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    Surname change in SSC exam registration

    Worried that your married surname may create a problem in getting the admit card for the SSC exam because it is different from the earlier surname? Let our experts explain whether or not this is a major issue.

    In the SSC exams, they want the name and surname belonging to the matriculation exam. So I gave my previous surname there. However, now I am married and my surname has been changed as per the rituals. So in the place where student's signature is to be given, I gave my present surname. Will that be valid for the exam? Will there be any problem in accessing my admit card?
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  • Yes, it could create problem by having a signature with your present surname. It would be better to get an affidavit with the corrected surname. You would be required to meet a lawyer in connection with the affidavit purpose producing the documentation of your marriage and an affidavit certificate would be released shortly from the office of the First - class Magistrate.
    You need to publish an advertisement in a local daily apart from publication of the same in a leading English - paper. Preserve these copies so as to be utilised for the document - verification purpose in case of its requirement.
    There are other documents as well such as Aadhar - card, PAN CARD, Voter - ID card, Driving - licence, Saving - Bank pass- book etc which need to be processed further so as to match your surname. The corrections are to be made with the different agencies taking some time in the process of correction.

  • Any change in name is not admissible until unless it is accompanied by a marriage certificate. In your case also the name change is due to marriage so you need not to bother about this.

    One thing I want you to understand is that surname change after the marriage is a cultural and traditional thing but it does not compel you to change it in your certificates, mark sheets, Aadhaar card, voter card, driving licence, PAN card etc. No one is compelling you to change your surname in those documents now.

    So in case you have in a haste mentioned your new surname then wherever you are being asked about this change, show your marriage certificate.

    Please remember that you can maintain your earlier surname as it is in all your documents. Maintain it consistently so that you are not unnecessarily facing these questions.

    Suppose you purchase a property jointly with your husband keep your earlier surname and there is no problem.

    So you have two options either give your changed surname everywhere along with marriage certificate or keep your earlier surname. Do not get confused. Do consistently whatever you want to do.

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  • Surname change in India for women from father's name to that of the husband is well accepted and would not cause an issue as long as your marriage is legal and you have evidence for it.

    As far as the SSC exams are concerned, these are in various stages. In these exams, it is understood that the admit care issue, written exam, the first step has to passed and then it would go on to the further stages of personal interview and document verification.

    When you reach this stage, you are expected to have proper evidence of what you have mentioned in the application form. At this point the authorities would ask about the different surnames. Here you need to provide evidence that you are married. This would be in the form of a valid marriage certificate or an affidavit.

    I would suggest, please meet a Notary who would help you to get a legal affidavit stating that you given maiden name is so and so, now after marriage your name is so and so.

    In case, the authorities question you while you go for the written exams, then you can show them the marriage registration certificate and the affidavit.

    Whether you change all the documents to your new name depends on you. If you get selected and appointed in the Government job wherein you have give you new name, then your signature and new name is already entered. Here you would need to change your identity documents.

    In case you are unsuccessful and keep applying for new jobs, you can keep your give name as it is, many married women do that.

    Please decide on this before applying for a passport/ if you have options of a job overseas because, here international authorities and visa offices have to have a clear first name and last/surname. You cannot have identity documents or bank accounts with two different surnames submitted for overseas jobs or visa offices.

  • In our society, it is a common practice that the surname of the girl changes after marriage and is replaced by the surname of the boy.

    It is not necessary that the girl should follow this tradition. In fact in modern society to avoid the mismatch of name with one's credentials, the girls are preserving their surname as it is.

    Anyway if you want to follow the tradition and want to change your surname then you go for a legal affidavit or marriage certificate and produce that as a proof of your new surname wherever it is required.

    You can contact a lawyer in this regard who will guide you to get the required legal documents.

    There is nothing to be worried as you can continue with the earlier surname or go for the legal affidavit.

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  • There will be absolutely no problem because of change of surname after marriage. However, in case of your selection, at the time of document verification, you should submit an application to the concerned Regional Director of Staff Selection Commission about your marriage and consequent change of surname. You have to attach the marriage card and/or copy of registration of marriage as evidence.
    You may also submit it after joining the position (in case of selection).
    I reiterate that there would be no problem in accessing the admit card or appearing in the examination.

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  • It is customary in our country to change the surname of the lady to her husband's surname. So there will not be any problem even though you have not changed your certificates. There is no necessity for the same.
    You can get your marriage certificate by registering your marriage and that certificate holds good for all issues. You need not go for changing all the documents. In my opinion, even an affidavit is also not required in this case as you have a valid marriage registration certificate.
    But all certificates what you have should have identical names before marriage and whatever certificates after marriage you are getting can be with the new surname.

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  • If you have marriage certificate then there would not create any problem. If you don't have then it can create a problem because they ask you about the evidence of surname change. So remember everytime whenever you are filling application form for government write your father's surname and which is written in your all the educational certificates and documents. You can edit the application online for that you must know the password and registration number. If you left to write the registration number and password then you can check email and find out the message come from SSC there you'll get password and registration number.

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