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    Which dishes to prepare for breakfast and lunch when going to office?

    Looking for ideas for quick dishes to prepare for breakfast and lunch for office goers? Check out the interesting suggestions provided at this Ask Expert page.

    I need to prepare simple and tasty tiffin items for breakfast and rice for lunch. I don't have enough time to cook in the morning. Can anyone give some ideas for quick dishes?
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  • If you are having a shortage of time then you can go for dishes like Poha for breakfast which is a very simple dish and lemon rice for lunch which is also a quick dish.

    Other quick dishes for breakfast are Upma, Fried Whole Masoor dal, Fried Potato etc.

    For lunch other quick dishes are Khichdi, Coconut rice etc.

    If you like western foods then you can take bread and buns with butter or fresh salad also for breakfast.

    These preparations take very less time and you can find the recipe for them very easily in internet.

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  • It is such a question which would elicit different types of replies from different Members. In case of shortage of time, I prefer bread-omelet/bread-butter plus a banana. Young children must also have milk (preferably with cornflakes) in their breakfast. On Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays, we must go for heavy and delicious breakfast.

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  • There are a few alternatives for you in this regard
    1. Buy ready to eat items. They need just heating and eating. There are many popular brands selling quality products . 2. Keep ready all ingredients overnight and just cook and prepare in the morning. 3. Prepare light breakfast items and easy to do items.

    Light and easy to do items:If you want to prepare fresh by yourself, then there are many easy to make items like the Upma-which can be made with rice rava, whet or lapsi rava, rice flakes or Aval, or poha. Idly is one item which does not consume much time. You can prepare the batter early and keep in fridge and can use for a couple of days. The cooking time is very less. Even ready made Idly/Dosa batter is available at many places. In idly itself you can try many varieties. After pouring the idl batter in the idli vesel and closing, you can do other jobs while the idli gets cooked. Idli vessels have whistle to alert you and after a certain time from experience, you can take it out from the stove. Modern induction cookers have auto timers for Idly. So Idli is one of the convenient breakfast. The side dish also can be easily made or you can use sauce, ketchup, etc. Idli is one item you can even take in packing also.

    You can make 'Puttu'. Puttu is a steamed item using wetted ice powder mixed with coconut. There is a 'Puttu vessel". Once the puttu podi is filled in the puttu maker and kept on stove, you can do other works while it gets cooked. Any liquid dish or ripe banana can be used a side dish. Children may have it with just sugar.

    Poori-Srikhans can be an item. Poori batter may be prepared and kept ready overnight, and Pooris fried in the morning. Srikhand bought or made already can be the side dish.

    Similarly 'Pongal' is an item somewhat similar to Khichdi, but with less ingredients, which also is an easy recipe for morning.

    For rice for lunch, you can cook the rice using pressure cooker. Otherwise if you are using red rice you may boil it in the 'Thermal cooker'previous night and keep it overnight. In the morning it will be ready and warm.You can use it for packing your lunch, by making lemon rice or coconut rice , curd rice etc or simply take it separately and take a dish separately, as per your likes and habits.

    Side dishes which do not use coconut, dal etc can be prepared overnight can be heated and used in the morning. Side dishes using Tomato,potato and Onion can be easily made. Similarly those with Cabbage, or cauliflower spinach,leafy vegetables etc take only very less time to cook and prepare. Some of them just need cooking and simple garnishing. The vegetables can be cut and kept ready-to-cook in the night and just cooked and garnished in the morning.

    Of course there are items like Corn flakes rice fakes etc which do not need coking , but just mixing with milk(and sugar) and consumed . Similarly bread items also.
    Adjusting timing is one of the important parameters. Usually those who go for work would have mastered the art of multitasking . Trying the items given in the initial paras on holidays and getting some idea on the time they need etc and adapting you can have nice and variety breakfast and lunch as you like.

  • Readymade items are the good options for breakfast when the time is a constraint. Low-calorie biscuits and ready to eat items just by mixing hot waters are a good substitute for full-fledged breakfast.

    For lunch, one can prepare fried rice or vegetable stew which take less time in preparation. Keeping whole items for salad along with a knife also makes sense to cut the salad during lunch hour.

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  • Pongal made of raw rice is good for lasting appitide. But many feels it is heavy. For them idli,upma or dhalia made of multigrain is great to eat as well to prepare. For simple lovers oats porridge with salt and buttermilk or corn flakes soaked in either curd or milk is good. But the most idle one is previous day rice (cooked) soaked in water can be eaten with curd,salt and small onion. This is traditional breakfast in Tamilnadu since many decades. We took this only in our young age. Now in Chennai, Hotel Karunas of saligramam is supplying this type of rice for 60 ? per plate.

  • A very practical question, that many working couples adjust to what they have in terms of kitchen ingredients and time at hand.

    It is good to have an idea of the time in the morning before we leave for office and kids go to school. We have a rough chart for the days. We keep handy some ready to go food, then we do a mix and match

    1. Keep a stock of fruits that are easy to carry and eat. This includes bananas and apples separately. If you have a small container in the tiffin box, you can use it for diced fruits(melon, watermelon, papaya and grapes). This can done last the previous night before retiring to bed

    2.Ready made healthy cereals. Kellogs has a healthy range of cornflakes with nuts and honey, chocos and fruit flavours that children and adults like. Now we have oats with a variety of flavours commonly called as masala oats.
    At our home, we use this in the mornings on one and the same carried by us to our offices

    3. Powerbars and Flavoured buns. These are used as additional items on days when the time is less. Many brands including Nilgiris have karabun, mixed cereal buns that can be eaten with or without the sauce sachets that are easy to carry.

    4.Healthy bread options. Now we have multigrain, enriched or sandwich bread, that are a life saver in the morning and for some lunch boxes. You can use it as toast with jam or butter ( now we have healthy or garlic flavoured butter even as carry on single packs). A simple sandwich maker helps us to make vegetable and cheese sandwich and the same can use taken for lunch on some days.

    5. Eggs are a practical option as part of breakfast and lunch, you can use boiled/scrambled one day, and as an omlette on another day. We use this option two days a week

    6.We also prepare chapathis or dosas that have grated carrots, thinly sliced capsicum/peppers, onions and or palak leaves. These can be eaten with some gravy from the previous night or with some of the good pickles we get. We use this option also for school lunch boxes and kids like it.

    7.Sliced/chopped vegetables. Our fridge will have at least 4 vegetables washed, sliced and kept for the use next day morning. We will have onions, carrots, baby potatoes, green/red peppers, English cucumbers, lettuce, thin beans and peas (fresh or soaked the previous day). If you have this option, you cna quickly throw them in for the oats, upama or a simple salad for lunch or mid-morning snack.

    8. ID has a very good option of good idli, dosa, rava dosa batter. It also has chapathis that can be used for emergencies. Dosa and idli can be a breakfast option for all and lunch option for adults.

    9. Curry or chutney to take to the office can be a little tricky in summer. Making it a little thicker, avoiding fresh coconut and adding a little more tamarind works for us. We find a simple option of making chutney for beetroot, coriander or pudhina that tastes good with a little seasoning. Adding roasted groundnuts or cashew nuts gives a different flavour for the regular white chutney for idlis/dosas.

    10. You can try finely ground roasted oats and rice powder for porridge that is quick/easy to prepare tastes good and can be to be taken in the steel bottle like containers we get now, it is a good mid-morning drink for us adults. Once you get used to this, you can try the mania 6-grain health mix powder, we like it.

    11. Rice is a staple item for South Indians, we can make at least 4 different types of variety rice, tomato, puliogare mix of MTR is a good option to try, peas and jeera rice, vegetable or plain simple curd rice.

    You can also refer the articles in ISC itself
    This link is good for kids lunch box ideas Simple recipes for first-time cooks.

    Kids Lunch Box idea, tips and recipes.

    We can even make a dish out of food that is leftover or extra from the previous night. Some ideas are here. How can an innovative dish can be prepared from left over food.

  • These days in the market ready-made mixes are available for many dishes which are used for making breakfast and even for lunch.
    Ready-made upma mix is available in the market. You can purchase a packet and put some hot water and keep for a few minutes your upma is ready for eating. It will be a good breakfast. Similarly, you have a ready mix for idli and dosas also. Just bring that mix and you can have idly and dosa for breakfast.
    You can have bread and jam for breakfast. You have fruit bread and cakes for breakfast. Noodles can be prepared very fast with ready-made masala powders and noodles packet. Cornflakes with hot milk is another ready-made food for morning breakfast. Another alternative for breakfast is fruits available in the market. Various seasonal fruits can be taken as a part of your breakfast.
    Comming to lunch, these days there are many curry points wherein you can purchase curry, dol and sambar as per your interest and rice can be cooked in the house. Half heated chapathis are also available in the market. Just get them and heat them up in the pan, your lunch will be ready in few minutes. Various ready-made mixes for lemon rice, jeera rice, fried rice and biryani are available. Cook rice in the house and using these ready mixes you can make whatever variety of food you want you can have.
    If you have 30 minutes time in the morning you can prepare everything in your home for your lunch. You can use electrical cooker for making rice and in the same cooker, you can cook dal also. While these items are getting ready you can make the curry on the gas stove if you cut the vegetables in the night itself. On the second burner of the gas stove, you can make rasam.

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  • For morning breakfast, you can prepare Idli , Uppuma or Kichadi. To prepare these breakfast, it will consume less time only. The necessary ingredients can be prepared previous night itself. You can prepare Idli batter at your home itself. Idli is best for health also as it does not contain any oil or fat items. For side dish, you can prepare sambar or groundnut chutney which is good combination for side dish. Also you can buy ready made mix for uppuma, rava idly , batter for Dosa / Idly from shops.

    Also you can buy bread from shops and you can prepare bread sandwich or toast it. It will consume very less time for you to prepare breakfast. Poori can be prepared easily for breakfast along with Potato kurma for side dish.

    For lunch, you can prepare Lemon rice, coconut rice, Tamarind rice and curd rice. You can do these variety rice for each day for your lunch. You can also prepare vegetable rice by preparing all the ingredients with vegetables during previous day itself. Onion raita or pappad can be used for side dish.

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