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    Job profile of DFO(Gd) and it's future opportunities

    Confused about the future scope of DFO (GD)? Looking out for advice about the promotions and other norms of this position? Scroll through this page for responses from experts.

    I want to know about the job profile of DFO(GD). I know it is related to information gathering and technical job.
    But I want to know about the risk associated with this job? And is this job pure technical or does it involve ground work as well?
    Are there any foreign postings as well?
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  • Deputy Field Officer is a non-gazted Group B officer post. The applicant will become a Senior Field Officer which is a gazted Group B officer after putting up some experience as Group B officer. This officer has to collect the information of external intelligence, counter-terrorism and covert operations.
    They are supposed to get and analyze the information about foreign governments, corporations and persons, in order to advise Indian foreign policymakers.
    The DFO collects the information and hands over to Field officers. The Field officer then hands over the same information to the senior field or desk officers, then to controlling officers who are IPS and to Joint secretary level.
    He/She may be posted outside India or within India.
    Both male and female candidates are considered for the post.
    The job is technical in nature at the same you may have to do some administration works also.
    You are posted in the Embassy of India in other countries. Some clandestine operations are involved in this job. The job is a little risky since you have to do some spying in the other countries which may not be legal in that country. Once should have that bent of mind and should be ready to take the required risk. So you please decide based on your nature and desire.

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  • Deputy Field Officers work in field to gather informations and data on intelligence related matters about foreign Govts as well as their suspected agents here. This job comes under the cabinet secretariat of Prime Minister. This is a non Gazette post. The Deputy Field Officers give the acquired information to field officers who compile it and merge with information received from other sources and pass it on to higher authorities.

    These informations are shared by IB and RAW and of confidential nature.

    The DFO is the main person who is exposed to open environment and due to his nature of job open to risk of ambush and hidden dangers. He is supposed to be very cautious in his job and gather the information clandestinely. He has to keep a low profile in the local town where he is operating and should not stay at one place for long.

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