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    Which place in AP has huge greenery, and fit for a nice holiday?

    Looking out for holidaying places in Andhra Pradesh? Wondering which are the greenest places with good parks and shade and not hot? here, read the responses and suggestions from experts.

    We have Ooty in Tamil Nadu, situated so many thousand meters above sea level, with the highest population of trees, possibly the best among all hill stations.

    What is the equivalent in Andhra Pradesh, where there are good parks, with huge shade giving trees all around, and where we can never feel the heat? What is the best time to visit the place?

    Members, who have intimate knowledge of such a place in AP, may please do come up with answers in a very detailed way, how to get there, where to stay, and all other details, please.
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  • There are very good places in Andhra Pradesh. But the temperatures there are not like Ooty. They will be on the higher side.
    As I am from Andhra Pradesh and I toured extensively in this state I suggest you two places from the state to visit. It will be better to visit these places in June month as summer will not be very severe and you can enjoy the greenery.
    The first preference is East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. You will enjoy the greenery here very much and especially in the Konaseema area which is like a mini Kerala. Very well laid roads and fully grown trees on both sides of the road, one side of a canal and the other side green fields. You will definitely like travelling in a car on these roads and enjoy the nature. For all the details you have asked for you can go through the link given below.
    East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh - A visitor's Paradise.
    A stay here for a week will give you a very good feeling and you will enjoy nature fully.
    My second preference is Visakhapatnam. There is a place called Araku near Visakhapatnam. This place is a very beautiful place to enjoy the greenery. Temperatures are very less and you will enjoy the stay there. There are good parks and there are caves called Borra caves which were good to see. This is very near to Visakhapatnam and you can go from Vizag to that place. Vizag, as everybody knows, is a very good place to stay and there are many hotels y where you can stay. Alternatively, you can stay in Araku itself where there is AP tourism restaurant with staying facilities. You have to book the rooms in advance online. In Vizag, the temperatures are less and in the evenings it will be very cool. The beaches in this city are very good to spend time in the evenings and children will enjoy these places very nicely. Visakhapatnam is very well connected from all parts of India by air and trains.
    If you want some further details you can go through the AP tourism site.

    always confident

  • Thanks a million Sir, for your information. You see, I have visited the beautiful city of Hyderabad, and every time, I had wanted to back there, again and again. Once we know about the places, it is easy for us to plan a holiday. And since the train connections to the places you have mentioned is so good, one can always go there, and then take the local taxi to go around. Regarding Araku, it is so nice to know.

    Thanks a lot, Sir.

  • According to me the interest of visiting places should not be hampered due to climate or difficulty. To the level of moderate difficulty we should enjoy. If we wish to visit AP during the holidays, we should keep away the hot etc., as thinking of such things vanish our interest and joy. We should proceed by ignoring them. In AP there are many places to see in vacation. Hyderabad - Salarjung Museum, Golkonda Fort (here one can say nothing to see there but after going there only the importance can be understood), Charminar. East Godavari District Tadapallikuda, Vijayawada Kanagadurga temple, river krishna Bed,.....

  • Andhra Pradesh is a state of greenery itself. There are several places, that will make you feel enchanted around the state. Let me list them down one by one:

    1. Aruku Valley
    If you like hills, greenery, natural beauty and a good place to stay with vegetarian food, the best place is this. There you can book a lodge in the AP Tourism Haritha.
    2. Tyda
    It is the same route as that of Aruku Valley, but in the opposite direction from one point. Here it is a natural paradise between the interlocking hillocks. A beautiful resort from the AP Tourism Haritha will offer you individual cottages placed in different steps of the hillock. Surrounded by natural vegetation, you can enjoy a wonderful weekend with your friends and family.

    3. Papikonda:
    This involves a beautiful day-long boat ride through the Godavari river surrounded by small hillocks. The boat stops at a couple of beautiful tribal villages. Had an unforgetable experience.

    4. Srisailam Tiger Reserve
    This is a world famous tiger Reserve in Andhra Pradesh. The forest stays dark even in day time.

    5. Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary
    This is another wildlife sanctuary with wonderful natural ambiance.

    6. Warangal- Pakhal Lake
    This is a must-visit place. The lake is still pristine surrounded by lush green natural vegetation.

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