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    What is best choice after B.A, either BEd or M.A

    Confused between studying BEd and MA? Looking out for career advice to know the best option? Scroll through the answers on this page for resolving your confusion.

    I have attempted my last semester exams of BSc (economics) having subjects Economics, Quantitative techniques and Computer science.
    I am a little bit confused between my next choice of degree. What will be the best one either M.A or BEd? In the coming future I want to opt the field of teaching. And also I want to have a master degree in economics.
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  • As you are interested in teaching, the immediate preference to achieve that is to go for B Ed. After that you can get post of teacher. Then you can take MA by correspondence also. That will help enhancing your career path. Going for MA alone does not go to make much effect in teaching carer opportunities, unless you take Ph D.
    So more practicality is for going for B Ed and then pursuing some post graduate course by correspondence.

  • As you told you want to be a teacher for being a teacher is the must you B.Ed. degree. So, for being a teacher you should do B.Ed. After completing B. Ed. you can do MA for the promotion from a teacher to a lecturer. After MA you can do Ph.D. for making a career as a professor. If you want to make your career as a teacher then this article will be helpful to you for more detail.

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  • The best and the most rational course of action for you is to seek an admission into the MA (Economics) course in some very good college. For example, there is the Loyola College, Chennai, where there is a huge emphasis on research. After this course you can do a Phd from a very good University like the Delhi University. For the MA( Economics) course of the Delhi School of Economics, you may need to take an entrance examination. This is the best college in India. Another good institution is the Madras School of Economics. Please do note that unless you do a doctorate, you cannot aspire for very good positions in the private sector or even in the Government.

    Economics is the only field, where the scope is worldwide. There are no limits to your earnings. Once your research is recognized, you will get chances to do advanced research in the USA.

    The B.Ed is the course that will only help you to be a teacher in any good school. This will not take you far, as the scope is always limited. Hence, please do take the plunge and do take up the MA ( Economics ) course only.

  • B. Ed is also for a duration of two years and MA also of the same duration. But chances of getting a teaching post after completing your B.Ed are more than MA. If you complete you B.Ed you can attempt for written test for B.Ed Assistant in government schools. The number of posts will be very high as there are many government schools. You can try in aided schools also. All these posts will give you government pay scales and these days pay packages are also good. If you want to do MA, you can do it while you are working in the schools and you can also try for promotion as Junior Lecturer in Government Junior Colleges after completing your MA in at least second class.
    If you want to complete MA immediately after completing your BA, you can do that by joining in a college. But after completing your MA you have to get qualified in the NET examination of UGC to get a lecturer post in government colleges with UGC scales. alternatively, you have to complete you M.Phil or PhD.
    I suggest you go for B.Ed. get a government post in government schools and then think of PG.

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  • If you are interested in teaching line then both the options are open to you.

    Doing MA and then qualifying in NET will give you opportunity to apply for lecturership in colleges and universities.

    On the other hand for teaching in schools and 10+2 colleges the BEd degree is a prerequisite and you can do BEd instead of going for MA.

    Another thing is you can continue your educational pursuits after MA also by joining research work and completing PhD after which you are eligible to apply for lecturership without qualifying in NET.

    There are opportunities in Govt as well as private colleges for teaching and you can apply there after completing the above courses.

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  • I have read the question. After reading the question, I feel you are very confused and you don't want to continue your study with Economics. You are trying to shift to English Literature at Post-Graduate level.
    I have also noted you didn't study English at your Graduation. In that case, it would not be very easy to take English in Post-Graduation. So, before changing your subject, you have to think very hard.
    Personally I feel that you should pursue Master Degree in Economics or in any other Social Science subject. Thereafter you should go for B.Ed. if you are very much interested to become a teacher. Simultaneously you should start preparing for various competitive examinations for Government jobs.

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  • If you want to make a career as a teacher, it would best on your part to take up the B.Ed course first with a recognised institution and look out for the job of the teacher. In that way, you can seek a gainful employment after completion of your B.Ed course.
    While retaining the job of the teacher, you can go ahead for the M.A course but then also you have to choose one of the subjects taken up in the graduation level.
    You can join the correspondance - course such as IGNOU for your continuation of M.A course thus managing your time for discharging your duties in a high - school aart from securing a recognised degree through UGC.
    Once the post - graduation degree is secured with a minimum marks of 55 percent, you can apply for the NET examination so that you can join as a lecturer in a government college after clearing the said test. In that way, you can augment your career prospects in the teaching profession.

  • If you prefer B.Ed course then your mind should be prepared for going to a teacher's job. Teaching is not so easy and unless otherwise self induction is in. Perseverance and patience to teach should be there in our thought before selecting a BEd course. If your monetary position permits well, you can opt M.A. first and then B.Ed. Otherwise you can opt B.Ed initially and after getting a job in the teaching line you can do your post graduation as well M.Phil as you please.

  • You are about to complete you BSc- Economics, you also want to have a masters in economics and opting for a teaching career.

    A.Most of us would be in a dilemma as to what to do next when we are about to complete one degree. There is nothing wrong in this, the best way forward depends on your age, financial status, and the urgency to start earning soon. Important would be what you and your family feel about your profession as a teaching faculty. If you are sure about this and going to apply for a government job, then you need to take up B.Ed.

    Because for any of the government teachers competitive exams, you will need a minimum graduate degree AND a B.Ed.

    B.I would suggest, join for the B.Ed course in a reputed Government or a deemed university as a regular student and study sincerely and perform well.

    C.Once you start you B.Ed, please enroll for a distance education course of MA/MSc Economics
    Indira Gandhi open unveristy and other good UGC accredited universities offer distance learning for M Sc programs, you can choose and join one (

    D.If you clear your exams in time, you will have a BSc, B.Ed and a M.A/MSc ecnomics.

    Based on the results you can consider writing the TGT/PGT exams for recruitment as teachers in government education departments. You can also consider taking the NET exams in Economics that will give you the eligibility to start working as lecutrer in Government or private colleges.

    E. Once you find and start a job as a lecturer/faculty member in the department of economics, as you gain teaching experience and be in line for promotions, you can focus on doing your Ph.D. in Economics via IGNOU or other UGC recognized universities.( This would enable you to be prepared for promotions to professor level in the same or a different college.

    F. This would be the basic plan for the future that would suit your situation, you can always keep an open mind to fine tune it or modify based on a change of circumstances and opportunities in the future.

  • First you do MA in economics. Then you try for NET or B.Ed.After MA many opportunities are opened before a candidate. You may go for PhD or any other competion such as SSC graduate level, civil services banking, teaching etc.

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  • If you are serious students and financially strong than proceed for M.A and after the completion of M.A,just go through for Phd,you will definitely got a better opportunity in your life to be a professor in any college or university if you crack the NAAC exam held by UGC,and if you are not financially strong you want to earn money in your life as soon as possible than go for B.Ed,after the completion of your course you must have an opportunity to be a teacher in any of the school.

  • In my opinion its better to study B.ED than to study MA. If you have good teaching skills and temperament then its better to choose it only. In today's world when there is lots of completion and there is lots of unemployment its better to do a professional course which may be able to get you a job after you complete your education. Also teaching is one of the best profession as the working hours are much less than what it is in cooperate sector, you may get many leaves too unlike when you are in pvt job. So its better for you to choose it for further education.


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