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    Joining a state government job during the last month of MTech

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    I joined as a Junior Engineer in the Irrigation department in Haryana before completion of my M.Tech course at NIT Kurukshetra. My M.Tech results are due on 31st May,2018 while I joined the job on 19th April,2018.
    I had applied for extension of joining date in my department but I did not get the extension and hence I had no options but to join the job without informing my college.
    Will this create any problem in future?
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  • It is nothing to worry. No college authorities prevent anybody in getting a job. You approach your college authorities with a copy of your appointment order and request for exemption in appearing for classes and seek permit to appear for exam as a special case. They will definitely oblige if you approach in person.

  • You need not worry unnecessarily on this point since you had written an application of your extension. It is altogether a different thing that your request for the same was turned down.
    You may write to the university - officials appraising them of your joining as a junior - engineer in the irrigation - department of Haryana State - Board.
    You would get a positive outcome if you meet the university - officials personally and request them of your exemption for attending the session - classes. Make a request to allow to appear for your M.Tech examination. Finally submit your application stating all the relevant facts addressing your application to an appropriate authority.

  • Actually I already appeared for my examination without informing the college authorities that i have joined a government job. To avoid any hassles i decided not to inform the college as my college is very strict with regards to this issue as M.Tech scholars get scholarships . But after giving my exam, I am having a strange feeling that my degree would become invalid since i have joined a government job before completion of my M.Tech. Am i thinking too much or are my fears true?

  • No,it will not create any problem.But inform your college and professor on this and complete pending tasks and project.Also inform your Manager on this and you can take leave to complete the tasks.College will not prevent students for joining the job

  • What you have done is absolutely right. You have not violated anything. You need not feel guilty or regret. If you had not joined the job, then that would have been a lost opportunity.

    Now, wait for the results. Get the necessary certificates and papers of completion of course and passing the course.
    Then intimate your current employer about your completing the M.Tech, and ask to update your profile records.
    I hope while asking for extension of joining date you would have given the reason as your need to write exams of M.Tech. Even if you had not mentioned, don't worry, you can intimate the completion of the M Tech along with necessary documents of proof.

    So just relax,and concentrate on the new job putting your efforts sincerely on that and learning relevant things for smooth conduct of the job.

  • As you have already appeared for the exam, there is nothing to worry. Wait for the result and then get your certificates etc from the institution.

    From the legal point of view, as you may be getting some scholarship or sponsored stipend for your studies, you should inform your institution regarding this development.

    What you have to do is inform the details about your appointment and how you had asked for an extension but was not given to you by the irrigation deptt and you had to join the job as job conditions in our country are very tight and day by day deteriorating.

    So there may be an overlap between your salary from the irrigation deptt and college scholarship and you may be deprived of this scholarship for that overlapping period. So please talk to your college office about the procedure in this regard and accordingly inform the institution about this before they find it and unnecessarily question you.

    Do not panic and keep calm. There is nothing to be worried.

    Knowledge is power.

  • How did you manage the document verification process because your joining date is 6 weeks ahead of the results and would a few months from having a valid degree certificate in hand. Because for most jobs the document verification preceeds the actual joining date of the job.

    It sounds like you have compelted your M.Tech exams and waiting for results and you have joined the job early.

    Please read through the application form or guidelines once more. Because the advert would have come a few months ago. Most Government job adverts would give a date by which the graduate/PG degree should be submitted. At times they also announce that final year students who have given the exam and awaiting results can apply providing they can submit the valid degree certificate on a stipulated date.

    The other good point is that you had applied for an extension to the department about your joining date. It would be useful if have a copy of it.

    The next issue is how your professor, guide and the college prinicipal take it. Please meet them personally and politely request them to guide you. Most people would be happy to see their students get a Government job. Also sincerely apologise for not informing them earlier.

    Please offer them that you would forego your scholarship amount if the job joining breaches any mandatory rules of the college.

    Lastly, consider a practical situation wherein another unsuccessful applicant for the same job who already has a M.Tech degree in hand and if the application guideline says that applicant should hold a valid M.Tech degree, then he/she can file a case against you for providing misleading information. Please discuss this aspect with a lawyer who is familiar with the Government selection process for Engineers or the public departments.

  • As per the information provided by you, I do not see any problem general or legal in this. It is a simple case of availing an opportunity which does not knock at your door daily.

    Only thing is talk to your mentors and teachers and find out if any formality is there which requires you to inform them this in black and white.

    If there are no implications and requirement from your college then you have nothing to bother.

    You are only making your career nothing else.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • In reply to Mr. Natrajan , I would like to say that M.Tech was not a criteria for the job. The essential qualification was B.Tech. It's just that it is a higher degree which I was pursuing and I wanted to complete for the betterment of my career.

  • My only question is that if I get any other better government job in future, can I show my degree certificate as well as the work experience certificate ?? Will I not be grilled for doing two government studies/job for over a month?

  • First of all congrats for getting job as Junior Engineer in the Irrigation department in Haryana which was really a bright opening for your career. By the way what for we study in big colleges with big studies. Only to have the decent and fetching job. In your case you hit the jackpot by securing a government job in Haryana government and consider yourself lucky for that. After completion of Mtech nothing going to change for you as you ought to got campus interview before completion of the course. Now that final results are about to be out, what is the use of waiting for other job when you already has one.

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • The problem can be solved when you represent it officially. You can first approach the college authority and request them as well as explain the importance of the government job. They will consider it once you explain the complete thing. Truth always wins. Do not hide anything. If college authority does not listen, head towards the officials of the university who will certainly help in this regard. Do not turn down the efforts. Its a matter of only one month and you will lose your entire study of M.Tech. I pray to God that you will get M. Tech degree.

    I am giving a similar real example. One of my friends is doing M.E from a reputed university of Gujarat. He applied for the post of lab assistant at one of the IITs and got selected in one of the IIT. He has now lifetime opportunity. He has explained the situation to both college authority and both agreed in a special case. He is doing job as well as studying too but he has done everything legally by presenting the facts. So, representation of case is very important.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

  • What's the problem? Now you have joined, you apply for leave till your examination is over. But please remember that in that particular case, the leave would be LWP, i.e., Leave without Pay. There will be absolutely no problem. Leave will be granted in this case.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

  • You have appeared for final examination. Once the final exam is over, you will not get any fellowship or stipend. For the same period if you are getting two payments then it will be a problem. Legally you have not done anything wrong. So you need not worry and you will not have amy issue

    always confident

  • @Ankit Malhotra.
    Glad that you mentioned that the essential qualification was B.Tech. There would not be any issues.
    With regards to your future better job. Please do as I advised in my earlier reply. Meet the principal/Professor in charge of your M.Tech, then expalin it to them.
    They would agree and if needed forego the stipend for that period so that no one can raise any objection in future.

    Then please keep your correspondence with regards to your request for extension of leave or postpone of the joining date. There would be a reply to your request as a letter or mail that yes, we have received your letter and granted/ not granted with pay or loss of pay.

    Once you have this in hand, then you need not worry about it. Please apply for future better jobs, no need to explain this in detail and creating more confusion. If in the future, during document verification, if some officer asks for clarification, then you have all the records (that we have discussed above) in hand.

  • Mr Ankit with reference to your query at #150589, I want to mention that you had already appeared for your M Tech exam before joining the job and this fact you should document with you and you can always explain it that during the period you were waiting for the result, you joined the job.

    So in my opinion, you will not be having any questioning in this regard and please do not have any apprehension in this matter.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You have joined as a Junior Engineer for which the academic qualification required is Diploma in Engineering. You have the requisite Diploma or Degree in Engineering, so you could join the present position.
    I reiterate that you won't have any problem in getting leave for your M.Tech final examination/ result.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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