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    Is assistant primary teacher experience counted?

    Planning to move from primary to secondary section for teaching position? Searching for information about whether it is possible? Check out this page for answers form our ISC Experts.

    I am a fresher (MCom/BEd) who has recently got a job in a CBSE school as an assistant primary section teacher to teach Mathematics. I am pursuing MA(English) currently.

    I plan to shift to college or secondary section in the future. I wish to pursue my career in Economics, Business Studies.
    Will my assistant primary Mathematics teacher experience be counted??
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  • Presently you are working in a CBSE school as a primary school teacher. Is the school is a recognised school and had the registration. This is what information you have to look. After completing your MA English if you want to shift to a college as a lecturer you have to qualify in the NET examination for getting UGC scales. Otherwise, you have to join in a private college for a low salary. There are junior lecturer posts in Junior colleges for intermediate teaching. For this, the state public service commission will conduct the examination in which you have to get selected. There will be an interview after the written test.
    If you want to go for the secondary section they may consider you in private schools. For a teaching post in a government school, you have to finish your B.Ed or Teacher Training.

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  • You may try at least to be High School teacher now. Or you have to complete and pass NEET exam so that you can go for college lecturer job. I suggest you focus on that now .
    Even now you may try some guest lecturer(leave vacancy etc) in some local private colleges where NEET is not insisted for temporary vacancies. You may at least try in coaching centres. Unless it is quite essential or you are sure that you have an immediate career growth in the current institution, you need not continue as a primary teacher. You have better opportunities.
    You have many other opportunities in government and private sector even with your current qualification. Even without leaving the present job, you can apply and appear for the tests and interviews for various jobs suitable for you.

  • In any sector the relevant experience is definitely counted. The preference will be given only those having experience in the same field rather than others. Textile industries prefer the same trade experienced persons rather than others, schools or colleges for teaching posts, giving preference to the persons having already teaching experience rather than experienced otherwise. So, hesitating before accepting an offer is to be avoided always.

  • You have done your UG, then M Com and B Ed, currently working in a CBSE school. I presume you are doing your MA English in distance mode and you are inclined to become an academician - lecturer/AP/Professor.

    If you are interested in career in Economics/Business, then I do not understand why you are doing MA in English ?

    Right now you have option of conintuing as assitant primary teacher, finish your MA and then take up the NET, national eligiblity test for becoming a lecturer in Enlgish at the college education level.

    If you seriously want to have a career in economics or buissness studies, then consider Master of Arts (Economics) form IGNOU or a UGC recognised distance course university. IGNOU also offers PG Diploma in International Business Operations and a MBA that you can consider.

    Once you do this in 3-4 years, you would have got the necessary teaching experience in mathematics and would be useful in you CV along with the MA Economics and take up the NET exams to become a lecturer in Economics in government or private colleges. Once you join as a lecturer and as you progress towards assitant professor, you can do your PhD in ecnomics for reputed universities by distance mode and then apply for a professors job with adequate teaching expereince, which you have been accumulating.

    So, yes, this experience you help to add weightage to your CV if you are looking for a teaching job at a higher level in a mathematics realted field.

    Since you are interested in economics and already have ajob in hand, I would suggest to give a thought about

    MA - Economcis and then a change to a higher teaching post the economics department in a good college, a further PhD in Econimics. Both are available in IGNOU. Please check the school of social sciences of IGNOU
    MA options


  • Kindly pursue the MA (Economics) course immediately, may be, after you complete one year of the MA (English) course.

    Please do note that Economics will open any number of doors, much more than what you can earn, if you are an English teacher. Yes, English teaching will always be in demand for centuries, but Economics is something that has a very wide application.

    The present experience may not take you far. You should jump to another school in the secondary section, after English. If the school is a residential school, by run and managed by a large group like the TVS, Mahindra and Mahindra or the Adiya Birla Group, or even the JK group, even in locations like sugar factories, cement factories and so on, they will provide you accommodation, and also sometimes free food, apart from salary.

    Forget for a moment that you will be cut off from all human civilization and the external world, for say, twenty four or thirty six months. This experience will help you to park yourself, get the MA (Economics) and then plunge into research. Please do note, only Research in Economics will take you so far. Combine this research with a doctorate from a neighboring University.

    Try for research roles with the Indian Institute of Management or the IIM, Bangalore, where superb facilities exist for research into social and economic problems, or issues. Once you get in, enroll for the Part-time doctorate degree with say, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, or the Bangalore University.

    Please do note, such an experience may set you back in terms of salary. Do not bother. Those thirty six months, when you do your doctorate, will be highly value adding in terms of experience and then you can automatically get employed with any good University, or even pursue advanced research abroad.

    Please do note, based on first hand experience of having worked in one of the IIMs for a while, I can safely tell you that any short term loss, is a huge long term gain. A gain that will take you abroad and change your fortunes for ever.

    Even while working, concentrate on publishing research papers, in collaboration with the professional professors, who are simply world-class. For example, you can find professors at IIM, Ahmedabad with two hundred research based publications in their name, in international refereed journals!! Most of them are consultants to World Bank!!

    So, this is the career you should choose. Be patient, but make all moves suggested. Do not give up the MA( English) course, as this help you to play a dual role, like a hero in a Tamil movie -- a teacher of both Mathematics and English!!

    Jokes apart, please do place your wagon to the pole star, on the lines suggested. You are sure to be a winner!!! Please do note, the doctorate in economics is the ultimate destination for a very eventful career.

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