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    Is sports management a good career option in India?

    Eager to take up sports management as a long-term career in India? Know from the responses here whether or not it is viable as a long-term option or a short-term one.

    Is sports management something people in India can look as a viable career option for life? Or is it something we can maybe do for a few years and then move on to something else?
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  • No specialization is bad in this world but often we put or keep ourselves in a category of "Jack of all & master of none", which should not be the case.

    So seeing the current trends in our country, this could be the better options in the coming times. So keep up & go ahead.

  • Any field is good for us if we are in the top bracket of that field. We should not study just to qualify in the examination. We should understand the field in which we are getting trained and we should be master in that field. Then any field is good. So you don't worry about good and bad. Whatever course you select you should have interest in that field. So if you are interested in sports management course to go ahead with that course but be the master there. Don't neglect the preparation. prepare well. Definitely, you will have a better career in the field. In India, this is a very good subject and many avenues will open up in that field. So go ahead and all the best to you.

    always confident

  • Could this question be shifted to AE if appropriate.

  • Sports management is yet to emerge as a real career option in India. In this country, as you jolly well know, it is Cricket and only Cricket that is almost a religion. There are so many reasons why this is so, but the fact remains that this game is not only so exciting, but also one that is so easily understood by any person, irrespective of whether he or she has studied anything at all.

    The same cannot be said of even football, though there is some attempt to promote this sport. Of course, if you are a sportsman of some merit, and have some achievements to your credit, you can try for a job in the private sector, where some organizations may give importance to sports of some kind. But even this is a huge risk, and cannot be considered as a big option.

    However, since some State Governments have started investing some money in sports, there will be some scope in the future.

    It will be fine if you think of some other career option and get going in the particular career goal.

  • In my opinion yes there is a good career opportunities in sports management. Sports management professionals can work as team managers, sports agents and recruiters, athletic directors, marketing, PR pofessional and more. To get a job in sports management you need undergraduate degree with any of the stream. Not only degree the most important thing is talent. There is a need to plan and maintain work on a proper way. Following are the institute offering courses on sports management. you can go through their website to know terms and eligibility.

    1. The Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management : College Square West, Behind Calcutta University, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073
    2. Indira gradhi institute of physical education and sports science
    Website :
    3. Jiwaji universitay institute of distance education, Gwalior
    Website :

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