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    Agarwood Tea - What are the health benefits?

    Are you looking for information about Agarwood tea? Want to know the health benefits of using Agarwood tea regularly? Follow this thread to learn more.

    One of my friend who came from Dubai brought me a few packets of Tea that says "Agarwood Tea". This is the first time I am seeing Agarwood Tea. Can anyone suggest me what is it, how is agarwood tea made and what are the health benefits?
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  • Agarwood tea is like a herbal tea which is used by most of the south east asians.
    Mostly herbal tea are good for decreasing weight. It is also like that only. Let us see some benefits of agarwood tea.

    --> Helps in losing weight. Agarwood tea contains some fat burning components which helps in losing weight for long term. It helps in burning calories. So that colestrol level will be controlled and unwanted waste and unsaturated fats will be burnt down. It is such a good thing helps for weight loss.

    --> It helps in well digestion. Someone may suffer from poor digestion and a week digestive system. They may not able to eat properly. Their stomach feels always upset. This agarwood tea is good medicine to those kind of people. So It helps in maintaining a good digestive system. It helps in maintaining a clear digestive track and unwanted waste, dead cells in our body are clearly removed.

    --> It also helps in maintaining skin tone amd prevents from wrinkles and blemishes. It burns unwanted fats so that It prevents from pimples which are produced due to excessive fats.

    --> Sugar patients can also drink this tea for maintaining their blood sugar level. It helps in regulating blood pressure also.

    --> Beyond all these benefits, It has some benefits additional to that. Drinking agarwood tea improves mental health and decreases anxiety, stress. For head ache also this agarwood tea can be drunk. It provides mind relaxation.

    --> More over It helps in detoxifying the body, Unwanted toxins will be removed natually by the componenets contained in this tea.

    --> It provides regular blood flow control throughlout the body, It is good for everyone athlets, sugar patients, bp patients, anemic patients, etc.

  • THe question sounded familiar, we have had a similar query in the past for another source. Pleae refer to this thread in ISC itself.
    OUD Tea and Agarwood Tea - What are the health benefits?.

    If you still need clarifications, please get back to us.

  • The following are some important benefits.
    1. It controls blood pressure
    2. Cholesterol content will get reduced
    3. Blood circulation will get improved
    4. It will give you a better sleep
    5.W will come down.
    6. The immune system will get strengthened.
    7. Kidney function will get improved
    8. Bowel movements will get improved.
    9. It has relaxing properties
    10. Helps detoxify

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  • The agarwood tea is produced from the leaves of some of the species of Aquilaria tree. These trees are found is some of the South Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos India and China.

    Due to its flavour and medicinal properties it is consumed by many as a herbal tea. Agarwood tea leaves are rich in many important nutrients like calcium, iron, manganese, and zinc which are essential for various functions of the body.

    There have been some research also in this area and certain benefits of agarwood tea are also perceived scientifically.

    Some of the advantages of this herbal concoction are as follows -
    Relaxation of mind in stress conditions, overcoming sleep disorders, detoxification of body, achieving weight loss, making smooth and glowing skin, regulating digestive system and controlling blood sugar.

    The agarwood tea is prepared in the same way as we prepare the normal tea by dipping tea bag in warm water for some time.

    Due to the limited supply as well as being a high end product the agarwood tea is costly. One of the Indian versions costs around Rs 2000 per kg.

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  • Agarwood tea is not similar like other tea. It has incredible benefits to humans health. Agarwood tea is very expensive tea. Agarwood tea is also known as slim tea. It naturally flushes your system and removes your unwanted fats. Tree of agarwood can be found around India and Southeast Asia. Some other health benefits of Agarwood tea are :
    1. It prevents facilitate urination.
    2. Increase stamina circulation of oxygen throughout the body.
    3. Helps to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol.
    4. It helps losing your weight.
    5. It will give you a good sleep.

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