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    Can I join ICSE from Tamilnadu State Board at class 8

    Interested in changing from State Board to ICSE board? Looking out for answers online? Find advice from experts on this page for yuor queries.

    I am in class 8th. Until class 7th I have studied with Tamilnadu state board syllabus.
    Can I plan to join ICSE syllabus from class 8th for better prospects?
    What are the benefits and disadvantages in changing the syllabus / school at class 8 level.
    I'm an average student.
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  • Yes, you can join ICSE syllabus instead of Tamilnadu state board. The benefits and disadvantages are as below:
    Benefits of ICSE:
    1. ICSE is internationally recognized board and most of the rich people consider this syllabus for their kids.
    2. You would be able to get the good education through ISCE.
    3. It would help you to make a good personality.
    4. Good chance for selecting in competition examination after 12th class.
    5. Curriculum activities are an important part of this education.
    6. Physical education and different games are available in every school recognized by this board.

    1. As you are an average student, you have to work hard as it is comparatively hard syllabus than any state board.
    2. It will cost more to your parents.
    3. You can face some hesitation at starting
    4. ICSE syllabus is in English medium so after joining this syllabus you have to continue your studies in English medium. It would be a problem to you.

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  • As already you have studied up to 7th class in state board, it is better to continue the same syllabus for the remaining three years also and then Intermediate. People feel that CBSE or ICSE syllabus are better than state boards. But I never know what are the special advantages. Even students who studied state syllabus are also able to get good ranks and they are making up to IITs, IIMs and AIIMS. After completing the +2 or Intermediate again all depends on how you are faring in the entrance test for getting a seat in a good institution for further studies. So it is not a compulsion that you should get qualified in ICSE or CBSE syllabus. My two sons studied state syllabus. They got good ranks in the entrance test, studied in good colleges, got jobs in campus interviews and settled well. So it is the individual's choice.
    Definitely, you can get transferred to ICSE syllabus. First of all, decide on the school in which you want to join and ask them for an application and submit the same. They will conduct an entrance test and once you are qualified they will allow the seat to you. Try two or three schools so that chances of getting a seat will improve.
    As you have mentioned you are an average student, I feel and suggest you should continue in state syallabus.

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  • A. You are an average student and you are thinking of changing to ICSE after your state board VII exams.
    Many students join state board because parents would have enrolled them into it. Once they reach 10th , they start considering changing into ISCE or CBSE. If you want to change, now is the time because you would, initally struggle in 8th but pick up and do well in 9th and 10th exams

    B. Before changing, please consider the positives that would add to what you have in hand at the state board.

    With CBSE holding the JEE, NEET exams, CBSE has become very popular in India. The syllabus is tough, students need some extra coaching but it is worth it and competing at any exams after 12th ,national or international becomes easy.

    ICSE has a slight different outlook in the sense that, it prepares the candidate with therotical knowledge and also the ability of how to apply it. Here, the lab and practicals have focussed imporatance. The other advantage is from 9th -12th you get to choose your subjects flexibily based on your future plans and subject strengths. The evaluation in ICSE is tougher than CBSE and state board. Hence scoring in ICSE is not evey easy. The biggest advantage of ICSE is the fact that this ciriculum prepares you on par with international education systems.

    So, if you and your parents have plans of overseas education and job options as a key aim, then go for ICSE, it is expensive than state boards but you are better equipped to face your graduation and compete at the international levels for scholarships and jobs.

    If you are keen on taking up the IIT route or the NEET exams for the medical UGs, then consider CBSE.

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