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    Need help for choosing career after completing 12 CEC

    Interested in career option advice after class 12? Searching for career guidance here? Find advice from experts regarding what to opt between Management/ BCom / BA and settle down early.

    I am from Hyderabad and recently I have passed my 12 with 73%. I'm from a poor family. What I can do to earn good income? My family is in critical stage. Which course should I take: Management or B.Com or BA? which of these courses has good scope for jobs and one can settle down early?
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  • According to me BCom or BA would be a great option.
    The college is not full day like in professional courses like engineering and medicine. So you can study and along with that take up some part time job. This will give you solid experience , add to your CV , you can put the theory learnt in the class to practice and additionally provide you with the much needed financial resources.
    In case you do not get a part time job straightaway, then you can also try out Internship option, or upload CV on internshala or other job portals.
    you can also check out these options:
    1. Earn money by posting in ISC
    2. Go through jobs listed on ISC site
    3. Join an NGO and also do some voluntary work

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  • As you belong to a poor family and need some course which provides you with an early settlement and good scope, I will suggest you do B. Com & B.Ed., or B.A. & B. Ed. integrated course of 4 years. In this course, you will get two degrees simultaneously, graduate degree and B.Ed. degree. After doing the integrated course you would be able to be a good teacher and any school will provide you with a job. You can do the following things to earn money:
    1. Contribute to the different section of ISC to get some extra money.
    2. You are going to make your career in the teaching job, so try for a job in any school and get some experience. It will help you to make a good career.
    3. You can start coaching classes for the primary and middle-level students. It will provide you with a good income.
    4. After completing your course, apply for government job.
    5. You can also apply in the reputed private school for teaching which offers a good salary for desired candidates.

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  • Please do enroll for the Cost Accountancy course, and get all details. You can straight away register for this course and study that right away. Immediately apply to the Indira Gandhi National Open University or some other good University, for the B COM degree course, and then also work part-time, even in a good restaurant, possibly between 6PM and 8PM. You will get such jobs, and you can also get dinner, apart from the salary. This will help your family to get some income, and you can also pursue your career.

    Please do note, once you complete the ICWA course, you will get a job for a minimum salary of over six lakh rupees per annum. This is a superb course and you can also complete the ACS course or the CMA course or the CIMA course. The moment you become a professional, you can easily take care of your family.

    Since I do not know anything about your family, I am not able to suggest many options. But the simplest option is to opt for the small hotel thing, which can be started in your own house, with a very small investment. Just prepare iddli and dosa and sell them for cheap prices. Once people understand your taste, they will automatically come to you and your family will have enough to survive till you complete your education.
    I know families which do exactly this to survive and also help their children to complete the B Com and ICWA or ACS courses.

  • You have completed your 12 and need to start earning very soon and financially cannot afford to lose time and spend money

    A. Please look into the National Institute of Open Schooling. There are a few vocational courses like Solar/Bio-gas technician, Bakery, Welding, Carpentery, catering etc. ( Each state has a regional vocational training institute, you can also look into this.

    B. Once you finish a course that suits you, take up a job that give you a basic earning. After starting the job, then you an enroll into any of the evening colleges that have B.Com or B.A and compelete the bachleor's degree.

    C.If the job you get is a good one and involves shift work. Then you can choose to complete your B.A or B.Com via distance mode from IGNOU.

    Once you finish this, then review your progress and the career options. You can complete your B.Ed from IGNOU or other government recognised universities, then apply for a government job as a teacher which will give you security, health and pension benefits. For the government teachers job, you need to take up the PRT/TGT exams. After joining your job as a teacher, you can enroll for a Master's degree that will help you to be qualified to write the NET/SET exams which in the step forward to work as a lecturer and upwards at the college level.

    If you take up B.Com and do really well, then you can prepare for the bank recruitment exams which are very competitive but gives you a good chance at having a stable career.You can look into IBPS PO or SBI PO exams. Once you start your job, then you can complete your M.Com also by distance mode.

    Think along these lines, see what your core skills are and the opportunities close to home and in the place you live in. Register for the common job portals for freshers,, etc and regularly keep visiting the sites for jobs that would suit your profile.

  • As you are from a poor family and you have to support your family, I suggest the following for you. You please see all the options and try to go for the best option you feel.
    1,1. Initially, you have to think about to earn some money for supporting the family. There are some government posts which are available for + 2 candidates also. In the employment news, all government publications will be published. Staff selection commission posts are also published in that. Regularly you go through the advertisement and keep on applying for them. You may get some posts.
    1.2. While applying for the posts, you join an industry where the will give you on the job training. Even though you get less payment immediately, you can learn some skilled works which will give you good hands-on experience and you can grow in the line.
    1.3. Once you get stabilised in the job, you can go for a degree course in Open University. You can attend the written test and get admitted to a degree course in open university and finish the degree.
    1.4. Once you get your degree you can think of going for another good job either in private or government organisation,
    The second option is
    2.1 As you have finished your +2, you get teacher training done in any institute. You have to attend the entrance test and you have to get admitted into the course. Once you pass the training you will become eligible for a secondary grade teacher post.
    2.2 The District authorities will advertise these posts every year. You have to attend the written test and then interview. Till you get the government post you can try in private schools also.
    2.3 While working in the school you can do your BA and MA also.
    2.4 Once you finish your MA you can think of lecturer post.
    The third options is
    3.1 Join directly BA B Ed integrated course and complete training.
    3.2 This will take four years and then you will be eligible for getting a teaching post in government schools.
    3.3 As it is a 4 years course you have to think some private earnings while studying itself.
    3.4 You can take tuitions to the students in your area which will give you some good income. You can also think of online earnings,

    You think on these lines and see which suits you. Option one will be better for you.

    always confident

  • Today, employment condition in our country is very tough and tight. Even the meritorious students are finding difficult to make a satisfactory career. If one goes for medical or engineering in merit or donation mode it costs money which everyone can not afford. Anyway, we should not be pessimistic and always see the brighter side of things.

    In this situation, one has to choose some options which may help in early settling. There are many Govt jobs for which the minimum qualification is class 12. Junior clerk, Postman, Office Assistant etc are many such opportunities. Only thing is a lot of students appear for these posts and a cut throat competition is there.

    One has to identify ones aptitude and interest and also asses ones financial condition before deciding to apply for a particular line. For example if you are interested in teaching line you have to go for graduation and then BEd after which you can apply for teaching in Govt or private colleges.

    If you have dreams to become lecturer in university or college then after Post graduation qualify for NET and then apply for lecturership.

    If you have interest in business and commerce line better go for BCom and then apply in commercial or business organisations. You can even join hands with a group of middle class entrepreneurs trying to make their place in online marketing or consulting service.

    Parallel to your envisaged career you can contribute part time in various online sites like ISC and make some money. These places are not for big money but you can sharpen your imaginative and creative wits here, learnings from which can help you even in your regular job.

    Please remember that those who take life as a challenge and work hard persistently to reach their goal, generally get success in life.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Financial issues often become bane for the educational aspirations but my humble advice would be to continue your education at all costs because its a lifetime investment.

    Now there can be many scenarios

    1 - B.A. or Bachelor of Arts is a 3 year course which gives you the ability to communicate, understand the world, human relationships and strong line of literary knowledge which is essential for the development of overall personality and liberal-critical point of view.

    Job Prospects -

    - Bank Probationary Officer and Clerical posts exams in govt and private banks with average salary of 25000-35000/-
    - Combined Defence Exam for Army, Navy, Air Force, with average salary of 45000/-
    - Teacher in your favorite subject if you do 2 years B.Ed. after BA with average salary of 10000-12000/- in private sector or Teacher Eligibility Test for govt teaching post with average salary of 35000/-
    - Civil Services exam in central and state govt with average salary of 45000/-
    - Various govt posts under Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Exam with average salary of 35000-45000/-

    2 - B.Com. or Bachelor of Commerce course will give you the skill of computation of accounts and handling of taxation and GST payment and books maintenance which is essential for any organization government or private.

    Job Prospects-
    - All prospects which are possible with B.A.
    - Additional opportunities in industry at the post of accountant for good salary of 10000-12000/- which increase with experience
    - You can become Chartered Accountant if you work hard to clear CA exams and then earn in Lakhs per month.

    3 - BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a course which gives you the ability and skill to understand business dynamics and corporate management.

    Job Prospects

    - All prospects which are possible with BA
    - Marketing and Business development jobs are in various Multinational Companies with average salary of 10000-12000/-

    Now, most important thing to understand is that nothing comes easy in life. It takes time to build expertise and experience both to clear competitive exams and get higher package salaries in MNCs.

    Therefore you must decide the course and career according to your own interest and aptitude, and start working hard through guidance from near and dear ones.

    All the best.

  • According to me, you should adopt from a reputed government college.You will get quality study by paying less. Side by side you can also opt for employment oriented courses like tally, marg with gst. It will help you to get a job of accountant. A graduate has a lot of ideas in job options.You can go for Bank po exam whose starting salary ranges from 20000-25000.
    I am also studing so I will recommend you if you opt then you should definitely do tally course from government institute. Side by side you can teach tuitions, do online work.

  • Thq each and everyone for suggesting me a better ideas in your valuable time

  • As you have completed your 12th class, it is good to take a course which gives good returns for your future life. If you are a commerce graduate, you can select course and if you are interested in teaching, then you can go for B.Ed course. When you are studying, you can go for part-time work as you are from a poor family. You can work in ISC and also you will get a good income which can support your family. There are no shortcuts to success, as you need to work hard to achieve your goal.

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  • As you have mentioned, your financial condition is not supportive to costly professional courses, you can think of pursuing BA choosing the subjects of your choice. After completing BA you can plan to do BEd after which you can try to get a job of teaching in a private or Govt school. This is one of the shortest way to grab a job.

    However you can continue to do MA after completing BA and try to qualify in NET which will bring you to an opportunity for applying for lecturership in a college or university.

    Meanwhile you can think of attempting for various exams for the non gazetted posts in Govt departments like office Asstt, Junior clerk etc where you can compete with your fellow students and with hard work can get success there.

    Another important consideration is even if you get hold of a small job, accept it and then go for correspondence mode of education to enhance your academic qualifications enabling you to switch over to better jobs.

    The struggle is more for financially weaker sections but you can compensate it with hard work and persistence of achieving your goals.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You do have the financial constraints coming in the way in persuing a course and so it would be better to enrol yourself in the Industrial Training Instititute being run by the state - government where you may select any one of the course such as Fitter, Electrician, Draftsman, Rigger etc. These courses being a short tenure courses the maximum duration being two years will enable you to horn your skill in the specialised trade chosen by you. These courses are of immense values and you can earn substantially. An electrician can attend the the jobs in the residential areas for repairing the faults in the transmission line apart from getting a job in the Industry.
    Once you get an assignment, you can think of taking up a graduation course in the area for which you have inclination. However, it would be better if choose the commerce stream in your graduation, since such an exposure will open up scope for many jobs relating finance apart from Banking - jobs. You may choose any recognised distance education mode such as Karnataka Open University, Manipal distance learning or IGNOU- all being the pioneers in distance learning. You can carry out your graduation course while doing your primary jobs.
    You may undertake a coaching from a rapported professional institute guiding you to qualify in the Probationary Officers Examination with their rich expertise in this field.
    All you need is a systemic approach of utilising your time to achieve your goal.

  • If you belongs to poor family, please search for a job instead going for graduation. Once you got a job you can go for higher study as part-time or as private candidate. There are many option available after 12th such as police, military, SSC 10+2 entry, Ded for teaching at primary level. There are many private jobs also available, til you get govt.job can do private job. Once you start earning, go for improving your education.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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