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    Mother's name mismatch in X and XII marksheets

    Having a name mismatch in marksheets? Wondering how to resolve this issue? Find advice from experts on this page for resolving your concerns.

    My class X marksheet has my mother's complete name ( first name and surname) but in XII class marksheet only first name is there.

    Rest all other information is correct (father's name etc.).
    Is this going to cause any problem at the time of admission in any college?
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  • Most candidates have a problem when they have wrong details related to the candidate's or the father's name.
    Since you are applying for a graduate degree, you will be need to present the details of the XII marks sheet and certificate clearly. Correcting this mismatch now would help you in the long run when you apply for PG or a job a few years later when computerized and online forms etc would be much more commonly prevalent.

    This is not a gross mistake if your mother's name is not complete. I would suggest, do not stop applying to the college for the admission process because the scrutiny and actual acceptance etc take time. By that time, you can get your XII marks sheet name corrected.

    Please check mother's ID documents (PAN card or Aadhaar card) that has her name properly mentioned. If not you would have to meet a Notary who can get a legal affidavit done with your mother's name correctly mentioned including her initials.

    The publish the correct name in two newspapers, one English and one local vernacular langauge and keep both the originals intact.

    Then, if it is the CBSE board that you have completed, then you can fill out this form (( and get a the corrected certificate in hand by 15 days time. Futher details regard CBSE marksheet correction can be found in this link.

    If it is the state board, then forward an application request to the state board via your school principal. You would have to pay the appropriate fees as mentioned by your state board.

    People ignore such small mistakes in important documents and may even get away but this simple mistake should not come in the way of getting a future enrollment or job.

  • Any mismatch in the name is a matter of concern as it will create a problem at the time of document verification.

    Please take it as an important issue and get the correction done in your XII class mark sheet as early as possible. For this you will have to apply to your education board and it will take time to get the correction.

    Meanwhile, you can prepare the legal affidavit in this matter with the help of a notary or lawyer mentioning these details. This legal document will help you as an interim measure in case if some imminent document verification is encountered.

    As it is a mistake by the mark sheet issuing authority and not an intentional name change, you should not bother much about except getting it corrected as early as possible.

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  • In Kerala only there is a practice of adding first letter of mother's name along with or without father's. In Pan application they are asking mother's name. So, in case of school certificates this is not t a problem one if incorrect is found. But if you find any incorrect,it is good to get corrected at the earliest from finding. My suggestion here is to approach the concerned office in person without delay.

  • No, generally this type of mistake in mother's name will not cause you any problem in taking admission in any college. You can get admission in any college. But it is better to apply for mother's name change in the documents. Please read here the procedure of name correction.

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  • You need not be panic. No notary is required. Your mother's name is there but the surname is not there. In my SSC register, my father's name is correctly mentioned and my mother's name is written but not the surname. I have completed my education and career. But so far I have not got any problem. Only your name and your father's name should be correct and they should be same.
    You need not wait for any correction and go on applying for the jobs or further studies. You will not have any problem in securing a job or seat for higher studies because of this problem.

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  • You must submit an application to the Board authorities from where you appeared in the XIIth Board examination requesting to issue revised admit card/mark sheet to you with the complete name of your mother. You should apply with necessary supporting documents like copy of your mother's AADHAR card and a copy of your Xth Board certificates which indicated the full name of your mother. I think that the Board authorities would accede to your request.

    If your request is not acceded to, you have to sign an affidavit before the First-class Magistrate of your city indicating the full name and short name of your mother. You would have to publish classified advertisements in two newspapers. You have to preserve the affidavit and original advertisements.

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