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    How do we inculcate the research bent of mind?

    Wondering how to inculcate a research bent of mind among teachers? Looking out for methods to do so? Find suggestions form experts on this page.

    There are always superb institutions in every field, like the Delhi School of Economics. There are colleges that are world famous, since they have started moving with the times. For example, at the Loyola College, Chennai, so many decades ago, a superbly thought out course called BSc Visual Communication was started in the college.

    Over the years, this course has become so famous and has been giving hundreds of trained manpower to the big media houses like NDTV, Sun TV and the like. The students are well trained in the nuances of film direction, script writing, photography, creative thinking, story writing and what have you. Since the entire focus is so much job oriented, the students learn the course so well and are always on the go. This course is now available in so many Chennai colleges as well.

    Allied to this concept of job orientation is the research bent of mind. This should allow the teacher to not only undertake the academic research where everything is proved empirically, but also research in and of, the real world.

    This becomes so essential in a course like the MBA. For instance, if the teacher is not able to relate the example of Nano car of the Tatas with the concept of Blue Ocean Strategy, how will the student learn what is expected in the industry? How will he know or appreciate the knowledge that is so vital, in terms of the concept and its inter-link with the industry.

    There is another concept of Core Competence, the co-author of which was a superb professor, whose name was C.k. Prahalad. Though he is now no more, during his lifetime, he influenced the minds of hundreds of corporate organizations round the world and helped them redefine their businesses like never before.

    How do we bring the MBA teachers to understand such concepts and make the students understand? This is a huge challenge.

    Research is so important in economics, sociology, psychology, and in sciences. Yet, most teachers pay, at best, lip service to research.

    Inculcating the research bent of mind, is an urgent priority of the UGC. It is either now or never.
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  • The Institutes of higher learning should concentrate more on research and the professors who are paid good salaries, not for their teaching abilities but for research activities are responsible for bringing in the research bent of mind in the students. But unfortunately, many university faculties are not showing interest in this research activity. Actually the PhD degree we obtain is for developing the skill of research in our mind. If a problem is given how to approach the problem, what is the methodology and how to proceed will be obtained during the doctorate studies under the guidance of a professor. This training should be useful to know how to do research.
    When we work in an organisation when we have the inquisitiveness to know various problems and how to solve it will give you an edge for research.
    Some people will restrict themselves to a certain area of work. Instead, if we have the eagerness to know the problems and solving them will tell you how to go for a research.
    Analysing the information available, creating the knowledge bank in the particular problems and trying to understand the areas for development will give you an understanding of the subject and make you do new things which will be useful for the industry.

    always confident

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