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    Where can we create free website which allows prompts user login to enter site?

    Interested to create a free website giving prompts to enter it by using login? Check this ISC webpage to learn more from our computer wizkids.

    There are lot of free web development sites which allows you to create websites with their domain name. Using web hosting websites free pages , templates and embedding Technics you can create good website. Only thing lacking is to authorize genuine users. That can be done with enforcing login but none of the site provides login page before entering to your site. Do you know any of such web hosting sites which allows that?
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  • I suggest you go to the following URL. This has given very clearly how to create login page for your website and it will be definitely useful to you.

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  • You didn't mentioned the programming language under which you want to execute this.

    You can do this in almost any programming language. But getting free hosting would be harder for this. But there are few hosts that can do this such as - hasura, heroku. These are the freeones which are suitable for your requirement.

    For simplicity, I think you can create such website in PHP or NodeJS or ASP.Net. And from there you can assign role to the logged in users. Such websites can be hosted on free hosting sites. Also there are sites like heroku, hasura and few others. So it should work just fine with this process.

  • @DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao
    Do you know any sample site created using your provided Microsoft link. That information is good but it is time consuming stuff.

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  • Drupal is also a great way to offer genuine user login page. This is also called Dada base plug in. Once you have installed Drupal in your website for free, you'll need database plug in to install and make your job done.

    I have also installed Drupal. Using Blogger as free CMS sites lags. Go for Drupal because the possibilities have no boundaries. You don't need any kind of programming languages to code. One click installation along with necessary plug-ins to et up your site and get started.

    Managing database is also very easy. You can set or create restricted users from countries which will automatically reject users that aren't listed in your database management rule. User can create accounts at your site and they can also post or upload content. You just need some experiences to manage the Administrator permission rule and rights in Drupal.

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  • There are many free sites where you can develop and create your own websites and build your sites. I recommened would be the best to create websites . We can built the websites and we have good templates which can be useful to create and attract our site.

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