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    Career guidance in Computer Science Engineering.

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    I am an Engineering student. My branch is Computer Science. I am confused about which field should I choose in Computer Science either Software or Networking in respect of higher pay,job guaranty,comfortable,respectful,demanding in present as well as future.
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  • Both software and networking in Computer Science Engineering are good in terms of career prospects. Based on your knowledge, skills and experience, you will have a brighter career. You may struggle hard as you complete your course if the institute does not offer placement support. Later on, you will have high salary package along with job satisfaction.

  • In general the IT and computer related jobs are fluid depending on the demand and the cost-effectiveness of the market. Both networking and software are important. I say this because, you are looking at a long term option for a good stable job and salary. Nobody in all honesty would be sure about this. Logically, with the passing of years, the average number of networking staff hired and retained by each company would be gradually reduced. if you look at software, the field is rapidly growing and there is still a demand of software developers. So, in short, neither networking nor software are exclusive. You need to have a balance of both.

    Here, you allied skills, aptitude for trouble shooting, ability to put in long hours are important for networkiing. Next would be your passion for creativity and flair for developing programs or aptitude and a grasp of coding the you should be inclined to choose software.

    As of now software engineering has an upper edge in terms of heierachy, pay etc. So, if you have excellent scores and a reputed brand to start off, then your career and pay package would be better as a software engineering as this has better chances of developing major breakthoroughs etc. Netwokring at the end of the day is very technical and stable but there is no scope for creating anything on your own apart from building networks for clients and find out it's troubles.

    More important is your attention and focus on this point. You are still a student, now is the time to have the focus and commitment to learn rather than get deviated on earnings. Have a good grasp of the subject so that when you move up for your post-graduation or a reputed certification course (CCNA-cisco certified network associate or an application software developer program etc), your knowledge in hand will be very useful. While you are in your final year, then study the market and the real time future trends and equip yourself with an internship and a advanced certificate course.

  • You are studying Engineering and the branch is Computer Science. Your immediate focus should be on completing your course with good rank. Please, study the subject to understand the subject but not to get the marks. Try to grasp the subject and understand the theory behind and be thorough on the subject. Once you do this you can have the chance of selecting your job. Otherwise, you will not have any choice. These days many students concentrate on marks but not on the subject.
    The software field is always on demand rather than networking. Networking jobs are becoming less but software filed is on raise and there is always a demand for these people. So my sincere advise to you is to think of going for Software field. This will allow you to have a good stable job when compared to networking. There are many software companies and they hire many software engineers and packages are also good. But again the growth depends on the abilities and the sincerity of the individual.
    So try to concentrate more on studies and get the good subject. Then opt for a good software job.
    All the best to you.

    always confident

  • Both Networking and Software field is best. Pursuing fields depends upon your interest. According to demand and comfortable job you should choose software field. So there are lots of works in this field, you can become software developer and work of testing a software. First important thing is you must have interest in coding because software is all about coding. If you do not have interest in coding then never choose software field. Coding is not difficult actually but it also not easy. If you know about the phases of SDLC(system development life cycle) then you may be know that software testing is last second phase of SDLC. The software is tested by software engineer before its implementation and post implementation. Coding is not difficult actually but it also not easy. You also need good math for become a software engineer. You have to sit always in front of computer and type coding. Maths used is not very typical it is just a logic based calculus. Network engineers handle transmission over LAN, WAN and MAN. There is not much difference in salaries both software engineer and network engineer get paid high salary.

    Now it depends upon you which field to choose as career. If you have interest in coding and if you are good in mathematics then Software field is best for you. If you have interest in how actually transmission happen through topologies over network then choose network field.

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