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    Confused Between BCA and BTech

    Confused about career after XII? Confused whether to take a drop to prepare for JEE or opt for private BCA? Resolve yuor confusion by going through the advice provided by experts here.

    I have completed class 12 this year. But I am confused about what to choose for my career; between BCA from private college (maybe in Banglore) or dropping a year for BTech {JEE MAIN}.
    My one friend is dropping this year for the preparation of JEE main. I have no idea about what to do and I am not having too much of time.
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  • Generally, a year lost is lost. The competitions and demand for the seats and jobs will increase as the time passes. So it is always better to complete the education as early as possible without wasting time and getting into a good at the earliest possible is the best course of action.
    If you decide to drop one year and prepare for one year for JEE Mains. are you sure that you will get qualified for a seat next year. What are the chances? No doubt, you will do your best. But many things are not in your control. So it is a chance taken and the result may be positive or the other way. If the result has gone the other way, you will be nowhere. So it is your confidence and ability to work hard which plays an important role. So my suggestion is not to take a chance. It is not a discouragement. But keeping the present day job condition in my mind I suggest you this way. I suggest you join in BCA and then go for MCA. You will have all opportunities a B.Tech CSE is having if you complete the MCA. Your qualification will help you to get an interview call but the selection in the job depends on your presentation in the interview. So complete BCA and MCA and get ready to join in a good job after you complete your MCA. Sometimes you may get very good post even after your BCA. So I sincerely tell you to join BCA in the best possible institute and complete it with good rank. Definitely, a good future will await you.

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  • Dropping a year is something that should not be taken lightly. Many of us have be in your stage after 12th, confused and in a dilemma. Don't worry about it too much.

    Make a list of the core strengths you have, the aptitude and the zeal to learn more and excel. If this is purely into computers or any branch of engineering, then please consider an engineering bachelor's degree.

    The IT sector is very fluid with the sheen slowly wearing off. So, you would stand a better chance if you do a B.E or B.Tech instead of BCA and then MCA alone.

    The options that you can consider is

    B.E/ B.TEch
    1. CSE- computer science engineering will gie you the basics of engineering along with anguages, software, hardware, program designing etc.
    2. Genetic engineering - here you get an exposure to engineering and its applications in biology, how you can detect, modify and treat diseases at the enetic level. This is an exciting new frontier after which you can get into research and then do you M.TEch and PhD later on.
    3.Mechantronics - this field is more inclined about the use of robotics and the basics of applications in various areas.

    These would give you a better edge and a platform for your to start off for jobs, GATE, higher studies, internships etc. Once you start your masters you can think of a CSIR fellowship that will give you experience, job, pay and you would complete your PhD.

    Also consider, instead of dropping a year, can you get into a good/reputed private college and utilize the one year for an internship after B.TEch which would give you less money but a golden chance to have something on the CV, develop contacts and open the doors for a good employment.

  • The question itself seems to be ticklish one and there is no shortcut answer for this.
    You should not be guided by your friend's decision rather you will have to decide yourself which would be a better option.
    Though the preparation for the JEE mains by dropping a year without taking any admission for any course would be a risky affair if one is not clear how to tackle such test. However, the situation can be reversed with the fundamental grasping of the course included in class eleven and twelve for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. IIT test demands a thorough understanding of the science - subjects prescribed for the test. One has to go beyond the text - books and in most of the cases, logical extension is to be applied before arriving at the final answer.
    If you are ready for entire devotion to strengthening your basics, taking up the previous years question - papers and solve them within the scheduled time and are analytical minded, there is no harm in attempting the test for the next year. Success will definitely pay you rich dividend and so would be your career graph.
    A course of BCA consisting of three years would help you understand different modules of computer related subject but to have an edge in the computer - field, you would be required to complete MCA. The total span of time would constitute to six years in the normal circumstances but a degree of engineering from IIT and one year for its preparation would take five years.
    An IIT tag would certainly be better if you could utilise your potential.

  • Why are you confused? You have to have a target and try to pursue the target. BCA is Bachelor of Computer Application. After obtaining this degree you will have to go for MCA and then you will join computer software industry. You have been selected in a Bengaluru-based private college. Before taking admission, check the validity of the degree offered by this college. You would also have to check the facility for Post-Graduate study and campus interview in the college.

    On the other hand, clearing JEE(Mains) would help you to join Engineering colleges. There are seven to eight branches of Engineering. You career prospect depends upon the college where you will take admission.

    Personally, I am not in a favour of wasting money and time. But if you want to join Engineering, discuss the issue with your guardian and take decision according to your family's financial status and the constraints, if any. Don't waste another year simply because your friend is doing this.

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  • Resolve your confusion about what to choose for your career; between BCA from private college (maybe in Banglore) or dropping a year for BTech {JEE MAIN} here: try to answer the following questions and then arrive at a decision of which course to do:
    a. Are you hell bent on doing engineering?
    b. Can you afford a one year break, financially and emotionally?
    c. Are your parents also convinced about you taking a drop?
    If the answers to the above is Yes, then take a year drop and go for JEE Mains, become an engineer. Else opt for BCA.
    My one friend is dropping this year for the preparation of JEE main: Please do not imitate others around you. Take your own decision!

    Some additional advice :
    1. For JEE preparation: Introspect what went wrong and then plan how to start preparation for JEE. This should be your last chance, since it is not worth wasting one more year later. Be sincere, set well defined goals and prepare a detailed schedule. Hard work and smart work is the key.
    2. For BCA: Take up some part time job or voluntary work along with BCA. Do not while away your time with friends and chitchat and social media! It is important to build a strong CV which will result in a good job placement.

    Autograph your work with excellence!

  • I will not suggest you drop one year as there is not a guarantee that after dropping of one year you would be able to make higher rank in JEE Main. BCA is good job oriented course and you can go with this course. After doing BCA you can do MCA to get perfection. Many companies come for campus selection and there is a good chance of getting the job after BCA or MCA.

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  • Please be very clear about your career goals. All you need to do is to first be clear: are you ready to study full time for the IIT entrance examination, and this is option number one. The second option is to enroll for a degree course and then also take up the IIT examination.

    Please do note, the Information Technology (IT) industry is not expanding at the same level, as it was some ten years ago. Salaries have stagnated and there are instances where it takes eighteen months for the companies to give the formal appointment order to candidates selected through the campuses.

    You see, like what they say in the IPL competition, it is always going to be Best Vs the Best, in terms of competing with the best, in your chosen field of specialization.

    And where do you find the gateways to get there. Please do not get it wrong. These are the IIMs and the NITs, ONLY.

    There is absolutely no choice. For instance, there is this fabulous institution called the National Institute of Technology (NIT) , Tiruchirapalli, where the Mechanical Engineering specialization is just too good. Literally, sixty per cent go on to reserve their seats on airplanes to the USA, every year, to do further studies, absolutely on merit!!

    It is only in such institutions that you should study. For example, if you get an admission into IIT, Madras, or Kanpur or Kharagpur or Delhi, and or NIT, Tiruchirapalli. You see, when you study in the best of the colleges, and in Mechanical Engineering for example, you will rub shoulders with the best of peers in the same field and most of them will be from elite schools. They would have gone through the hard grind and you will also learn very fast.

    Mechanical or Engineering disciplines will always have huge demand. They will always offer you very good jobs and you can confidently take on the world. Robotics, for example, will help you stay ahead and hence you should do a post graduate course in this field in some good University in the USA.

    Alternatively, you can also apply to the three best Deemed Universities in India, where the highest standards of Engineering prevail. These deemed Universities are the VIT, SRM and the SASTRA Universities. Each of these universities also have very good placement records.

    Please do note a BTech course from any of the top engineering colleges is your best investment for a very bright future.

  • If you are interested to learn coding or programming languages then BCA and then MCA is the right option for you. Your career become successful in this field only if you do this bachelor degree and master degree programme from any reputed college and recognized university. College really matters because many colleges make this course theoretical and this course is totally based on practical. So be practical and choose the best college. There are many IT companies hiring students by interview campus placement. BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application) is 3 year UG programme and MCA is 2 year post graduate programme.

    The candidates who have cleared their high school examination or equivalent diploma degree with mathematics as their subject is the qualifying exam can apply for the BCA. Only those candidates are able to apply who secured 50% marks in 10+2. Some colleges have increased it to 60%. Most of the colleges need the candidate to be at least 17 years old while the maximum age varies between 22 to 25 years.

    Here are the list of best colleges offering BCA and MCA in India.
    1. Kristu Jayanti college(CJK) : K Narayanapura, Kothanur (PO), Bengaluru, Karnataka 560077
    Website :

    2. Institute of Management Studies : A-8B, IMS Campus Building, Block A, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
    Website :

    3. Vellore Institute of Technology : Near Katpadi Road, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632014
    Website :

    4. DAV college : Rose Garden Road, Sector 10 D, Chandigarh, 160011
    Website :

    You can find out best colleges information and details here on ISC under Education section after selecting the State and City. You can go through an internet and read reviews and ratings of the colleges and take an admission after getting complete information about the college.

  • After class XII many students are at this crossroad and it becomes really a difficult decision to select a particular stream.

    However, one should pursue a career of ones liking and interest rather than copying something which another person is going for. Aptitude is the foremost aspect in career planning and it should be given a front place while going for it. There are many streams and career lines after XII but from your query it appears that you are interested in either computer degree or some branch in engineering.

    Dropping an year may not help you because it is generally seen that people move to desired destinations with a competitive and energetic crowd rather than alone. So do not believe that simply preparing alone for engineering is going to bring you the laurels.

    You must join some course like BCS or even BSc to keep yourself occupied and you must ensure that you are simultaneously preparing for JEE also if you so wish. There are many things in common and the things you learn at one place will be useful at another place in slightly different notions and variations.

    Please remember that academic studies are never done in isolation. They are to be pursued in gross mode and this you will find soon when even after good study you will find yourself not able to solve many questions in a big question bank.

    Join a good coaching centre as a part time activity and you will learn more quickly the secret of breaking the exams like JEE or similar ones.

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  • Dropping a year will be critical, as you need to perform well in the next chance and if you fail, then the chances of getting admission will be difficult. First, you go for BCA Programme and after completing it, go for MCA course and MCA is equivalent to B.Tech and there will be a lot of job opportunities after completing the course. System Engineer, Web Designer, Game Developer will be the vacancies you will get after completing the course. Don't go with your friend's decision as it will hurt your future.

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  • Before embarking upon a career path it is always better to asses oneself for compatibility. Are you choosing that path because of glamour and infatuation or due to your aptitude and interest. This is an essential step failing which there are dangers of getting trapped in unknown and dark territories.

    Computer science is still an area of job opportunities though it is not like earlier times when it was an easy walk to get the job. If you desire to go for BCS then you can go afterward for MCA and then you have many avenues to apply for a job in the computer-related or computer-aided industry.

    Option for going for JEE for getting admission in the engineering branch of choice is also a good one but sacrificing one year for it is not advisable. One year is not a small thing and if the proper occupation is not planned there are reasons to believe that a person may simply become lenient and lazy.

    So it will be better to join some course of your choice and pursue it rigorously and also prepare for exams like JEE or similar ones. Please remember whatever hard work you do for a particular exam, it will not go waste as the knowledge acquired will always be at your rescue in other places also. So go for complete coverage of syllabus and also for solving all sort of question banks available. A thorough preparation is mandatory for success in whatever course you choose.

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  • I want to know what you aspire to be first. You see. ..absolutely any engineer of any field can apply for software firms nowadays. Not only that but there is an astounding rise in establishment of start ups.
    So I see why the craze of software is here. Now let's differentiate BCA from CSE/IT in Btech.
    In BCA, you will be studying about, programming languages, operating systems, foundational maths, business management, database management etc. .;
    So a BCA course can help you put a startup software firm because you have a detailed three year study of accounting and management.
    You will only miss out the business part in CSE and IT courses in Btech, which makes you more eligible as a programmer.
    Now I'll leave your decision to drop to your calibre because passing JEE with good marks is very hard. Now decide well between BCA and Btech.
    There are many good private colleges out there who announce their own entrance exams. Try to attend those exams. When it comes to software companies, bigshots need so many employees, that they would recruit students irrespective of the college's rank.
    There are at least 37 software companies that recruit students in my campus. And mine is a private institution. When it comes to BCA or Btech in a private institution, I would always suggest you to take Btech instead because of the variety. And also as I previously mentioned, you can take any branch of engineering and learn very basic programming languages later because software companies recruit you irrespective of your branch if you have the required abilities.
    Good luck.

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