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    Will surname spelling mistake be any problem in government job

    Is there any name mismatch in any of the documents? Worried about how to tackle such an issue in case of a government job? Find advice from our ISC experts on this page.

    My surname does not match in 10th and 12th class documents. Will this create any problem in case of a government job?
    What should I do if there is nay problem in the government job?
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  • If your surname does not match, yes it would be a problem. The government jobs are now being advertised online and what you enter in the application form would be final. It will be difficult to change or when you are faced with document verification.

    To avoid such minor mistakes affecting your recruitment process, please change it when you have time now.
    Take this chance to check your other documents (PAN card, Aadhaar, Voter's ID etc).

    Check whether you have any ID document that has your full name correctly without any spelling mistake. If you have a valid birth certificate, PAN Card or Voter's ID that has your correct name, then you can approach the board via the head of the institution to issue you a new marks card.

    If not or they do not accept, then approach a Notary in your area who can get you a valid affidavit that has your proper name. Once this is done, please visit the newspaper offices to place a name correction/change advertisement in one English and one vernacular paper and keep the original paper snippets with you.

    Then draft a letter to the respective 10th and 12th boards requesting the name correction service you need, forward it via the respective principal/head of the institution. You would need to pay a small fee for this service.
    In 3-4 weeks the board will despatch your certificate to the respective school/college.
    Please keep the acknowledgment number and payment reference number handy in case you need to contact the boards during delays in the process.

    If you have done you CBSE, then the process is the same and there is a regular form to be filled, signed by the principal and submitted to the CBSE board.(

  • You will have to approach the appropriate authorities, through the school, and get the surnames in both the certificates to reflect the same surname. If you continue with the mistake, in future, you will land in trouble when you join any educational institution.

    A Notary Public needs to certify your correct surname. With this document, along with the Aadhar card which should carry the correct surname, if you approach the concerned authorities, this can be corrected. It does take some time and you need to route the request through proper channel, that is, the school where you studied.

    Nowadays, everything is computerized, and it should not be a big problem. If the process is delayed, you can still show your original Aadhar card to the Government authorities, if you get a Government job. Whatever be the job, all that the Government wants, is proper documentation. Hence, please do get your certificates corrected, as mentioned above. If you get this done, I do not foresee any problem. You can, in the meanwhile, get the Notary Public and a very well known person in the same location that you are the concerned person, and this should be okay with the Government, till the certificates are corrected.

  • If your surname is different in Xth Board certificate and XIIth Board certificate, then you will definitely have a problem for Government recruitment examination and for various other purposes. So, you have to correct the Board certificate where your name is mentioned incorrectly.
    If you passed your Board examination very recently, you can apply online for correction of the name with supporting documents where your name has been mentioned correctly. Some Boards like CBSE has provision for the online application for this purpose.
    If you have passed Board examination earlier, you have to sign an affidavit stating that in the Board examinations, ABC (correct name) and Abc (incorrect name) have been indicated as your name. Both are same. A similarly worded classified advertisement is also required. You have to preserve the original affidavit and original advertisement.

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  • All the documents should show the same surname, last name and middle name. All the details in all the documents should be same. If there is any difference you should get it corrected before you go for the document verification for the job. I always suggest getting it changed when you have noticed. You have not clearly told me in which document it is correct. You should apply to the concerned board for a change of the surname.
    You have to apply to the Board through the school in which you have done your studies. You have to apply in writing stating clearly what is the mistake in the certificate. You have to attach a proof document which shows your name correctly. Then the school administration will forward it to the board and they will correct it and send it to the school again. You can receive it from the school.
    If there is a mistake in both the certificates I feel it is better to apply first for 10th certificate and once you receive the same you can verify the same for correctness. Once it is correct, you can then apply for the correction in the 12th certificate.

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  • Yes, it will definitely cause a problem at the time of document verification. So, go for the correction in the document.
    1. Please visit the school principal and ask him for the problem. He will check the scholar register. If there is a correct name in scholar register, he will provide you with a certificate.
    2. Go to the official site of the board and apply online for the correction in the surname.
    3. You have to scan the mark sheet, photocopy of scholar register and certificate of principal to submit an online form. So, scan all documents and upload them online.
    4. Pay the fees which nominal through any digital means. You can consult a Kiosk for the same.
    5. After submitting your application, you DEO will approve your application and on the basis of his verification, you will get a new corrected mark sheet within 15 days through your school principal.

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  • Any change in name or surname is a problem at the time of document verification and if it is not got corrected in time, it will be a continuous source of irritation and inconvenience. Wherever you apply for higher education or job you will face this problem of mismatch.

    From your narration, it appears that your surname is correct in your other documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card, Ration card, Voter card, Birth certificate etc. If it is so then you have to apply to your education board authorities for issue of corrected certificates for your class 10 and 12. You have to give the copy of the other documents where your name is appearing correctly as a reference to them so that they can make the necessary correction in your certificates pertaining to class 10 and 12. To confirm your genuinity they may also ask the credentials of your parents and your address proof. So keep all the papers ready in case they want to verify it.

    Once you get the corrected certificates from your education board then you have no problem in applying anywhere. Meanwhile, till you get the corrected certificates from them you may be required to explain this error in your certificates if you are getting a job opportunity immediately. In that case, you have to go to a lawyer and get an affidavit prepared in respect of these anomalies and get it verified and signed by a first class magistrate and keep this with you to present it wherever the questions are asked for the mismatch in surname.

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  • If your surname does not match the documents, it will be a problem to get a government job as the names will be different. You have to correct the mistake in 10th standard and 12th standard and everything will be looked based on the 10th and 12th classes.
    First, go to the headmaster of your school and give an application to correct your surname and apply for a new certificate with corrected details. Your certificate will be sent to you on postal address. After receiving it, whenever you apply for anything your name must be based on that certificate.

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  • Your surname must be indicated properly in your certificates so as to avoid any problem related to either taking up further education or in the field of service. You need to get it corrected immediately in order to avoid any future complication.
    First of you will have to meet your Principal from where you studied class ten of twelve and after verifying his admission - register, he may put his remarks indicating your correct surname in the application written by you and the same is to be addressed to the authority to the concerned Board - office such as CBSE, ISC or any state level Board. You would be required to attach a demand draft of requisite amount needed for this purpose. Send the letter with the certificate of posting of the Post - office so as to have a proof of your posting.
    You will get the certificates with the corrected surname within a couple of days.
    The alternative way would be to approach a Notary magistrate of your locality for the affidavit. Engage a lawyer for this purpose to help you in your case. You need to submit the photocopies of Aadhar - card, PAN - card etc for the sake of proof. After the affidavit is granted, you need to get it advertised in a local news paper apart from an English daily. Retain the advertisement published in the paper to be produced to the verifying authorities of your certificates.

  • Yes it will create problem at the time of document verification. In which year you passed class 12th if you passed in 2016-17 and in 2017-18 then immediately contact school from where you completed your school. Firstly contact Headmaster of school and get letter with school stamp. Submit your mark list and letter get from Headmaster to DEO office and contact board. They will provide you corrected marksheet after few days of submitting complaint. other option is to get corrected marksheet is affidavit. For that contact any familiar lawyer that will help you what to do further. It is actually form or document created by any person in the condition of misspelled in marksheet or other important documents.

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