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    Doubt regarding CPS courses

    Have a query about CPS courses? Looking out for information about whether it is valid or is there a chance of derecognition? Find responses from experts here for your concerns.

    I did not get my dream subject [basically interested in Obs and Gyn field ] in this year by NEETPG.
    Now I am planning to join CPS course which is MCI recognised this year. I have planned to do DGO from them?
    I am a little worried about any sudden derecognition of this course? What would be your suggestion in this?
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  • As already the course and the institute are recognised by MCI, I think you will not have any problem. But I advise you to see an institute which is having a good standing so that you need not have any worry. If there is no chance that you can continue with the planning as you have already made. You will not have any problem. There may not be derecognition immediately and you can complete your diploma there. Go ahead.

    always confident

  • You are interested in OBG and have been unsuccessful after NEETPG. There would be thousands of MBBS graduates in our position as per the law of averages.

    You need to focus on reading and getting a recognised post-graduation in the speciality of your choice

    The CPS course from College of Physicians and surgeons, Mumbai bascially had been de-recognised in 2009 and now being recognised in 2017. The course is basically to fill the gap in the supply and demand for specialists all over the country. This is the truth.
    You can opt for it and get into any of the district level or rural hospitals as this is the area of focus for the CPS holder. In real terms, it would be difficult for you to have a good practice in the major cities and town as there would be many established people with DGO and MD OBG.
    While you do the CPS DGO, you can do distance education courses from IMA,for instance the fellowship in reproductive medicine ( ) and slowly build your career in rural service within the Government.


    You take a senior house officer job in a reputed department of OBG in your city or state. Start preparing for the DNB entrance exams and the NEETPG for next year. While you are preparing you can get experience in OBG that would be helpful fo r the future PG course you join.

    If you have age on your side and just one attempt at the PG entrance exams, and dreams of a career in a reputed teaching hospital or corporate sector, I would suggest that you consider Option:2

  • The PG course CPS is now a recognised course and you can very well pursue it.

    It is true that due to a lot of rush of qualified candidates it is not easy to get the seat in your choice of PG specialization but whichever course you get an admission, try to excel in it and that is the key to get a place in reputed health centres across the country.

    Even after joining a hospital there are opportunities of doing an advanced diploma or certificate course in correspondence mode to enhance one's academic qualifications.

    Knowledge is power.

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