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    Career option after MBBS in the field of Obs and Gyn

    Confused about what to do after MBBS? Looking out for career advice in the medical field? On this Ask Expert page get career related advice for the best hospitals for practice and whether fellowship in Obs and Gyn is worth it.

    I am basically interested in Obs and Gyn field. I have finished my MBBS but now I am not planning for higher studies. I wanted to work in my favourite field to gain experience. Can you suggest me a good hospital in Chennai or south for good exposure and planning to study Sonology course side by side and Medvarsity fellowship in Obs and Gyn? Can you tell me the scope of it too?
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  • A. The medical field is highly competitive with more and more number of specialists coming out every year. The private sector is still the best bet for the middle and upper class as far as health sector goes and Obstetrics and Gynecology in particular.

    B. India has an overgrowing population and more and more childless couples are opting for IVF etc to have children. So, the field of OBG is a good choice but your approach would be wrong.

    C. Nobody can practice these days without a proper specialist qualification. You need to have a higher PG degree to be legally able to practice. In India, nobody is bothered as long as all is well. The moment a complication or a case is filed against the doctor, then questions are asked is he/she qualified to do this? So, my advise would be to study sincerely and get into MD OBG or DNB OBG or at least a DGO to start off.

    D. The concept of gaining experience and then pracitising is a old one and you lose more years and hence time to start and establish yourself. A career as OBG specialist in private practice, government set up or a teaching medical college all do not look at experience UNLESS you have a DNB,MD or DGO.

    E. Once you enroll for one of these, then focus your attention on getting as much practical exposure as possible. While in your second year of the PG course you can look out for weekend courses and workshops that give you exposure to Difficult pregnancy, Infertility, IVF, Obstetric Ultrasound, High risk pregnancies etc

    F. Once you complete your PG degree, then choose to work with well known OBG consultant or team to start with. While you are learning under these established professionals, you can also complete your fellowship courses in Obstetric Ultrasound, Pelvic Laparoscopy IVF and get certified so that it will help you to have a complete CV and the additional qualification to start off as a OBG consultant in clinical practice.

    G. So, please think of the two important steps for your career.

    A PG degree in OBG - MD(OBG) or DNB(OBG) or DGO

    Any two or more of these additional degrees

    1.Fellowship in Reporductive Medicine ( FNB from National Board of Examinations)( and or

    2. An MRCOG or FRCOG is a valuable degree. Royal college of Obstetricins and gynaecologist membership or fellowship exam, these are now being held in the major cities in India (

    3. Pelvic laparoscopy training courses GEM hospital,Coimbatore has good courses( or

    CeMAST in Mumbai is a popular training center that has a wet lab for laproscopic training and you can choose a course there also.(Operative Techniques in Gynaecological Endoscopy Course)

    4. Ob/Gyn Ultrasound-Core Course from Institute of Ultrasound Training (New Delhi, India) that is affilated to Thomas Jefferson University.
    C/0 DR. Randhawa's Ultrasound Imaging and Research Institute
    7/1 Prem Nagar, Near Tilak Nagar Metro Station,
    New Delhi - 110058


    H. So, basically, you need to plan and get skilled and have the adequate qualifications, these are possible with hard work and commitment over a period of 5-8 years and then you will be good to take off at a much higher level, than just general practice with MBBS and a couple of courses.

  • These days health consciousness among the public is increasing and they want to go to a specialist only even for small ailments also. This is truer in cities and towns. So a doctor with simple MBBS degree may not flourish that much in the society. People don't want to sacrifice their health for the sake of doctors. These days even a small mistake by the doctor is viewed very seriously by the public. They are ready to spend as much as wanted but they don't want to compromise on the quality of treatment. That is why people with only MBBS degree may not have better chances these days. Some medium-size corporate hospitals may take some MBBS graduates as duty officers just to follow the instruction of the regular doctor. If you want to start the profession you have to join in a medium size corporate hospital as duty doctor and there your chances of getting a good exposure are very less.
    So what I feel is better go for a PG course in any specialisation you like and then think of gaining experience. Once you got a PG course or any other good certification course you will have better chances of getting a placement in good corporate hospitals that are available in many places.

    always confident

  • Medical profession has been very competitive and a mere MBBS degree though covering the vital issues of health including medicines and surgery would not attract the patients ultimately. These days patients are rather cautious and choosy in the event of the selection of doctors. Such trend will continue to exist since well - qualified MD or MS with additional degrees/ Diplomas such as FRCS, MRCP, DNB, DGO are available.
    You need to apply your practical wisdom so that you can retain in this competitive profession. Your idea to gain experience first in the Obs and Gynaecology and then to have degree later on does not appear to be a logical thinking at least by seeing the present trend being followed by the practising doctor.
    You would be required to take up a post - graduation degree either in medicine or surgery side with an established institution focussing on your studies of your recently acquired MBBS since the seats in the post - graduation classes in either of the streams is very limited in the renowned institutes. After your MD or MS in the field of Obs and Gynae, you may think of your attachement in a well established hospitals. While practising in such Hospitals, you should try to acquire at least a diploma such as DNB with your ultimate objective of acquiring either FRCS or MRCP depending upon your choice.

  • Since you have completed MBBS course, your interest is in Obestrics and Gynecology, also in Sonology course. It is good to that you are having the interest to pursue higher studies on these fields. Every year lakhs of students are passing MBBS degree, but there are few people who had knowledge in the respective field. In Chennai, Apollo hospitals offer Diploma and Certificate courses in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Dr. M.G.R Medical college also offers fellowships in Gynaecology and Obestritcs.

    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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