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    Name issue for government jobs

    Will difference in name as reflected in various school and degree certificates cause an issue in job prospects? check this page to know what could be the issues arise out and how to solve it from our ISC experts.

    Due to personal issues I referred my name as XY.
    My name is XY. I am a final year student of B Tech in AKTU. In my Aadhar card, 10th class, 12th class and other documents my name is "X KUMAR Y". But in my graduation marksheet my name is "XY".

    My question is, Will it cause any problem while applying for government jobs and how? And if it causes any problem, how to resolve it?
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  • Document verification is a very important activity whenever one applies for higher education or a job. Any mismatch may be creating problem for the candidate.

    From your query it is apparent that you have a different name in Aadhaar card. So the course of action now is go for name correction in Aadhaar card as early as possible.

    You can achieve this by visiting the nearest Aadhaar centre or designated bank branches or even visiting Aadhaar site online.

    As I understand the facility of name change is now available online also.

    You take out your certificates/ mark sheets where your name is correct ie, XY. These will serve as proof of your correct name.

    Please note that today we have many things where our name appears like Voter card, Ration card, PAN card, School certificates and mark sheets, Birth certificate etc. Our name should be same everywhere. We can not write one name here and another name there. It is a serious thing and should be followed rigorously.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • I am surprised that the university gave out a graduation mark sheet in the name XY.

    A. Will it cause any problem while applying for government jobs and how?

    It will create problems because all the applications for government jobs are becoming online. Many instructions quote 'that future queries for name correction or data correction will strictly not be entertained.'
    Whatever you enter, it has to be validated by you by producing the relevant documents at the time of document verification. Similarly, a discrepancy in the name will stand out when you apply for a passport, visa or a bank account. If you have any property that has a different name then it will also pose problems at the Government offices when you pay taxes or sell it.

    B. And if it causes any problem, how to resolve it?

    Please make a list of documents that do not have your proper name. If for personal reasons, you want the name as Mr.XY Kumar, then you can have it but it should be uniform in all your documents. Please verify your PAN card, date of birth certificate, caste certificate if you have, DL and voter's ID.

    Also, check the correct spelling and initials of your father's name because this again can pose issues when you reach the stage of verification.

    1. Name correction Affidavit
    Please approach a good Notary, who will enable you to get the name change or correction affidavit done in the legal way that would be binding.

    2.Once this affidavit is done, please approach the local newspaper offices and apply for the name change advert service. Your new name announcement should be published in one English and one vernacular language. Then keep the original paper adverts with you.

    3.Correction of 10th and 12th marks card

    Please approach the principal or Head of the institution (of the 10th and 12th college), write an application requesting the service of the name change. You have to forward the application through the principal to the respective state boards of 19th and 12th.

    If you have done you CBSE, the format is similar, a prescribed form has to be filled, submitted with the appropriate fees. ( and the guidelines to fill and submit the forms are in (

    4.Aadhaar card correction

    You need to fill out a name correction service form that the government issues (
    You need to have the supporting documents to say who you are (
    This can be done online, by post and at the PEC (permanent enrolment centres). Further details are in the link (

    5.PAN card change

    For correcting the name in your PAN card, you need the form, the guidelines for this service are in (
    The supporting documents for the pan card name change should be from this list (

    6.Graduation Marks sheet.

    Some colleges offer an online service and most by post and in person. Each university would have a prescribed form and fees to be paid. Please enclose a letter with the supporting documents for issue of a new name corrected graduation marks card.

    7.Update B Tech college

    Since you are in your final year, please update clearly the college authorities about your name and as it should appear on all the correspondence, degree certificate, migration and conduct certificates. This is to ensure that you do not have to run around getting these corrected at a later date.

    8. Please keep all the acknowledgment slips and the correspondence numbers for the above because if there is a delay in the service be completed, these would be useful for making follow-up enquires.

  • All your identity cards and qualification documents except graduation mark sheets your name is X Kumar Y. But in graduation it is XY.
    Definitely, it is going to create a problem. When you got admitted to graduation you might have submitted your SSC certificate and +2 certificates. Then how come it is changed in graduation certificate. It is purely a mistake of University Examinations department.
    You have to contact University through the college where you have studied. You have to make a complaint in writing stating that there is a mistake in the mark sheet. You have to attach certified copies of your SSC and Intermediate certificate and ask them to rectify the name and give the corrected marks sheet. They will do the needful and you will get the new marks sheet.
    If you want to keep your name as XY only, then the procedure is lengthy and you have to do a lot of exercises.
    You have to make an affidavit for which you have to contact a lawyer in your area who is very familiar in this activity and you have to make paper advertisements and then apply to all the concerned agencies as per the procedures laid down.
    So my suggestion to you is getting the graduation certificate rectified and continue the name as X Kumar Y.

    always confident

  • This type of questions frequently asked by many members. Alot of times I told in every response that after having mark sheet in your hands first check personal information and if there any spelling misspelled then immediately rectify it by contacting university and college from where you done your graduation course. Candidates has to be aware about it because later on candidates has to pay charges for affidavit and other processes. Still you can contact with the Board/University and tell them about the problem. Only they can help you to solve this problem.

    Other method to rectify this name issue in certificates is Affidavit. For dealing with affidavit you need to talk with any lawyer and he/she will guide you the next. Affidavit is actually written document in which you certify all the information provided by you is completely true. Affidavit is made on stamp paper. Once you get the stamp paper, you will then proceed to put down on it all the information that you wish to certify. Lawyer will guide you what next so contact with any familiar lawyer.

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