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    After diploma civil engineering

    Wondering what to do after diploma in civil engineering? Looking out for higher study options? Find advice from ISC experts on this page.

    I have completed my diploma in civil engineering in Kerala polytechnic.
    Which course should I study next?
    Ni have not got any good jobs. So I have decided to opt for higher studies. What is the best course between 2 or 1 years?
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  • After completing my diploma in Civil Engineering, you can opt for CAD course which will help you in Computer-aided designing. You will have many chances to get a job with this.
    You can do a degree in Civil Engineering. The duration is for 3 years and you have to get selected for the entrance test. While working also you can do BE course on a part-time basis. The course is for 4 years. Again you have to get selected for the entrance test,
    Alternatively, you can also think of doing AMIE while working. This course is also equivalent to BE degree and you will have very good opportunities to get a good job.

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  • While thinking for future option of your engagement in job, you may choose the alternative rout of securing a degree in Civil - engineering by opting the AMIE rout. You can sustain your studies by choosing flexible timing of your preparation of the course. Selection of papers for each session( covering Winter and Summer session) would depend on your availability of time and your passion for the course. Altogether, the AMIE course comprises two sections, namely Section A and Section B consisting of 8 and 9 papers in Section A and Section B respectively. Such selection of the course would allow you to take up any related job in future apart from securing a degree course having its recognition from from both central and state - government in addition to AICTE approval.
    The other way would be to qualify the entrance test to be conducted by an engineering - colleges to select the right aspirant for admission in the second year of the four - year degree course.
    Being a regular student, you would be deprived of job of a graduate - engineer unless you complete the course.
    Fee - structure would be substantially higher than the former one.

  • After this diploma you have the option of going for AMIE and if you complete that either full time or part time you will become a full-fledged engineering degree holder.

    If you do not want to go for the long AMIE route you can think of short courses in structural designing, building and interior designing, computer-aided designing courses etc. You have to find out exactly which one is of your interest, that is, you have an aptitude for the same.

    As you have completed the diploma, I will advise you to join a job, however small, in the industry so that you can gain experience and also pursue short courses part time. Please remember that the real experience is obtained only when you are having a job. After gaining the experience the prospect for switching the jobs or applying for higher jobs increase significantly.

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  • After completing diploma in civil engineering, you can go for one of these various courses that can make you specialised in a single field so that your talent in a single domain will be exposed in your career.

    --> Cement and ceramics technology
    --> civil instructional field
    --> transportation engineering
    --> structural engineering

    You can go for engineering degree so that you can convert your diploma into a degree. Because degree is valued better in front of a diploma. So you can go for completing B.E or B.Tech in civil engineering. If you search any jobs after completing diploma you will earn only 10k or 12k. If you complete your degree you can earn more and more. Addition to that, If you go for work after completing diploma, you want to work under engineering graduates only, In that case you will be sometimes underestimated.

    Another option is that you can go foreign contries for job after diploma, there they are providing a good amount of salary as your talent and work. You will get promotions also there.

    You can choose from these three options so that your career will pointed good. This decision making is the turning point of your life. Take a good decision. Everything will get better soon after finding a job to settle down in your life.

  • I believe because of your financial constraint only you have opted diploma instead of graduation. So,it is advised to join with any civil engineer or construction company for gaining practical experience. After gaining handful experience you can join in degree in civil engineering or additional cadd etc., through which you can become a noted civil engineer.

  • The enigeering market is staurated and people with a proper bachleor's degree (BE or BTech) are struggling to get jobs.
    Since you have mentioned about no good jobs and you have a diploma, my suggestion is get enrolled for a B.Tech or a B.E. Choose electronics and instrumentation or electrical & computer engineering and build you career. Once you do this BE or BTech, then you have an option for taking the GATE exams that give you a better chance at getting a job.

    Doing a one or two year course is good if you have a formal BE or B Tech. In your case you have a diploma only, so think about the above.

    Some universities have the LEET exams. Lateral entry engineering entrance test for enrolling Diploma students into a BE or BTech course. Choose a reputed college and univeristy that has UGC approval and AICTE.

    IF you have financial constriants, you can try for scholarships and student loans. IF you still want to do a one or two year course, then you can focus on the AMIE course. This Associate member of institution of engineers course give you a chance to be at par with BE/BTech grauduates for the government job selections at the level of the sate and central UPSC exams.

    Once you finish your AMIE course, then you can IES exams also. AMIE is a difficult exam when compares to BE (because in BE we have the 20 marks internals) in AMIE you need to score 50 on your own. The regular AMIE has 10+9 subjects in total, since you have your diploma already you will need only 4+9 subjects and you can choose the subjects wisely.
    If you are going down the AMIE route, I would suggest take what ever job that is available to you now, don't wait for a good job. While being in the job you can complete the AMIE part time also. You can get more details form

    Lastly, if you get a job now, you can think of doing your B tech from IGNOU.

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  • The best option for you is to get enrolled in CAD (Computer Aided Designing). The institutes offering CAD courses help you get placed just after completion of the course. You just need to stay focused on your study and gain every little knowledge about the designing.

  • Please do B.E/B.Tech in Civil Engg. You can join the second year directly.AMIE is not worth to do as many companies will not prefer it and you will face problem in future. After B.E you can get many opportunities.
    Another option is to do some short-term courses in CAD and find the job now and while working do B.E/B. Tech part-time.
    For long-term career growth do B.E/B.Tech.

  • Kindly explore job opportunities with any leading builder, in a metro city. If you go over to Chennai or Bangalore and meet each of the major builders like Chaitanya, CEEBROS, Appasamy Real Estates, Sobha Builders and so on, it is quite possible that you will get a job. Do not worry about the content but pick up every small skill -- be it the management of the daily laborers, mixing of the various raw materials to give a particular finish, completion of one floor, and the real works. In this fashion, you would have learnt all that it takes to be a successful civil engineer.

    Do much more than what what you are required to, and spend several hours on noting down, every minute detail as to how quality constructions take place in the real world. This practical experience can even take you right to the Gulf countries, where the construction activities have begun once again, after a lull in the storm.

    What you need to do urgently, is to gather this vital three years of experience. After one year, you have the freedom of enrolling yourself, on a part time basis with a good engineering college in that particular city. Please check if there are professional teachers in the colleges, who show up in the evenings.

    Some dubious colleges run the part-time courses with guys who had passed out of the same college, in the regular stream, that very year of your enrollment. Which means that you will find dummy teachers, who teach you without any practical experience. So, a real check on the credibility of the college, is very important. The SRM and the VIT Universities and the MGR University run the part time courses in Chennai. There will be several others too, and you can check for such information.

    However, please do note, in this field, practical experience counts too much. In tier two cities like Coimbatore, where there is a boom in construction, you can easily find such a job, even if the builder is a guy just making his mark. Guess what? It is far better to be a big fish in a small pond, rather than being a big fish in an ocean. You can easily be a big fish, only if you learn everything in a short time. The other big cities where such construction is on in a big way are Vizag in AP, Cochin in your own native Kerala, Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu, Mysore and Man galore in Karnataka and in the Hindi Belt, at Ranchi, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Kanpur.

    Regarding the other courses you need to pick up, as some members have already pointed out, you need to be skilled in design, and there are software-related courses, details of which you can obtain from professionals in the filed. In Coimbatore city, for instance, you can easily find such professionals, even in small IT training institutes.

    Coming back to the opportunities abroad, it is essential that you stay on in Mumbai, or go over there and somehow adjust to stay on for interviews. The walk-in interviews are conducted in this city, by many employers from the Gulf. Do not give a single pie to any agent or a tout. There are thousands who cheat people on a regular basis, by taking money and vanish without a trace. There was even a Tamil movie, where boys were taken in a boat and dumped at Cochin!

    So, a combination of real world skills and the additional courses in design and software should stand you in good stead. This apart, please do courses in interior design, as this is one area that will be lapped up by companies offering flats or apartments or houses for as less as twenty five lakh rupees, in the next few years. Since the market is very tough, construction companies will look for different strategies to attract middle class buyers.

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