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    MBA in Hospital Administration

    Interested in doing MBA in Hospital Administration? Looking out for details about this course like job opportunities and career growth? Resolve your worries by reading responses from experts here.

    I am a B.Pharmacy graduate. I want to do MBA -Hospital Administration.
    What will be the career growth with that to me?
    If I did Masters in Hospital administration what are the opportunities and salaries and career growth?
    If its not better, then which PG is better for my life?Suggest me appropriate course for a better future.
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  • MBA hospital administration is a good course with good opportunities for getting a good job. Any graduate can get admitted to this course and there are many institutes offering this course. Some best institutes are
    1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS),
    ]2.Armed Forces Medical College [AMFC]
    3. Bharati Vidyapeeth University
    4. University of Calicut
    MHA programs offer the students the knowledge needed for senior managerial and planning work in the health services, hospital industry and healthcare units. The program develops graduates who are competent to general and financial managers, efficient planners. It imparts necessary knowledge about public health and the structure, organising and financing health care systems.
    Such postgraduates are hired in capacities of Healthcare Finance Managers, Medical and Health Service Managers, Hospital Administrators, Medical Director, Blood Bank Administrators, Hospital Business Managers, Food and Beverage Managers, etc. They are hired in areas such as Pharmaceuticals, Health Insurance Companies, Public Health Departments, Hospital Consulting Firms, Laboratories and Clinics, Health Agencies, Mental Health Organisations, Nursing Homes, and such.
    If you are not getting a seat in a good institute you can go for M.Pharmcy which will help in getting a good teaching post in good colleges and you can do Doctorate while working in a college as a lecturer. With experience and improved qualification, you can move to good colleges and Universities as Professor.
    You can decide based on your interest.

    always confident

  • A. I am a B.Pharmacy graduate. I want to do MBA -Hospital Administration. What will be the career growth with that to me?
    MBA in hospital administration is a good choice as far as career growth is concerned because currently Indian and overseas private health care is managed by Hospital administrators and managers predominantly. This would mean a change in career form you B.Pharma background.

    B.If I did Masters in Hospital administration what are the opportunities and salaries and career growth?

    There are good oppouritnities but the competition is also tough because, lot of dental and medical doctors soon after their graduation take up MBA in hospital administration and are better placed for the job of Hospital administration.

    You need to have excellent communication skills, an outgoing personality, leadership skills and trouble shooting skills are the key along with handling patient care related issues with empathy. While you do not need indepth knowledge about medicine, you need to have a basic idea about what each specaility does and the potential issues. You need to have the ability to think on the move, judge of complex issues related to staffing, compliant handling, policies etc.

    You can choose from one of the bleow universities.

    Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur
    Tata Institute of Social Services, Mumbai
    International Institute of Health Management Research, New Delhi
    Delhi University
    Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) also has a PG diploma in hospital administration provided you have some experinece in the hosptial line.

    You will be looking at jobs like

    General Manager
    Manager- Hospital services

    IF you do hospital adminstration, do not get into general MBA jobs that are realted to the allied sectors like food and bevearages, finance etc because it will be difficult for getting back into the main stream.

    If you are serious about Hospital Administration, then join a reputed coporate or preimer apex medical collge hospital and join as a pharmacist. While you are in this job, get to know about the hospital functioning, particpiate in governance, audit, patient compliant handiling, inventory handling and other meetings realted to phramacy to develop your leadership skills. After a year, then join a reputed college for doing your MBA in Hospital administration. Choose a univeristy that also gives you a chance to do practical sessions in major hospitals.

    The salary starts from Rs 75,000-1.5 lakhs depending on your experience, practical knowledge that you have in hand and the reputation of the brand. After your MBA, you would need to work with a smaller chain of hospitals, gain valuable experience and then move on to the top brands.

    C.If its not better, then which PG is better for my life?

    Have you considered Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), with this you will be done as clinical pharmacist and have the scope to work as in-charge for top corporate hospitals.

    Manipal academy offers a good program in the private sector (

  • Healthcare is an essential sector. Everywhere,including our country, the government is giving a lot of thrust and focus to Healthcare. Hospitals especially Speciality hospitals with most advanced technology and aids are coming up and being encouraged by government and private sector.
    Moving away from the concept of single doctor clinics now we are seeing many Multi Speciality Hospitals coming up under big corporates and multinational business enterprises. May such hospitals are also funded by public or private equity too.

    People also keep more faith to such large speciality hospitals . Apart from the rich even the middle class are also patronising such hospitals due to the availability of reimbursements and medical insurances. The reason is that they get a package care in such hospitals.

    In such a scenario, there is also good demand for professional managers for the various management needs of modern hospitals.
    As Hopitals have some unique needs and limitations unlike the usual general management candidates with qualifications of MBA in Hospital Management/Hospital Administration are in great demand and the same will increase over the coming years.
    MBA in Hopital Management includes every essential subject connected to managing a hospital including marketing, human relations and human management,planning,quality management,hospital services, etc apart from all other general management subjects.
    The scope is as n overall manager in small and medium hospitals, but as a specific department head or manager in large corporate hospitals.
    The salary is like any other MBA fresher on joining, and increases as per experience and performance.

    As you are already a B Pharm graduate, MBA i hospital management is a logical and rational choice.

    With suitable experience, contacts and entrepreneurship, later on you can even start a hospital of your own if other factors are also favourable.
    As far as possible choose a reputed and established institution for your MBA in Hospital Management course.

  • The Apollo group of hospitals has a good MBA course, at Chennai, with this specialization in Hospital Management. You must choose only the best. This is a very good course and it is possible for you to get valuable experience, as the internship will be in the huge hospital in Chennai city, which is world-famous for its facilities ( it is also very costly, but that is another story).

    You must look around for such very good B schools. Do not settle for the second best, as that will take you nowhere. Remember, where you do your MBA is more important, than doing any MBA. There are hundreds of B schools that will promise you the moon. When you ultimately join the course, you will be left high and dry, finding that much of what you wanted is just not there.

    More so, with the Hospital Adminstration course. Please do note that this is also available as a Distance Education course, but this is not the solution for you. A Distance Education course will be mostly theoretical and not offer you the scope for practical experience, so vital for the kind of field Hospital Administration is. There is also another deemed University, called the Ramachandra Institute, which has a huge hospital attached to it, at Porur. The MBA offered by it, has a Hospital Adminstration specialization and this is also at Chennai.

  • Of late, the popularity of MBA in health - administration has increased significantly because the course has been designed in such way that the managers working in the Hospitals would be conversant with innumerable tips regarding the efficient delivery of services in the Hospitals. That would include marketing, up date knowledge of health - care, installation of latest equipments to detect any health - disorder and a sound skill to manage the affairs of modern health care Hospitals.
    However, in order to attract the employers, one would need to secure MBA in health - administration with an institution pioneer in offering such education such as AFMC, AIMS, Bharati - Vidyapith etc. These institutes take enough pain to revise their course structure periodically and provide update materials to the aspirants so as to retain superiority in this field.
    One can go in for the distance education mode in Hspital - administration but the major draw - back in persuing such education is that one would lack the practical experience connected to Hospital - administration and hence selection of a reputed institute is important.
    Your graduation in Pharmacology coupled with this qualification will certainly multiply your promotion prospects in the Health - services.

  • As Hospitals of various sizes are creeping nowadays, the studying of MBA in Hospital Administration or Management is good option. But at the same time your mind should be adopted to accept the ifs and buts of working in a hospital as it is involving much perseverance. Time factor which should not be seen while selecting a hospital job, patience should be there while handling patients and attendants etc.,.

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