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    Can I do PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology after BE electronics

    Planning to switch careers and study Psychology after engineering graduation? Searching for the possibilities here? No worries, get information about the eligibility criteria and career scope for Psychology here.

    I am Engineering Graduate in electronics. I wish to switch my career option.
    Can I opt for PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology even after having Engineering as graduation?? Or I am also eligible for MA psychology ? Or these degrees need BA as eligibility criteria?
    What will be the career and job options after that and starting as fresher? I wish to get in schools.
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  • You can do PG diploma in counselling psychology. Any graduate is eligible for this course. But it may not be useful to you much in getting a good job.
    If you want to get into a school you first complete your B.Ed. Once you complete your B.Ed,, you will join a school as a teacher. Then you can do M A or B A psychology as desired by you. Then with the qualification and teaching experience you will have every chance of joining in the job you look for. If you want to do B A or M. A now, even after completing the degree you have to do B.Ed. As such you follow the path I suggested.

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  • You can very well enrol for the course in Psychology. From your query it is not very clear whether you want to pursue this line due to job opportunity or simply interest and aptitude.

    Anyway, as you are already having an Engineering degree there are already many job options for you and you can think of them as per your interest and choice accordingly.

    In that case, you can also pursue the Psychology course by correspondence or evening classes. Please note that Psychology is an exciting area and it is almost like a science and is in fact art of reading human behaviour and emotions. A good Psychologist is seen in society with respect as well as personal problem solver.

    Depending upon your objective you can decide to go for Psychology related qualifications.

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  • A. Can I opt for PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology even after having Engineering as graduation??

    Yes you can but it would not translate into an immediate Job

    B. I am also eligible for MA psychology ? Or these degrees need BA as eligibility criteria?

    Although a 50% marks in a bachelor's degree would suffice for many centers or distance learning units, many reputed cetners would need the candidate to hasve Psyhochology in the undergraduate programs before accepting for a Master's prgoram

    C. What will be the career and job options after that and starting as fresher? I wish to get in schools.
    The career options would depend on all the degrees you have in hand and the experience you have gained.

    1. OPTION:1
    Since you want to work in schools, I would suggest, take up GATE and get into a basic job related to electronics, while you are working complete your B Ed from IGNOU or a recognised distance education university. Once you have your BE B.Ed, then you will be eligible for writing the TGT exams and get a Government job as a teacher for school students.

    Once you join, then you can complete your M.TEch or M.E via distance mode and then appear for the NET/SET exams that basically gives you an option to getting into teaching as Lecturer and upwards in the engineering branches. Once you start working as a lecturer gaining teaching experience, you can complete your PhD in engineering form IGNOU and then be able to build your career.

    2. OPTION:2

    i). If you are keen to change the career path towards psychology. I would suggest, try to get into a premier institute that have psychology and counselling as its core services offered. This would be easy if you apply for an observer-ship ( non-paid). This would be vital because, you need to know what you are getting into and what are the jobs done by the actually practicing people and finally is it your cup of tea? or something totally different from what you envisioned.
    For example
    Psychology Internship in Gurgaon at Elate Wellbeing (( ):)

    ii). If you find that you do like it and interested, then do a
    PG diploma in counselling psychology (, (
    With this you would be able start off as a fresher in psychology counselling (alcohol addiction, smoking de-addcition, anger, behaviour, depression etc).

    iii). Once you start this, then apply for MA psyschology from IGNOU ( complete it and then utilize your degree and the working experience to get a better post and pay.

    iv). By the time you have completed your MA you would be able to identify a sub-speciality in counselling. You can consider working privatively, for an organisation/team, for an NGO etc. You can do short term 2-4 week course on Counselling for child with ADHD (attention defict hyperactive disorder)., or for a child with autism etc.
    Once you spend a year in this, then you can think of completing your PhD in Psychology from IGNOu ( and then consider continuing practicing or even taking up a teaching job in one of the psychology departments of a reputed college.

    So, please think over the options, list out your core skills and aptitudes, then consider both options, if needed meet your teachers or peers to give you more inputs. Whatever you choose, please remember that dreaming about a career need not always match with how our real career shapes up. As long as you are active, enjoying the work, getting a salary, please nurture your career in hand and build on it realistically.

  • Please do note, that Psycology, as a field of specialization, is no joke, given your background as an engineer.

    Yes, the distance education course is available, and you can do the Post Graduate Diploma course in Counseling Psychology from Annamalai University, which is a reputed University, and where the compulsory one to one sessions will give you some insight.

    But if you want this only as an additional qualification, that is a totally different ball game. If you want to change track, you need to do a MA (Psychology) from or MA (Applied Psychology) from the same University or some other University.

    Please do understand, only a Phd in Psychology can ever help you to become a counselor. Even after this, you can approach a fabulous institution like the Christian Medical College, Vellore, for an Apprenticeship kind of training. You can find out career options as they have a full fledged cell for Counseling. This is compulsory.

    You can never become a counselor overnight. It requires at least five years of experience. You can apply to any good college and pass both the NET and SLET examinations, after you do your Post graduate distance education course. And with experience, you will learn some skills, like counseling of a student.

    You will then do well to qualify yourself in applied psychology areas like psychological testing, for which, there is an excellent scope in industries. There are hundreds of professionals in the field of counseling, and so, the competition will be very severe indeed.

    You need to become an all rounder. There are private organizations, like the Salaskaar Consultants, Pune, who enable you to become certified in Psychological counseling.

    Even then, if you join a reputed hospital like the CMC, Vellore or some where, where there is a counseling unit, you will gather valuable experience, as cancer patients and other terminally ill patients, require a huge amount of experience.

    The NIMHANS Bangalore, is an apex institution in this regard. They have some superb this regard. Companies like BHEL have trained counselors. In future, you may get very good opportunities, as residential schools and even some reputed colleges have started outsourcing their requirements for counseling of maladjusted students.

    However, since the competition is very tough, and this is for the really long haul, be prepared for the next several years of hard work.

    All the very best.

  • No, as an Engineering Graduate, you can't opt for Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology or M.A in Psychology from any UGC-approved University. For higher study in Psychology, you have to first study Psychology at Graduation level (if not at X+II level), because it is a highly specialized subject.

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  • You can opt for PG diploma in Psychology as well go for MA in it but you will have to do some home work and go through some basic Psychological text books of graduation level so that foundation becomes strong.

    The proposal from an Engineering graduate to go for Psychology as full fledged subject in MA is a bit surprising and unbelieving as it is totally different from the core area but yes if it the interest or aptitude which is the driving force behind it then there is no way looking back.

    Have you ever thought working as an psychological consultant in a manufacturing or engineering organisation? It is a possibility. Industrial Psychology is very interesting area. The technical people working in manufacturing and organisational units are suffering from various mental syndromes and in such a condition a Psychologist having a base engineering degree can do a lot of practicle counselling.

    Anyway, there are opportunities in teaching line as well as hospitals and other such institutions. NGO and charitable organisations also hire good Psychologist for their routine interaction with society and social entities.

    Also, there are good research prospects in this area.

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  • There is no such restriction that an Engineering graduate cannot go ahead for PG diploma in Councelling Psycology. You have the basic qualification of graduation though it does not belong to such a stream normally opted by most of the aspirants.
    The basic eligibility criteria for the perusal of the same course is to have a graduation degree but prior to proceeding this course, you will have to understand the basic psycology of the people prompting them to behave in different ways though the circumstances remains the same. You will have to refer to different text books of Psychology so as to grasp behaviour mode of the people. You will have to consult a few eminent professors in this area in order to strengthen your knowledge in this field in order to enhance your confidence.
    After acquiring this diploma, you will be attached to a brand hospital where you will have to counsel the patients suffering from depression and mental - disorder and with your guidance they are supposed to return to normalcy. This will require your analytical skill to be utilised for the recovery of the patients.
    After overcoming the initial hurdle, you will be able to complete your course successfully.

  • Since you are from an Engineering background, doing Psychology course in a Regular mode will be difficult, because you need to get a B.Ed degree if you need to join in school. You can study this course in distance education mode. It will be good if you concentrate on your Engineering background to get a good career.

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