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    I would like to continue my Higher Secondary Education

    Have a query about continuing higher secondary education studies? Wondering how to complete HSC and opt for BEd? Find advice from experts on this Ask Expert page.

    I have failed 12th std by one subject in 1999. Due to family circumstances I could not continue my education.
    I'm trying to continue my studies, since I'm interested in teaching. I definitely need a B'Ed in any stream.
    For that I need to complete my 12th. Can I suggest whether I can write that one subject or do I have to write all the subjects?
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  • Glad to hear to you want to complete your education after a break and become a teacher.

    Instead of joining any private center, you can opt for the Government run NIOS, National institute of Open Schooling. You need your identity documents and other details regarding your last schooling.
    Please register and log on to NIOS, choose the stream-2 option, this is for candidates like you, who have taken the exam unsuccessfully and enter the details for the 12th standard exams. The admissions are open now. Once you prepare well and 'take up ALL the subjects', you will pass this exam

    After that you have 2-3 options

    If you need to start earning is urgent, then you can use the oppournity of the Government to enable students to start earn. There are vocational training insitutes and courses
    (for example, in Karnatka we have Karnataka Vocational Training and Skill Development Corporation ltd., even nios has vocational courses (

    Once you complete a short term course, you can get a job and then enroll for a bachleor's degree in the stream you like via IGNOU and then compelte your B .Ed. After this you can take up the PRT/TGT exams and become a Government teacher. Once you start this you cna move on to enroll in a Master's degree in line with your Bachelor's this will give you a chance to take up the NET/SET exams to become a lecturer and imporve your career further.

    If you are not in a hurry to start earning, then enroll yourself in a reputed college for a BA in the language or science or even a BE based on your core skills and aptitude. Complete this, get a job that gives you a basic pay as an assistant teacher in a small school, private tuition agencies, coaching classes etc. I say this because once you get your foot into a teaching job and slowly gain experience, you quickly enroll yourself for the B.Ed from IGNOU ( › AboutIGNOU › Schools › School of Education › Programmes
    ). Once you complete the B.Ed, you can take up your teachers exams and your master's as mentioned in Option:1

    If age, financial status is not on your side and you need to just start earning. Please finish the 12th from NIOS and then enroll yourself in the BTC (basic training certificate) program, This NCTE government approved course enable you to become a teacher. The eligibility is 10+ 2 with science stream. Once you finish this and get a job, you can move further with an aim to complete distance education mode courses (BA/BEd) and then join back into the mainstream as in Option:1

  • There are two options for you. One is to complete 12th class. But it is almost 19 years back you have written the exams. Now if you want to complete the course again, it may not be possible. So you have to write all subjects with the new syllabus. It is a little difficult.
    I think for you the second option is the best. Many universities are offering open University degrees without any prior qualification required. They will conduct an entrance teat and once you qualify in that subject you can directly join the degree course in the open University and you can complete the degree. This degree is equal to a normal degree for all practical purposes. As such once you get the BA degree, you can join in B.Ed and complete the course. Once you complete your BA B Ed, you will become eligible for a teaching post in any high school. I recommend you the second option.

    always confident

  • In your case, there is a big gap so it is not possible for you to resume your education in regular mode. Meanwhile syllabus are changed and you have to appear in the exam for all the subject.

    At this stage you have option of going to compete your course through open school or correspondence schools and colleges. If you have aptitude for teaching and you are keen to do BEd then after completing your class 12 you can register for BEd.

    BEd is a mandatory qualification for teaching and without this it is very difficult to pursue a career in teaching.

    After completing BEd one can try to get a teaching job in some private school.

    Please remember that teaching job requires a lot of preparations so that you can teach the students effectively. Keeping this in mind one can do ones homework properly.

    Age is not a bar for learning and those who know this can have a satisfying life.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Hello All,

    Thank you all for your significant suggestions, I'm glad that you people responded so quick. I'm actually working in a school earning a decent salary. In order to reach a particular position, QUALIFICATION is definitely a must. Once again thank you all for your enormous support. will revert for further in case I need any other suggestions...

    Trevor Joseph

  • There is a long gap in your studies. You have to give the exams of all the subject. You would not be able to complete your 12th class as a regular student so you can give exam as a private student or through any distance mode of education. So, first complete your 12th class. After completing 12th class do B.Sc. & B.Ed. or B.A.& B.Ed. integrated course of four years from any university. After completing this integrated course you would be able to become a teacher in any private school. If your age is not more than 35 years after completing the integrated course you would also be able to get a government job.

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  • Kindly note that most State Boards or the board that enabled you to do the 12th examination itself, will allow you to complete the 12th standard. Also, please do note that some Universities allow you to directly register for a bachelor's degree in any subject through distance education, if you are above the age of 25. However, please do note, many organizations, and even some schools, do not recognize such degrees.

    So, the best method for you to get ahead in life, is to appear and get a pass in any of the State Board examinations or the Open School. You can get further details from any good coaching institute, which are there in any nook and corner.

    You have mentioned that you already have a good salary. Nevertheless, please do note, passing the 12th standard State Board examination is a must. Follow that with a distance education BA and then the B.Ed from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, which will help you to go ahead in life. You will also get a promotion in your own school, or you can switch to another school.

    Since you have not mentioned your subject of interest, choose the best and then study both for the degree and then the bachelor's degree in education. You will soon find that you that you have a superb status.

    Please do not go in for short cuts. There are hundreds of advertisements where they say, get a bachelor's degree in one sitting. Many boards of secondary education and the CBSE will not approve your qualification. Please do note, there are audits for this purpose and nowadays, everything is up loaded on to websites.

    Go for the long haul, as teaching has no age limits. I know teachers who are superb teachers of English or Mathematics or even Social Science, even at the age of 76. They take private tuition, at this age. Remember, sky is the limit, if you are talented.

  • Glad to hear, you are interested for the continuation of your studies. Since you appeared your class twelve examination in 1999 and considering the gap if computed from the present time to your last your appearance for the examination is huge. So you have to appear in all the subjects included in class twelve examination. You may meet Principal of the school where you attended the last session and request him to allow you to appear for the examination as a private candidate with the same Board and the other option would be to appear from a distance education mode which has the recognition of state - level.
    After passing the same, you may take up short training course in teaching the duration of which is one and half year and then you can start as a teacher in a Primary - school.
    While continuing the same occupation, Start preparing for graduation - course from an open university such as Utkal - university, University of Delhi, IGNOU etc. Later on B.Ed can be secured with the same open university for your better prospects in teaching profession in a recognised Government High School.

  • Since you have a long break in Education, it will be difficult for you to continue as a Regular student. You can complete your 12th class through Distance mode or through Private classes. After you complete the 12th class, you can go for open university programs which helps to get the B.Ed degree. Your aim is to become a teacher and you can achieve it through your determination.

    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

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