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    Does YouGov pay for surveys done on its site?

    Have a query about YouGov site? Wondering if it pays for surveys? No worries, read the responses from experts here and know whether the site is genuine and pays to members.

    I have recently come across surveying sites and did registration on one of them, YouGov India (
    In a week, I do three-four surveys and get the points for the same. I want to know that the site is genuine and it pays the amount to its members?
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  • It seems to be a government site and that is purely on enlisting the information through survey methods and I am afraid you wont get any money paid. Some surveys are initiated by the government to have inclusive information and participation from the citizens out of their interest in the government programs and initiatives for that they need not pay money. Moreover if the money was the criteria, government would have enlisted the services of professional organizations. So we have to understand this.

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  • Yes, this site pays for completing surveys. I am also registered on this site and completed some surveys but have not been paid so far. My friends have received their amount for competing surveys on this site. Some other genuine sites for surveys are:
    1. www.
    I receive the amount from these sites for completing surveys at regular intervals.

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  • There are many genuine sites for online surveys. They will give you points once you complete the survey online. You can redeem those points as per the eligibility. I have also registered in some online surveys. I received some good points. But I couldn't redeem them. Later I discontinued working on those sites as I am not getting time to do that. My majority of time is going on my duty and ISC. All my points are just lying there.
    I registered on and Sometimes I will be receiving some surveys from other sites also. You can try on these sites. There is no problem.

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  • Be advised that Yougov is a scam. It might had have paid its old researchers but it won't pay twice. People should understand that when a survey sites is conducting any kind of research in line of public affairs and politics, then it is more likely a spam.

    Make a proper research before giving suggestions to members who are confused regarding the site. Your one wrong advice can put him to jeopardy of delay in payments. Yougov is a scam and and even many mylotters has already discussed about this websites which offers surveys but won't pay. The support team of Yougov doesn't even revert back even after submitting 20 support tickets regarding my payments.

    However, you can go for guine apps and websites tabulated below.

    1. Google Opinion Rewards app

    2. Swagbucks Surveys & Task

    3. Zap Surveys

    4. Toluna

    5. InboxDollar

    6. Gold Fever Make money surveys

    7. MC money app- Earn $0.1 / Message you recieve.

    I also posted some payment proofs for all the apps and sites mentioned here. If you search for payment proofs for the following apps on YouTube, you will find many genuine contents along with qualifying quids, tips and tricks.

    I also cash out more than $160 from Swagbucks to my PayPal. Another good paying is Google Opinion Rewards. They don't pay cash. In this app, you get direct cash from 10 to 50 Rupees, and that cash can only be used to buy anything on PlayStore.

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