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    Is B.Ed. course from IGNOU an acceptable qualification for a job abroad?

    Unsure whether a B.Ed. from IGNOU is acceptable as an educational qualification for a job in UAE or Saudi Arabia? Know from experts whether you can take up a teaching or educational-related job in these countries with IGNOU B.Ed.

    I want to apply for B.Ed from IGNOU this year. I want to know that does this degree hold good for job or placement in educational institutions abroad, in places like Saudi Arabia or Dubai? If not, what qualifications are required to apply for the post of a teacher in the above-mentioned places?
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  • IGNOU is a reputed institute not only in India but outside also. You can acquire the degree from IGNOU and then try for a commensurate job in Gulf countries.

    There are many countries who have their own assessment and interview system for selection of candidates from abroad and you will have to qualify those tests or criterion before you are inducted in employment there.

    So I will advise you to scan through the Govt or private job opportunities in those countries and also look for pre-qualifications so that you can prepare for them accordingly.

    There are many job portals like and specific portals like where you can get detailed information in this regard.

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  • IGNOU degree is a recongised degree under UGC so, it is valid educational qualification. But whether this can get you a job in middle east is a different question. For instance, if you want to work in Sharajah only, IGNOU B.Ed WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ( So, please check before ou join.

    First decide on the language or subject you want to teach, in Most foriegn countries, one would need a BA or an MA degree in that subject. Then would come the international certification eligibility test to say that you are on par with other teachers from around the world to teach that subject.

    For instance, if you want to teach Englilsh, you should have at least a BA, preferably a MA English and the TEFL certification ( teaching english as a foreign language) or TESOL ( Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification is needed at times.

    So, look at the country you want to teach and findout more about the pathway to become a teacher and then start preparing. Also find out about the teaching experience that would be need for most teachers before they select them for overseas jobs. Once youi have this then streamline you preparation rather than just relying on a IGNOU B.Ed which is a distance mode degree.

    This link gives you details about a teacher in Dubai( You can check the job eliglibility and work details of a teacher to get a better idea (

    It would also be useful to check Indian schools that have branches in UAE and find out more about recruitment and specifications.
    Some links for the good Indian Schools are

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  • IGNOU university is a recognised and well established open university with its study centres in all important places of India. The degrees awarded by this University is recognised and valid for all eligible jobs for B.Ed qualification. But to know the acceptability of your qualification in other countries, it depends on the country and the subject you have selected and did your B.Ed.
    This national university located in IGNOU road, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi, India.
    IGNOU is serving more million students in India, the headquarters, and 40 foreign countries also.
    These are UAE, UK, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Ethiopia, Namibia, Kenya, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Fiji, France, Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, Liberia, West Indies, Samoa, Lesotho, Malawi, Switzerland, Nigeria, Mongolia, Zambia.
    So these places the degree is valid. But again you should be specific about the subject you choose in your B.Ed. if you put up some experience after your qualification you will stand a better chance of getting a job,

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  • IGNOU is well recognised institution having its affiliation with the university - grant commission. It is not only recognised in our country but it has achieved its popularity globally. This is because of the fact that each course included for teaching has been carefully designed to enrich the knowledge of the aspirants opting for a particular subject.
    As far as B.Ed degree of this university is concerned, this is certainly a valuable degree which will armour you with the latest skills in motivating your pupil for better grasping of education.
    To have a degree of B.Ed, you need to secure a minimum graduation degree in any stream or still better, you have a post - graduation degree in a subject. Later, the B.Ed degree chosen by IGNOU will enhance your job prospects in the teaching line.
    The course has got recognition in at least forty countries and whether the same is recognised in South Arabia or Dubai or not, you need to surf the NET and for the detailed information, the concerned embassy may be contacted.
    In the meanwhile, prepare for TOEFL and its clearance will enable you to apply for teaching in a foreign country.

  • Though the basic things are common for anything between countries the application will have difference. This major thing should be kept in mind while pursuing course or employment in a foreign country from our own one. Even in India we study one subject and in the company where we join for work will slightly vary in the application. The rules and regulations will be varying according to company though the law behind is one and same. Similarly the application of qualification etc., from one country to another will vary.

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