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    How to bring love as per astrological guidance

    Looking out for astrological guidance? Interested in getting the right and loving people in life with this guidance? Find advice from experts regarding various rituals which can help you in this regard.

    I know my query will raise many eye brows as it seems to be superstitious question. But I think that is what is already a part of religion.
    Recently I have started believing in astrology. I believe if hard work doesn't work in spite of your right conduct, you can ease your life by astrology. It is like fixing up an unfixed wire.
    So dear friends I trust opinions of people on ISC as they are genuine.
    So here is one more query. Can we get right and loving people in life by following any astrological guidance? Or can I do something to get someone loving in my life or can any ritual or mantra make love stay in my life? Internet answers everything but I would appreciate if I get genuine or the one which really helped or if someone can share their secret of following any ritual may be anonymously?
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  • In our culture and mythology, horoscope plays an important role. There was a time when without matching the horoscope it was not possible to go ahead with any marriage proposal.

    Still, there are people who are following this rigorously.

    Astrology is a branch of knowledge based on the correlation between the position of planets and life of a person. The basic data taken for this is the position of planets at the time of birth (horoscope).

    Astrology has no scientific confirmation about the methodology it uses. Scientists do not agree with it due to this non-conformity.

    Anyway, whether it has a scientific backing or not, astrology is used worldwide in many versions.

    As per astrology, if your horoscope is perfect and has been correctly made you can use it for prediction and other assessment of various aspects of your life including love life.

    I will advise you to consult an astrologer or learn the basic astrology using some elementary books on this subject. You will definitely get a feel of it after these efforts and probably will be able to decipher the hidden surprises in your life

    Knowledge is power.

  • I start by disagreeing with you on the phrase' is already a part of religion. ". Astrology is a separate faith. Those who believe and practice a religion need not believe or follow astrology.Astrology is different from religion.

    It is your personal choice that you believe in astrology. No issues on that. With that I may answer your question.

    As per Indian astrology every person has his Lagna and Rasi. Each person is born under a particular Star. There are other astrological plants positioned inthe horoscope as per the birth time of the person. The inter relativity has their effect on the character and functioning of the person.
    Similarlyas per astrology it is believed that people born under certain Stars have mutual affinity . One such case is of Anujanma nakshatra. Twenty seven stars are classified into three column of nine each. Those three coming on line are anujanma nakshatras. They will be tenth from the other. For example Aswini, Makam and Moolam are anujanma nakshatras. Similarly Rohini, Hastham and Sravana are anujanma nakshatras.

    Generally such persons will have some natural affinity and may make become close and long friends. But astrology being vast, there are many other parameters also and many other permutation and combinations too.

    For such details you may refer some authoritative book or experienced astrologer.

  • Love affairs are coming into one's life without saying. This should come from our inner heart mere outside love or one side love are not love but are called infatuation. To love one or to be loved by others one should keep his or her mind pure and lovable. Planet Sukra is for Love and if one really interested in Love affairs, can worship Sukra.

  • Sir, as you would possibly agree, astrology can only predict only the broad trends, but matters related to heart are totally different.

    If you know a person of the opposite sex, possibly from your own community, who would have the same wavelength as yours, and also share common dreams, you can easily try to get married to that girl, irrespective of what we normally call, horoscope matching.

    Even those who marry after a big matching of horoscopes, do get married and only then discover that they are the North and South poles in terms of thinking, saving money, having children and, even buying the essentials of life. This might also apply to those who are attracted to each other, only on the basis of physical attraction, without ever understanding of career goals, of family commitments and so on.

    So, the best thing is to develop a relationship with those who are known to you, and then choose the best person as your life partner. Normally, there are social occasions when meeting of a single girl, might as well open up all doors of understanding. Such introductions happen in temples or shopping centers and so on, by parents on either side.

    Once you get to know such a person, it is always preferable to approach the parents on that side and then propose to the girl. Later on, you will yourself start discovering so many beautiful things about the relationship and will seriously work to keep it going for a lifetime.

    All the best, Astrology can guide you, but please do not take astrology to a bigger level, as life is a lot more complicated and we need to seek answers to vital questions in our own ways.

  • Every decision you are making and every turning point of your life is predictable by your astrology.

    I realized the power of astrology in my life. My parents identified that My marriage is a love marriage when I was 15 years old itself. But my parents hide that from me. When I was studying at college, I fell in love with a person with ehole heartedly. Eventhough My parents knows that my marriage is a love marriage, they opposed my love. They forced me to forget that person. But As my astrology I will marry that person Whom I loved. Finally got married with my love. That is astrology. But my parents tried to overcome the astrology.

    No one can make any changes to their fate. It is already decided. If your astrology says that you will fall in love definitely you will. A good astrologer will identify every minute actions in your life. It is inevitable.

    Everything is already decided by god.

    Whatever want to happen as your fate, it will happen definitely. You want to wait and look for your future life. If you wanted to be waited for some persons to come into your life. Then you want to wait.

    But also some options are there for our life. If we pray to god our our sufferings will be reduced. we will get a new freshness in our mind.we will be encouraged by god's spirit.

  • If the time is correctly noted to the seconds, the individual chart made for the individual will have a lot of indications about your life and various issues can be predicted. But the very important point is the accuracy of the chart.
    Many people even these days also go for comparison of the charts of the boy and the girl to see the compatibility and decide on the match. I know many cases where the charts were compared and decided on the basis of this had a very good love life.
    I tell you with 100% confidence that if you have the correct charts of the boy and the girl and you have a well-known astrologer, approach him and show him the charts. He will definitely advise you on the issue and tell you whether to ahead or not.

    always confident

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