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    Is B.Ed mandatory to teach in schools even if I have an Electronic Engineering degree?

    Want to know about the eligibility criteria to teach in schools? Wondering if BEd is mandatory or just being an engineer is sufficient for the teaching post? Get resolution to your questions here.

    I am a B.E graduate in Electronics. But my degree is 10 yr old. Can I take up teaching as profession in schools or B.Ed is necessary? I would be shifting to North India. Is it mandatory there?
    What about course like PG Diploma in International Education?
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  • If you want to be a teacher in any government school, you should have a degree and B.Ed. Without a degree in Education, no government school will appoint even Engineers also as full-fledged teachers. A person without a degree in Education is not even eligible to apply. Probably some private schools may take you but the salary will be less and you will not have any benefits like PF, Pension etc. They may even not give salary in summer holidays. Even you do PG Diploma in International Education, you will not be eligible for government teacher post. B. Ed course is for 2 years and you have to write entrance test and based on your rank in the entrance test you may be allotted the seat in any training college.
    Another option you have to try for lecturer post in any Engineering college. They may not give you a full salary. But while working there you can do your M.Tech course. Once you pass the course you can appear for the NET examination conducted by CSIR and once you are qualified in that examination you will get lecturer post in government colleges with UGC scales with all benefits.
    Another alternative is to go for PhD after M.Tech. Once you get your PhD, you need not write the NET examination and automatically you will get qualified for UGC scale posts in Government colleges.

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  • If you are so serious about a career in a good school, and would like to become a teacher of the science subjects, given your background, it is absolutely essential that you complete the B.Ed degree course, at least through the distance education mode. The IGNOU, and the Madurai Kamaraj University and the Bharathidasan University at Tiruchiralli offer this course.

    Once your are in, you also need to complete the M.Ed course, so that you are very competitive. Remember, these days there are very smart teachers who have additional Diplomas that help them to be ahead of their competitors.

    Whether you want to work in North India or even North East India, whether you want to work in Government or in a residential school, with accommodation and affiliated to the CBSE, or in a State Board School, please do remember, without the B.Ed degree nothing is possible at all. Even if some school were to appoint you, sooner or later, you will feel that you need the B.Ed degree. More so, in the Hindi belt, as every Hindiwala knows that it is impossible to survive without the B.Ed degree. Apart from this, a very command over the English language is positively insisted, even in the Government schools. Generally, it is fine and good from a career point of view that you join only an English medium school, rather than a Hindi school.

    This is because, you would have already studied only through the English medium and you will find it very difficult to switch over to the Hindi medium, even if your native language is Hindi.

  • BEd is a mandatory qualification for teaching in Govt schools. It is a degree which prepares one for teaching effectively. You may be knowing your subject but how to teach it to the students is an art and BEd prepares you for that.

    Though it is not strictly followed in private institutions but in many of them it is preferred.

    You can join some private school and meanwhile attend correspondence or evening classes for BEd so that later on you can switch to a better educational place.

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  • You are a BE graduate and after 10 years you are planning to start teaching and you would be shifting to North India.

    Without B.Ed you would be able to take some private tuition or join some online coaching sites to troubleshoot or guide students. Some private sector units can take you in as a substitute or a teacher for junior classes but these chances would also be slim.

    So, you need to complete your B.Ed and also be up to date with the current knowledge and teaching methodologies. I suggest you start refreshing you mathematics and core knowledge bank, be familiar with the teaching patterns for students.

    You have to at least do your B.Ed to be eligible to be a teacher in the government sector for the primary school level. B.Ed is also asked as a eligibility criteria in most good private schools also.

    With you B.E (50% marks minimu) you would be able to enroll and take up B.Ed program. Once you are in North India, then explore these possibilites.

    If you can get into a paying job in a coaching institute or private teaching small schools etc, then you can enroll for B.Ed from IGNOU which is UGC recongised (

    If you are considering taking B.Ed as a full time regular student module, then based on the city you are going to relocate to in North India, you can start in any of the UGC recognised colleges/univeristies.
    When you choose this regular study option, I would suggest you choose as masters degree via distance mode so that you can be better equipped to start as a teacher for higher school students. For instance, while you do your B.Ed in regular mode, you can choose MCA from IGNOU.

    Once you complete both these then you can choose to take up the PRT/TGT exams - primary and trained graduate teacher exams to get a government teacher job. Once you get into a teaching job, if you have time you can do your PhD in computer science from IGNOU or other recognized distance mode universities and apply for assistant professor and professor jobs once you have the minimum practical teaching experience.

    If money is not an issue, you can try to complete you ME in regular mode, simultaneously do you B.Ed by distance mode. With this, apart from the teachers job for school children, it would give you a chance to take up the NET exams and be considered for lecturer and assistant professor posts.

    So, you have a few combinations that you can consider, based on your age, degree of priority to start teaching and earning, you can select one of the above.

  • B.Ed is a preferred degree if you want to get into teaching profession. Since you have an engineer degree and if you are good inyecahing then in private schools there will not be an issue.
    Private colleges and schools sometimes prefer the experience and your capability rather than just degree. Thai I am saying because I know a lady personally, and she recently got job in a good branded school without the B.Ed degree beating other teachers with B.Ed degrees.
    In case of government job in school or university, I don't think so that there is any scope as they have set criteria of appointing people through entrance tests and also they compulsorily require B.Ed degree. So in government sector the chances are very slim, but in private schools and colleges there is a scope.

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  • Yes, B.Ed. is compulsory if you want to make your career in the teaching job. If you have not done B.Ed. so far please do this in this year. Next year will be zero years for B. Ed. and after that, you have to do four years integrated course like B.Sc, B.Ed., B.A. B.Ed., etc.
    PG Diploma in International Education will be an extra benefit you to get incentives and promotion.

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  • B.Ed is the essential degree for a teacher engaged in teaching in a high school and even if you have an engineering degree in Electronics, you need to complete the course sooner or later so as to be a permanent teacher in a High school. You have to secure a minimum of 50 percent marks in the graduate qualifying examination so that you can take up this course.
    If time in completion of the B.Ed of which the duration is two years is the cause of impediment, you can take up the same from the distance mod preferably from IGNOU. In this plateform, you will get sufficient study material for your smooth preparation apart from doubt clearing session headed by the experts taking enough pain in the alleviation of your doubts relating to your studies. In that way, you can render your teaching job in some private - school and side by side get approval from the school - authorities for your perusal of B. Ed course from IGNOU.
    However, there are other options as well for you and if you could implement the same in your teaching profession in a coaching institute by selecting one of subjects from the group of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in which you have immense interest, you will earn substantially apart from enhancing your rapport in the teaching line.
    The other options could be to take up an M.E qualification by being a regular student in a recognised engineering - college and later sit for NET test if you secure a minimum 55 percent marks in your M.E Examination. This could open your scope for the Lecturership in an engineering college with an attractive remuneration.

  • You are holding a B.E degree in Electronics Engineering and now you want to join the teaching profession. You have to understand that Electronics Engineering is not a subject in school. So, this degree will not be helpful to be appointed as a teacher. Further, you can't join any school without B.Ed. degree.

    However, there are some unrecognized schools everywhere in India which appoint teachers irrespective of qualification and pay such teachers very poorly. You can get an appointment in such schools, but such teaching job won't give you any satisfaction.

    So, if you want to join this profession, you have to obtain a Master degree and a B.Ed degree. Alternatively, you can go for teaching in Engineering Colleges in any part of the country.

    PG Diploma in International Relations won't augment your job prospect. This Diploma is basically meant for students who want to have a feel about the interesting area of international relations.

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  • Only graduate candidates cannot apply for the position of the teacher. It is mandatory for the candidate to have a B.ed(Bachelor of Education) BTC, NTT etc degree, in order to apply for the teacher positions. Teacher training is must for all those who want to pursue their career in teaching. After a B.ed degree, there is level defined in which you want to join as a teacher i.e TGT, PRT, PGT (Primary level, Upper Primary level, Intercollege) etc. These are not the courses its just a name define the level of teaching.

    B.ed is 1 year bachelor degree programme and you can take admission. There are many universities offers this course. One of the best university is IGNOU.

    There is much difference in TGT, PGT and PRT teacher. PRT teacher can teach up to 5th level and TGT teacher can teach up to 10th level. PGT teacher can teach 11 & 12th Only.

    Teacher eligibility test is the 1st step to becoming a teacher without TET certificates candidates can not become a teacher in government school.

    After graduation or post graduation and any teacher training certificates, you have to start your preparation for CTET & TET. These days, CTET has become a compulsory certificate for the selection as a teacher. Many of Private/Public School has also made CTET certificate compulsory eligibility criteria for the selection as a teacher.
    There are many vacancies for the Teachers post in various government schools. The candidates have to look in for the various notifications which are available for the post of government teachers.

  • If you want to teach in schools, then B.Ed is necessary. Since you are having an Electronics Engineering degree, you can try for lecturer post in Engineering college or you can go for higher studies in M.Tech and choose a specialization which you are having interest in it. Getting into schools is difficult and you must write entrance exams and it will be based on rank lists the concerned person will be posted. Take your time and rethink on joining in a school or joining in a college. You will have more job opportunities because you are an Electronics Engineer.

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