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    About clearing arrears after my course.

    Have a query about norms for clearing arrears? Searching for information whether the arrears will be mentioned in the certificate? On this Ask Expert page you can read the responses for your questions.

    I'm from Madras Christian College. I've scored 9 out of 50 in my internals and they say that I can only take my repeat exam in 7th semester. That is, after my course is officially completed.
    But will it be mentioned in my certificate like a black mark, just because I'm doing it after my 3 years course ?
    Don't I've any other choice ?
    Because people who've arrears clear it in the next semester, but I think this is unfair for any internal mark. Please tell me about my certificate.
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  • Generally, you should complete all your subjects before you complete your course. Otherwise many Universities will not give you a class and in the certificate, they write Passed only. You may get a very good percentage but you will not be given distinction. This is the drawback. But how you got such a low mark in the internals. Probably your college is not allowing the repetition of the internals. After completing the course if you pass all the subjects then you have to appear for all the subjects by cancelling the results. Even you have not passed all the subjects you can appear for all the subjects and then you can write your internal as well as external exams and can try to get a good percentage and class. All depends on your commitment and interest in repeating the subjects and you have to put in very good efforts so that you will clear all the subjects with good percentage.

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  • Having read your question, I carefully checked the Madras Christian College website.

    MCA has a policy of Çontinous Assessment internally as decided by the respective faculty. Off the three tests, the lowest will be ignored.

    A record of such tests will be maintained by the department and is open for verification b students.

    A student who fails in continuous assessment will need to take an improvement exam by coming back to the semester or taking it after the end of the course.

    So, the rules are clear, please reflect on your performance in the internal tests, was there a reason of sickness or stress that you could not perform well or do you feel that you have done well and the evaluation was not correct.

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  • Don't I've any other choice?

    What you can do now is

    1.Do not get into a confrontational mode, please meet your favorite lecturer/assistant professor and ask for guidance and offer to repeat the assessment. Then meet the head of the department to plead your case sincerely. If there was a genuine reason of sickness, personal problems, stress etc, some faculty members agree if the student is a good performer and this poor performance was just an one-off episode.

    2. If you are not successful, then fix an appointment with the principal and humbly request him to look into your evaluation and help you out with the internal assessment of yours that you feel was unfair. The principal as per regulations of MCA has the right to grant special permission for a candidate to repeat the assessment if there has been an obvious error in the evaluation of the previous tests.

    3.You have an option to appeal against the results of the internal examinations. The college has a fee of Rs 350.00. An appeals committee decides on this and then the give its opinion. If your performance deserves better marks than what was actually given, then your marks would improve.

    4. If the new results are not in your favor and you strongly believe that you have done well, you can approach the 'Department of Student Grievance'. This department takes students grievances against the continuous assessment form of internal assessment and the principal decides on these issues.

    So, my advise you be to make points of how your performance was, speak to students and seniors who have been in similar situation. At times like these, the administrative staff of the department would know the practical reasons and ways around the internal assessment, try and speak informally to a senior person in the admin department concerned with your course and subject.

    Meet the department head and principal with your mother, father or guardian would plead your case better. Whatever you do, please do not antagonize your professors or the principal by raising your voice or being adamant, the entire exercise may prove to be counterproductive.

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