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    Discripancy in father's name in certificate.

    Having a name discrepancy in any certificate? Worried about how to handle college admission and PSU job verification? Find advice from experts here for all queries.

    My father's name is wrongly mentioned in my 10th and 12th certificates while in character and transfer certificate his name has been mentioned correctly.
    Will this affect my admission in college during document verification or job at PSU ?
    Does correction in his name is required or it can be ignored since all my details are correct?
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  • It is important to have correct father's name in all documents especially in 10th and 12th certificates. These two certificates are very important documents. So I will suggest you go to correct the name in these certificates. I am providing the detail procedure of correcting the name in these certificates:
    1. Please contact the principal of your school and ask him to check the scholar register. If there is the correct name in scholar register, it is very easy to get the correction in these certificates.
    2. Please visit the official site of your state board.
    3. You will find an option for correction in name, father's name, mother's name and surname. Click it.
    4. Fill the form and attached the scan copies Mark sheet, scholar register and certificate of principal.
    5. Pay the fees which are nominal and vary for different boards and then submit your form online.
    6. After completing the above process, your DEO will approve your application and after 15-20 days you will get new certificates through your school principal.
    If you are not aware to fill the form, you can take help of KIOSK centres.

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  • No. You have to get it corrected. You are telling that your other certificates issued by the school are correct but only 10th and 12th certificates are showing wrongly your father's name. So it is the mistake of the School and SSC board. So what you have to do is:
    1. Approach your school where you have studied and contact the HM. Please give a written complaint regarding the difference in Father's name.
    2. In the complaint, you say that the name of the father was written correctly in CC and TC but the name of the father is wrongly written in SSC certificate.
    3. Attach copies of TC and CC and Original of SSC certificate. Please keep some xerox copies of SSC certificate.
    4. Submit the same to the school for their ready reference. They will send it to the board and get the correction done.
    5. Once you get your SSC certificate corrected, you can apply for intermediate Board through the Junior College you have studied Intermediate.
    6. Make a request saying that there was a mistake in SSC certificate. Now you got it corrected and request them to the correction in Intermediate certificate also.
    7. What are the documents to be attached can be known from the college and accordingly you can attach.
    8. He will forward it to the Intermediate board and get the correction done.
    9. The correction is very important. Otherwise, it will create problems in the coming days.
    10. So it is very important to get the correction made. Don't delay further.
    11. DOn't ignore any further.

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  • A. Will this affect my admission in college during document verification or job at PSU ?

    Yes, it would affect.

    B. Does correction in his name is required or it can be ignored since all my details are correct?

    Yes, it needs to be corrected and cannot be ignored.

    C. You have your father's name wrong in the 10th and 12th certificate but your Transfer certificate has his correct name, this means that there has been an error committed by the schools or the boards while issuing your certificates

    You can meet the Prinicipal or the head of the institution and get the offices to correct you 10th and 12th certificates.If they accept their mistake and accept your application,then good.

    But the problem is many schools would not admit this mistake on their part and you may have to spend a long time following up the issues. Similarly, you cannot run around to the boards pointing out the mistake and spend too much time trying for the same.

    In case of CBSE 10th or 12th an affidavit regarding the correct name will be asked along with your application.

    So, first you need to have an identity card that has your father's correct name, this can be his Aadahaar card, PAN card, Voter's ID or Passport.

    If you do not have one with your correct father's names, then you need to get a name correction affidavit done by a Notary, wherein you will have one legal document that would be accepted as proof for your father's correct name.

    You need to publish this name correction or proper name of father in two newspapers one English and one in vernacular language.

    Then draft a covering letter addressed to the respective boards (10th and 12th) requesting the service you require and importantly forward this via the prinicipal of the 10th and 12th school/college.

    The school would forward the application to the respective boards and then in around 30 days it should be ready, you can collect it. It usually takes around 30 days.

  • Any mismatch in the name of father between different certificates will be a problem at the time of document verification when you go for higher education or job hunting. So it will be necessary to get it corrected at an earliest.

    You can apply to your education board office regarding this requesting them to issue the corrected certificates. You give all the details in your application and humbly mention about these inadvertent mistakes cropped up in the certificates. These mistakes sometimes happen in mark sheets and certificates when a large number of data processing and presentations are done for huge number of students. You will have some certificates like birth certificate or Aadhaar card or PAN card with you where your father's name is correctly reflecting. Please attach a copy of same with your application in order to support your request for correction.

    These corrections take time as board office have all sort of routine and specific jobs to be done in a time frame. Try to pursue your application for its speedy expedition.

    Meanwhile if you have to appear for some admission or job interview then you can consult a lawyer and get an affidavit made explaining and mentioning the change in your certificates in respect of your father's name. Get this affidavit signed and verified by a magistrate and produce it wherever you are being asked to explain the difference in the name of your father in different certificates. This is an interim measure till you get a corrected certificate from your education board.

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  • It is important to have father's name correct in your certificates. You will not a get a proper job if your details are incorrect. First, correct the name in 10th and 12th class and you can do it by contacting the principal of your school. He can guide you on how to give an application on correcting the father's details.

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