlooking the
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  • If your principal is not accepting any communication regarding any matter you can apply to the higher authority for the same. First, write an application to DEO and provides him detail about the matter. He will look at your matter and order the principal accordingly. If you are not satisfied with the order of DEO, you can go to CEO of the district. After that, you can go the collector / DM for your right. In many DM conduct Jan Sunwai every week, you can contact DM at Jan Sunwai every week. So, do not hesitate and fight for your right.

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  • In any government organization, one should represent their problem by proper channel. Write a written complaint/ communication or issue to the higher authority who by his authority can solve the problem. Always forward such complaint or issue via Principal who is ignoring your communication. When you do this, your principal has to forward it to the main authority to whom the communication is forwarded. If he does not, you can then go to the highest authority directly. Always first go by proper channel, if it does not work, go with the second option.

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  • You can give an application of complaint or appraisal to higher-ups like Director Education or Inspector of school whatever the case may be.

    You have to be clear in your application about the issues you want to highlight to the higher authorities. What is the injustice done to you by the management should reflect in your complaint.

    Please remember that there are certain prerogatives of the management which may look to you like nepotism or favour. You may be thinking that you have been neglected in certain areas. Please study these things in detail and find out whether any injustice is done to you or not.

    If you are sure that you have documentary evidence against the gross injustice done to you then only you should complain otherwise it will boomerang back on you and create unnecessary embarrassment.

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  • 1. Please ensure that your complaint is right and proper. It should not be a frivolous or personal in nature. You should be able to properly justify the same with documents if called for.

    2.Once you are sure of this, you address a letter to the Principal wording the complaint in polite, decent and civil fashion. Put the matter correctly without any personal accusations, but quoting violation of any rule or procedure which put you to difficulty. Clearly narrate what is your grievance .

    3.Clearly request for the specific redress of grievance narrated.

    4.If you had already taken up about this matter, then quote those previous instances in detail .

    5. Request the Principal to acknowledge the complaint.

    6.In case he refuses to accept, ask him to give the refusal in writing. Even that if he refuses, get a witness for that, if possible.

    7. In that case (point 5 or 6) send a copy of the complaint to the next higher authority above the principal, clearly mentioning that you are sending this to the higher official because the Principal did not accept/or refused to accept. Send that letter by registered post with ack. due or by direct handing over in person to that officila or his authorised office secretary etc.

    Note: Once a complaint is sent then there can be some bitterness . The colleagues may side with you or oppose you. It may lead to some groupism, betrayal etc. So before shooting of a written complaint, talk with the trade union leaders if you are a member ;or consult some experienced colleagues in your office. You may need their support. Sometimes things may lead to litigation also. So do the homework first and only if it is worth and legally and technically admissible,then only proceed.

  • You are working in the Department of Education, Government of Nationcal Capital Territoy of Delhi.

    You are government teacher and want to complain against the principal about being overlooked for a promotion. Often taking on or complaining about a senior officer in the government service is not looked upon well and at times for a regular employee, life becomes difficult. I am not advising that you should not complain but please think and gather the facts in hand.

    Make of list of your intended compliants and the issues that you think are going against you.
    Cross check with the guidelines and rules. For instance if you have to be promoted what all is needed including a favorable recommendation from the Principal. Do you belong to any reservation category. Do you have any complaints against yourself. How is your performance as a school teacher.

    Once you have all this in hand, then with a calm mind set a meeting with the Principal and request him/her to help you. Find out have you made any mistakes or misconduct that is holding against you? Have you annoyed the principal by loose talk, gossip etc? all this becomes important. Please allow some time for the discussion and then revert back. If you find progress, the you can avoid complaining. If you do not find any progress, then you can take the path of a formal complaint.

    For this you need to have all evidence in hand, any compliants handling committee will not stop at just listening or reading your letter. They will ask for evidence. For instance, if you say that you are senior enough to be promoted, then you should have all your service record statements, performance, attendance record etc. Basically you need to have proof of the wrong doing you are suffering. If a junior is promoted against the rules, then you should be able to prove that it is true. Keep the langauge simple and polite, do not get emotional or angered when writing the compliant. Please specific to the point and very clear. The letter should not be sarcastic or very inflammatory. Please remember that any formal compliant you make, it will remain in your file and your langauge and temper should not be a negative factor for future promotions or transfers. Please do not come across as a difficult employee to work with.

    It is useful to know hierarchy in your department and the proper channel, including the grievance cell.

    The offical pathway to address greviance in GNCTD is via 'The Zonal level Staff Grievance Redressal Committee'.

    1.This is found in the link ( Please read carefully the Part IV, No:2, this is applicable for grievance of a staff against a Principal of the school.

    2. The committee will decide in 30 days time and an order would be passed about the results of the discussion.

    3. If you are still not happy you can appeal to the 'District Level Staff Grievance Redressal Committee'.

    4. keep records of all the discussion you have had, write down a small diary about what all was discussed at the meeting and what each member said when so that you can have it handy for future discussions.

    Attachment show the grievance rules for teaching staff.

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  • If you cannot find any good results with the above method, then you can
    A. complain to the PGC

    The Pulic Grievances Commision. If you check Question 5, answer d, this would apply to you.

    You can do it by registered post or online
    To the Secretary,
    Public Grievances Commission NGCTD

    ( This is the link for the list of causes (

    B. If you are still struggling and on the right path, then contact a lawyer who is well versed with the service rules and administration of the Education Department/ Government of Delhi and seek guidance.

    Attachment Public Grievance commission.

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  • You have represented some matter to your principal and he is not giving cognizance to it. You want to complain to higher-ups about this in your education department.

    You may have a minor matter to report or a genuine grievance, it is not clear from your letter. Anyway if it is a minor matter please forget it as you will encounter many such in your career path and entangling in them is a sheer wastage of time and energy.

    On the other hand, if it is a serious matter and injustice is done to you then you must find out whether some procedure is violated by the principal or he is doing some favour to someone and ignoring the basic rules and regulation. Do you have a proof that he has done favours in exchange with monetary or material gain. If you have some concrete reasons then only it is advisable to complain to higher ups as otherwise, they will not show any interest in dull and dubious cases.

    Before complaining take help of some friend who has experience of drafting such letters so that you can convey your exact feelings about the adverse situation in which you are working in that school.

    Please remember to give a copy under receipt in the office of the school and if they do not accept give them by regd post.

    You must remember that by complaining about the principal you are starting a direct fight which may prolong for a long time and you should be mentally prepared for it.

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  • There is a problem for you which you are trying to report to the principal. But he is not accepting the same. As a first step make a written statement of the matter you want to represent to your principal and submit the same in his office and take the acknowledgement. If Principal is not signing get the acknowledgement from his office staff with a stamp of his office. Wait for a week and see whether any reply in writing comes from his office. If you have not received the reply, make a report to the next higher official that is DEO. Attach a copy of the acknowledgement and inform him the matter very clearly.
    If the Principal's office refuses to give acknowledgement, send the letter by registered post with acknowledgement to the principal and if he accepts you will get the acknowledgement back. If he rejects the registered post also you will receive the cover as it is. You keep the cover as it is and don't open and then proceed to the next step.
    I wish to add here that you are just going against the wishes of your immediate boss. So please think twice and get ready to face the consequences and then only you should proceed further.

    always confident

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