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    No Objection Certificate from one central govt job for another

    Have a query about applying for a government job while working for another government job? Want to know about the rules for NOC requirement? Find responses from experts here.

    I have just joined a 4600 grade pay central govt job.
    But when the result of this job was not even released I had also applied for a 4800 GP central govt job whose exam I have given in this month.
    If I get interview call for this job will I have to produce NOC?
    What process should I follow?
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  • If it is not specifically asked, then it is not compulsory for you to do. that.
    However, in case you get selected for the new job, then you have to resign from the current job and show that relieving certificate to the new job. Even otherwise also it can pose problems if your relief is delayed.and you have a deadline date to join.
    , sufficiently early, telling your superiors the details. Get a NOC and keep with you and give a copy at the interview as information and also to be kept with your records .

  • When you have not joined in the job you have applied for another government Job. Now you have attended the written test. As you have not mentioned that you have joined in this job specifically they may not ask you for the NOC at the time of the interview.
    But as an employee of a government Organisation, it is your responsibility of you to inform the present office that you have attended for the written test. You have to inform them in case you are attending the interview also. For many of the government jobs, there will be a police enquiry also. In that enquiry, if it found that you are working in another office it may create a problem.
    You please inform the present employer that you have applied for the other post before joining in this job and you have attended written test and also inform that you will attend an interview if you are called for. Now your side you will not have a problem. But once you get selected you have to take a relieving certificate from the present office after resigning and then only you should join in the new office.

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  • From your query, the exact chronology of the events is not very clear.

    Anyway, if you have given exam after joining the present job then you should have taken permission to do so while applying for leave for the exam days so that it comes in the records. In case you have given the exam before joining the present post then you must inform this fact to your present department so that you can get a NOC from here when you join your new post in case you are selected there.

    This is a procedural formality and it will help you to sail smoothly from present to the new one.

    If you have not informed the present office about your new endeavor then you can resign here and join there but your present history in this department will not be seen in your records and you will have to forget it from that point of view. The problem is that as soon as you mention your present job then it is understood that you must have informed them these things.

    So there is no problem as such. Only thing is the present department will not cooperate with you to give a NOC or likewise document. So you have to present your credentials to your new employer accordingly.

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  • Thanks a lot to all.

  • People often apply for jobs while they are working, the common reasons are for a higher post or an higher pay. In general terms the rule are in the favour of the employee who is applying for a job that has a higher pay than the exisiting one. There is nothing wrong so far, you have applied for the second job while the results of the first we not even out.

    While in central government jobs, although it's a ocean, you need to remember that any breach of protocols, service rules etc would be frowned upon. So, please follow the rules and inform the chain of command about your plans via the proper channel and the events so far in writing.

    Continue your first job as usual. If you do get an interview about the second job. Apply for leave stating the reason, if the leave is approved or rejected you will have a notification, attend the next interview, if selected, they there would not be any room for any objection to be raised. If you do get selected for the second job, the follow the guidelines to resign and then join the new job. Be cautious about the dates and deadlines.

    Please read the guidelines and the regulations related to technical resignations so that you do not forfeit your service till you join the new job. Please check this out in detail (

    Point No:15 will apply for you.

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  • As long as your present employer does not ask you for such formalities, you are safe by not disclosing the facts. However, as you are aware of the government - regulation, you are required to intimate such developments to your existing personnel - department and a no objection certificate is required to be procured.
    This sort of discipline is to be followed while continuing a service.
    However, if you are selected for the job of higher post and if selected for the same and you have not furnished the details of your status of your past job to the employer, you can tender resignation and join the present job giving your employer a probable date of your joining.
    However, you must adhere to the existing discipline where you are supposed to inform your employer regarding all your activities and any violation in disclosing the facts would attract disciplinary - action.

  • I have read the question carefully. You have joined a Central Government office. And you have not yet received interview call for another job (but you are anticipating a call for interview). So, you must immediately intimate your present office that you applied for another job before joining the present position.
    In that case, you will not face any difficulty to get NOC in case it is required in the interview for the other job. Not only that, in case of selection in that job, your present service will be added to the new service which would prove helpful in many ways (you will learn the benefits subsequently).
    So, intimate your present office about your applying for the other job before joining this office. Give details of the other job (recruiting agency, scale of pay, date of written examination, etc.).

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