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    How to apply for re-evaluation of CBSE Class 12 results

    Do not know how to apply online for a re-evaluation of Class XII CBSE answer sheets? Check this page to know from our ISC experts how to proceed and get further guidance on it.

    On May 26th CBSE the Class 12 results were declared. However my son and I are not convinced with the marks he obtained. We expected much higher marks. The rechecking process as per the official CBSE site was to begin from 30th May. I have been trying to register online but I am unable to find the proper link to do so. Maybe I am not very techno-savvy.

    Can anyone help me with understanding how to apply for re-evaluation of the results?
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  • I am also waiting for the same. CBSE has not yet started the process. Please go on checking CBSE main website ( I have heard that the link will be open on 1st June, 2018.

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  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has declared the + 2 results this year. The results were available on and cbse.nic. After the results, CBSE will start with applications for revaluation. The revaluation requests are to be made on the official website
    It is to note that CBSE does not re-check the paper. The facility is available for re-valuation wherein the totalling only will be checked. Any error in the same will be corrected. Students may also request to see the photocopy of the answer sheets. In case there is an error after they have requested for photocopy, they can request for a re-verification. There may be some changes in the process. The same would be uploaded on the official website shortly. Students and parents are requested to go through the same before applying. Basic steps are provided below.
    Go to the official website The board will release the notification regarding the revaluation next week To apply for revaluation, select the application link and fill the form. You would be required to make a fee payment. Please note, the notification would be released next week and online applications accepted.CBSE would not accept any requests offline. All requests have to be made online on the official website Students and parents are hence advised to wait for the notification.
    As such you are requested to be watching the website continuously.

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  • 1. As per existing practice, last year too, the CBSE offered an online option for verification of marks and also a chance to get photocopies of the answered booklets. This year the dates are not yet announced.

    2.The CBSE offers re-totaling or re-checking wherein the marks total is re-checked for any calculation mistakes.If any question is left un-evaluated, then this will be evaluated. There is NO - RE EVALUATION of already checked answers, so if there is any arithmetic/human error in adding up the given marks or entering the final marks, then there is a chance for the marks to change.

    3.Usually the dates for re-checking are annouced soon after the declaration of the resutls, from the annoucment date of verfication, 21 days are given to the candidates to submit the forms to the respective regional CBSE offices.

    4. The fees are around 200-300 rupees per subject. Once applied, you can check the status online and the results are given within a months time.

    5. If the candidate is still not happy with the results, then in the following year (2019 in your case) they can apply for 'Improvement exam'. This can be done in one or more subjects.

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  • One can apply online at the CBSE site for rechecking of the total of the marks allotted for the answers. The fees is to be paid subject wise.

    This will only help in identifying for any totaling error or any left out answer. There will not be any re-evaluation of the answers. In my opinion, such verification may not yield much fruitful result as chances of totaling errors happening are less.

    The better approach will be to appear for the improvement exam in the subject where performance has been poor. Please remember that there is no substitute for hard work and only after that one can find out the drastic difference between the scores. Generally, parents will be carried away by the explanations for low marks obtained by the children. That is not going to help. The only solution is work hard, solve as many questions of last years as possible. Thue massive preparations only will help us to have high scores.

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  • Thankyou all for the valuable information. The link for Revaluation opened today and I have filled in for the same. Thanks everyone.

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    Thankyou all for the valuable information. The link for Revaluation opened today and I have filled in for the same. Thanks everyone.

  • I have indicated the details of the three-phase system of CBSE verification and re-evaluation process along with the timeline in the following article. Please go through it for the complete information.

    Alert! CBSE has opened the window for re-evaluation of answer-scripts

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    Here's all that you need to know about re-evaluation of class 12th CBSE, hope you find it useful.

    1. Request for verification can be submitted only online from website of CBSE along with fee of Rs.500/- per subject as per scheduled given in Annexure-I.

    2. In case applying from India the requisite fee of Rs.500/- per subject can be deposited through payment gateway (Credit/Debit card). Fee may also be deposited through echallan by visiting the identified Bank Branch as generated in the Challan and no fee shall be accepted in offline mode i.e Postal Order/DD/Money order cheque etc till June 2018.

    3. In case the applicant is not in India during the above period, application can be submitted online and the fee be remitted through DD in favour of "Secretary, CBSE" drawn at the place of respective Regional Office of the Board. The Demand Draft alongwith the confirmation page be sent to the Regional Office concerned so as to reach the concerned Regional Office within 07 days from the date of submission of the application. Roll No. and other details should be written on the back of the Demand Draft. They are also being requested to enter the details of DD such as DD no., name of the bank etc. in the appropriate column and upload the scanned copy of DD.

    4. The result of verification will be uploaded on the website of CBSE. However, in case of a mistake (or change in marks) a formal letter will also be sent to applicant by speed post through concerned Regional Office of CBSE. In case where there is no change of marks, no letter will be sent by CBSE. Applicants are advised to visit website of CBSE for the status of verification request.

    5. Board will not be responsible for any loss or damage or any inconvenience caused to the candidate, consequent to the revision of mark(s) or delay in communication, for reasons beyond control.

    6. Incomplete applications, offline applications will be summarily rejected.

    7. Request for verification will only be accepted once. Another chance will not be given.

    8. Only those candidates who apply online for verification of Marks will be eligible to apply for obtaining photocopy of answer book.

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