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    Choosing between BTech ICE or EIE

    Confused between ICE and EIE BTech? Wondering which one has better job scope and can lead to studying robotics? Our ISC experts shall provide you with suggestions to make this choice.

    Which BTech course is better: Electronics and Instrumentation Engg or Instrumentation and Control Engg. in terms of career point of view?
    I also want to do MTech in Robotics after my graduation.
    Can you guide regarding which would be better for me because robotics is a multidisciplinary course?
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  • In B.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation Engg (EIE) you study Electronics engineering ( Circuits,Signal Processing and VLSI) and Instrumentation.This will help you to get job in Electronics,Software and Instrumentation field.Graduates with EIE has better job opportunities than Instrumentation and Control graduates.
    In B.Tech Instrumentation and Control you study the basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering with more focus on Instrumentation and Control Engineering ( Process Control etc).You can get job in Instrumentation and Control field.

    You can do M.Tech Robotics after completing EIE or Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  • A career in Robotics can be envisioned in the various key components where in robotics can be applied like automation, artificial intelligence, Robotics and Healthcare, complex management systems, computer aided robotic production plants etc.

    One can choose B.Tech in automation and robotics or a B.Tech in Mechatronics. This would be offered in MIT, Manipal, SRM Unviersity, TamilNadu, APIIT under Kurukshetra University. Please consider this if useful to you.

    Of the two options, most would suggest a B.Tech in Electronics and instrumentation engineering because it would give you access to further jobs is most of the major engineering fields be it language, instruments, technology etc and EIE gives you a better chance to further change or move on in a specif path for further education once you have learnt something about most key areas of Engineering.

  • You should not remain in dillema with respect to superiority of either of the courses since each course is relevant and suited for a particular stream. Instrumentation is the branch of Engineering relating to the studies of the minor components installed in the machineries of Steel- plant, oil - refineries and Cement - plants etc. By means of such instrumentations, we could gauge the internal pressure, volume or temperature of the reactants inside the vessel. Hence the role of an Instrumentation - engineer is vital. These engineers may take up maintenance jobs to repair the defects arising in course of repeated operations.
    An Electronics Engineer is supposed to be conversant with the electronic function of different components applied in the Industries.
    Since you want to take up Mechatronics in your post - graduation - stage, a degree in Instumentation would strengthen your basic input as a result of your deep coverage of functional mechanism of Instrumentation.
    Specialisation in Robotics would open up your fields in health - care, operational fields in the different industries, Hotels and aviation - industries etc.

  • Both the branches are very near to each other except the control function in the latter one. Instrumentation and control is vital in the industries today where manual or partly robotic machines are installed for various manufacturing and control activities. In heavy electrical, hazardous chemicals and general instrumentation these applications are becoming common day by day.

    Practically there is not much difference in the two and whichever you pursue please give more emphasis in the practical applications so that in future you may pick up fast when you get a job opportunity in the industry.

    Nowadays there are degrees and courses in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence available in IITs and some other top engineering colleges. You can consider that also as an option. In case you succeed in getting admission in such a place you can have a good career growth as this is an emerging area.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Electronics and instrumentation Engineering is the best suited course for you to have a good career in the line you wanted. Once you complete your graduation you have to get good score in your GATE so that you will get M..Tech seat in a good institute in the subject you wanted and this will also help you in getting a good career opening.

    always confident

  • I think Robotics engineering is not a bad choice. There are also great career opportunities in Robotics engineering. In Robotics engineering you gonna learn about technology of robots, desigining robots. Computer is used for making robots. This course is completely based on mechanics, electronics and software. You can do diploma, bachelor and master degree course in robotics. Diploma and bachelor is of 4 year duration and master in robotics is 2 year duration. Average fees of the course is Rs. 70,000. The list of Colleges who offering robotics engineering are :
    1. Desh bhagat singh engineering college
    2. Birla institute of technology and science, pilani
    3. Jadavpur university, kolkata
    4. National institute of technology

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