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    Lost my 10th marksheet before MPSC interview

    Have you lost a marksheet? Wondering how to attend MPSC interview? No worries, find advice from experts for your issue on this Ask Expert page.

    I have lost my 10th marksheet before 2 days of MPSC interview. Will I be able to attend interview? I have soft copy of marksheet but I have board certificate. It does not have any marks as it is of CBSE format.
    I have just started the procedure for getting duplicate marksheet.
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  • You are due to attend you Maharastra Public Service Commission in two days time. Please do not worry. I have attended an interview after losing most of my originals in a taxi. Such things happen. Focus on your interview preparation. Glad that you have started the process of applying for a duplicate one. Gather all your documents you have, attend the interview confidently and perform well.

    When asked for the 10th marksheet before or after the interview you need to have some evidence about it. So, with your parents or family members please

    1. Approach the local police station and file a FIR that you have lost your marks card. This will be in support to say that you have lost it and in case of an unauthorized misuse of your certificate at a later date by any one, this FIR will be valuable.

    2. Take colour print out of the soft copy and produce it when asked for along with the FIR.

    3. If the school is close by and you have time, approach the principal of the school and the administration office and request them to give a letter that, you were a student of that school and you passed out your CBSE with roll number and year with the marks (that would be entered in the school records) stated as per the school records.

    Any principal or Head of the institution would oblige with your request if their student needs it for submitting at a Job interview or even attest the mark sheet copy you have after verifying their records.

    4. If you cannot get the letter from the school then no issues, please provide the FIR, print out of the soft copy and the copy of the application you have made to the board about the duplicate marksheet.

    5. If you have time one of your family members can apporach the local newspaper and publish 'Lost document Advert' stating your name and the certificate you have lost.

    6.Once selected the officials would give you or you can request time for submitting the marks sheet ( It usually takes around 15 days to get duplicate certificates from the board).

    7. Please keep the cbse contact numbers handy that you can find in the page 4 of this application form (

  • Immediately make a complaint in your police station stating that you have lost your SSC certificate. Take an acknowledgement from police station. Keep this acknowledgement copy as a proof of action taken.
    Keep Original birth certificate with you when you are attending the interview.
    Your school might have a record of your study there. You may try to get a copy of your study certificate from there. If you are already having the same, there is no problem.
    With these papers you can go ajead
    If you are selected they will give you sufficient time to produce the Original.

    always confident

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