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    Getting another copy of provisional certificate from a university?

    Lost you Provisional Degree certificate and finding it difficult to get another copy? Go through this page to know what to do from our ISC experts.

    I lost my degree provisional, belongs to Andhra University. What can I do to get another copy? I'm worried about that.. it was too urgent. Anybody could you tell me how can I get another copy of degree provisional. I hope to receive a favourable response.
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  • When did you pass your degree? Afer that did the University convocation is over. If the convocation is over you have to apply for your degree certificate. Once the convocation is over Provisional certificate will not hold good. So, please look into that aspect and accordingly you apply for original degree certificate. The application for this will be available with the college you have studied. You can obtain the same, fill it and apply through your college. You will receive the certificate by registered post to the address given. Alternatively, personally, you can go to the concerned section in the Registrar's office of the University and receive the same.
    If the convocation is not over you can take as many provisional certificates you want you can get them. You have to pay the required fees. But at a time only one PC will be issued.

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  • If the original degree certificate is not yet issued, you may apply for a provisional certificate. The university may charge a fee for that. You may approach the relevant university office directly to speed up things.

    In the meantime, convince the people where you are to give the certificate with other documents that will prove your degree pass.Tell them your problem and ask for some time to submit the provisional certificate or degree certificate. Once you applied for the same , submit the poof of applying(copy only) to them so that they may go ahead with the matter.

  • Go to your college or university office and meet the concerned person to know the process of getting another copy of your degree. In my opinion, you should write an application to the Registrar/VC of Andhra University stating the cause why you want another copy. You will be guided there about the process for the same.

  • The validity of the provisional degree certificate ceases to exist once the original degree is issued by the respective university.

    So, do you have time until the graduation ceremony is going to be conducted or it is still a long way off?

    Since you say it's urent. Please try this option in Andhar Univeristy. This university has an option of applying for a duplicate Provisional certificate wiht a tatkal fee. The way to use the website is described in detail in this pdf. (

    1.Please all your documents handy including your roll number, the course, the exam dates, batch, credit cards for payment of the fees.
    2. Visit the site ( click on the icon apply for certificates
    3.The application form link opens ( your registration and mobile number.
    4.Then click on the link for New application
    5.fill up the new application form and select the purpose as 04-provisional certificate duplicate and choose Takal since you urgently need it.
    6.IF you are asked to upload evidence, then upload the relevant certificate, finally pay the required fees and check that you are at STEP :6 and the payment is successful
    7.Please print the receipt and keep the Reference ID handy for you to enquire if you need further clarifications

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  • IF you are still not successful, Please contact the authorities to help you guide through the process

    For UG:
    For PG:
    0891 2844085
    9AM-1PM, 2:30PM-5:30PM

    AU Computer Centre
    Andhra University
    0891 2844091/2844085

    The service charges are found in ( For you it will be purpose code No:4

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  • Your receipt will have the following details as in this and should show Application type as TATKAL.

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  • Visit university campus they will guide you for getting provsional. You have to take demand draft in favour of registrar then visit campus DD cell. They will give you a sheet to fill all the details. Before visiting campus kept all the documents rewuired. After filling all the details submit it along with DD and xerox of other documents. They will give you 2 reciept for paid dd. Now submit one of the reciept along with all pinned marksheets in university. They will take one to two days to allot your provisional certificate.

    You can also download your provisional through online by visiting the website and by paiying the prescibed fees through online payment mode.

  • You approach the university office with available details of you study,in person,by telling your lost provisional certificate. As the value of the provisional certificate is over after original degree certificate is received. Unless otherwise you go in person this will not get solved easily and quickly.

  • Is the University Convocation over? If it is over, you can apply for the the original certificate from the University. In such case, the provisional certificate has no necessity or relevance. If the Convocation is not over, you can lodge an FIR reporting the loss of provisional certificate, get a receipt for the FIR and again apply to the University with the requisite fee and copy of the receipt of FIR. The University generally issues the provisional certificate within 30 days of receipt of application.

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