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    A very common doubt at these days.Is it possible?

    Why this dilemma? Can two degrees one through the distant mode and the other on a regular basis be done simultaneously? See what our experts suggest you in this webpage of ISC.

    I would like to do BA Psychology distance education at IGNOU at the same time I would like to do BSC Zoology at St.Thomas college at Thrissur. Is this possible to do both degrees together simultaneously in two different schools? How do I know more about this?
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  • As far as my knowledge goes you have to submit your original certificates to the college where you want to study B, Sc. Once you submit your original TC there they will not give you back that TCto you.
    You want to do BA in open university. Here you need not have any basic educational qualification. But you have to get qualified in their entrance certificate. So you have to hide the details about your previous college qualification and appear for written test and then join in thst college.
    In this process you can complete both the degrees simultaneously, I think.

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  • When you join an academic institution, they keep the originals with them. Then it will not be possible to show the original to any other place.
    If that problem is not there, or, you can solve the problem,then if you are eligible for open university course you choose, go ahead.

  • No, It is not allowed to do two-degree courses simultaneously from same or other colleges. You can do one degree and one diploma courses simultaneously from same university or other universities.

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  • I would like to do BA Psychology distance education at IGNOU at the same time I would like to do BSC Zoology at St.Thomas college at Thrissur.

    You want to pursue one full time bachleor's degree and one distance mode bachelor's degree. It is common now for candidate to have the desire to have additional degrees in a short period to enable them to be better placed for jobs and further career progression. A student can do one full time and maximum one distance mode degree simultaneously. You cannot do two full time degrees at the same time. You can have a copy of this UGC report (

    As far as BA Psychology is considered (, there are no entrance exams, you need the basic 10+2 pass, you can finish the course by 3-6 years.

    Please enroll for the BSc Zoology at St.Thomas College, Thrissur, get a grasp of the actual voulme of studies, settle down. Once you are familiar with the course and have the confidence that you can do a distance degree simutenously, please meet the prinicipal and the administration team and inform about the desire. If there are any reservations, please shown them the UGC report.

    If you still have issues regarding grant of permission, then write to UGC and ask for guidance. I say this because, rules keep changing and the local college should allow you to take the exam in the stipulated date and it is better to clarify this in writing before you start the second course.

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  • Studying one degree is essential but more is intention. My cousin during 1973 intended to pursue his B.Sc in physics after his PUC but due to demand he got only chemistry. Without any second thought he joined in. During his final year he approached university office with the help of my uncle who was a lecturer in I the same college as well his relative and appeared physics major also along with chemistry major. He fulfilled his ambition in this way.
    An advocate friend of mine in Vijayawada hold four MA degree.

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