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    Can I apply for class 11 admissions in Science after passing XI from another school i.e. repeating?

    Have a query about admission to Kendriya Vidyalaya in class XI? Searching for admission norms? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can read the answers from experts and decide how to take this admission.

    I want to apply for class 11 admissions in Kendriya Vidyalaya 2018-19 session after passing 11 class from another school in another state. I secured 10 CGPA in class 10 from a private school in 2016-17 session. Now, I wanna repeat class 11 due to some problems from a Kendriya Vidyalaya in Chandigarh i.e. after passing class 11(science) from Kerala. My father has a government job i.e. defence and is shifted in another place than where I wanna get admission. I am confused if I can get admission. I tried contacting principal but I am late because of summer break up to 20th June 2018.
    What should I do now to get admission actually now even my father has gone to Kerala (on duty) and he won't be available.
    Can I apply online and if so then how? Please reply. I am tensed. I wanna get admission very hard, it's very important for me.
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  • Already you have passed XI the class from another state. SO now you can get admitted to XIIth class. Why you want to repeat again XI.
    However, It is possible to repeat the class if the school authorities accept for admission to XI the class based on your X performance and the performance in the written test. You contact the school administration in which you want to join. If Principal is not available some other administrative in charge will be there who will help you. Go to the school regularly and catch hold of that in charge and explain him about your problem. He will take your application in writing and he will do the needful. You may have to appear for a written test and based on your performance in written test they will allow you a seat. Try in 2 or 3 schools so that there will be a guarantee of a seat. If any person from defence can sponsor your case it will become easy for you for an admission,

    always confident

  • As is evident from your score of class ten ( being 10 CGPA), there is a reflection of your remarkable performance in the final Board Examination. So, now you must keep a target to repeat the same performance even in your class twelve Board instead of repeating your performance for class Eleven.
    The current problem with which you are facing can be sorted out with your meeting with the Principals of the Higher Secondary School. At least, you would come across with a Principal who could allow you for your admission in class twelve. If you get such a favourable response, you should accept it wholeheartedly. Concentrate on your studies, identify your weak areas and improve upon the same. Your concerted effort will help you in achieving the grand result in your upcoming examination.
    Due to non availability of seats in class twelve, you may be allowed to have your admission in class eleven. Some schools even conduct a written test followed by oral to scrutinise the potential of the aspirants. If such is the case, remain in touch with class ten text books to show your improved performance in the test.

  • The last dates for online admission to KV closed on 9th April 4:00PM for the year 2018-2019. You have completed XI and now have been unable to join KV Chandigarh for the current year. The KV admission guidelines are well laid down and most schools in Chandigarh have even published their XII admission candidates (

    Why do you want to get tensed and waste one year of your crucial time in education. You try and get enrolled in a good private CBSE school, even if you have to pay a donation, I think this would more benefical in the long run, rather than repeating a year once more in XI.

    So, please see, there was a genuine reason for the delay in applying, contact your previous school prinicipal or teachers or any advise and guidance. Make a list of the KV schools in Chandigarh and vist them individually and submit an application form in hard copy highlighting your good performance and the delay in applying in time and try your luck.

    If you do not get any break through, then join a private CBSE school, pay the fees and if needed take extra tutions and do well in your XII exams and go on to complete your graduation. After your graduation you can spend the potential year you want to sacrifice now usefully in searching for a job, planning your higher education or even joining a job and completing your post graduation by distance mode.

  • But my problem is very serious and I wanna repeat to make my concepts very strong. I don't know what I studied.

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