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    Does overheat in the body cause leakage of urine unknowingly

    Having a query about leakage of urine? Looking out for resolving the issue? On this Ask Expert page ISC members shall provide with advice to resolve your queries.

    I am a male and my age is 27. From childhood, I had a small problem when I go to urine even though I feel all the urine got discharged after 5 minutes I have to go to discharge again little bit use to remain inside. Now as I was a Muslim I had to keep fast as in the month of Ramzan. What I observed from the past 3 days, Just like past is as I use to feel some urine inside after going to urine for the first time but now a little bit more complicated unknowingly I can see the discharge of one or two drops in my underwear itself. Up to my knowledge am thinking it was coz of overheat in my body as it is quite common in the fast. When I just caught little bit also I feel the discharge. Is it a small issue or it has to be taken seriously as I was Ramzaan I has to be very hygiene but coz of this issue I was unable to concentrate on this holy month. I should not go to mosque if am not hygiene with my private parts. hope all you all knowledge about it. I cant explain my problem to my parents they push me to go to the mosque they too were not wrong from their side. Now my questions are :
    1. Why am getting urine soon after 5 minutes after my first discharge? Is this common or is this a defect or anything had gone wrong (As I was a Muslim we will have a piece of skin cut in our childhood ). Is that is the side effect of it?
    2.why I was getting a discharge of urine nowadays without my notice. Is it bit serious to be concentrated as consulting a doctor? am I only facing this problem or it's quite common.
    3. If there is any Muslim in this forum please guide me so that I can offer my namaz. Is there any alternate ways to offer my namaz in spite all these issues or should I keep quiet as I don't have any other option coz even though I offer namaz without proper way it will be of no use?
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  • People can hold urine in their bladders until they reach the bathroom. "Urinary incontinence" – is the inability to hold urine in the bladder.
    The bladder stores urine made by the kidneys. One end of the urethra is connected to the bladder; the other end is open. In women, the opening is located just above the vagina. In men, it is at the tip of the penis.
    The Communication between the urinary tract and the brain controls the storage and release of urine. If The urinary system has to work right, these muscles and nerves must work collectively to keep urine in the bladder and release it at the right time.
    When the bladder muscles tighten and the sphincter muscles relax, urine leaves the body by passing through the opening of the urethra. If this happens uncontrollably, urinary incontinence is the result.
    Types of Incontinence
    Urinary incontinence is not a disorder. It is actually a symptom of other conditions and has many possible causes.

    There are several different types of urinary incontinence.

    Stress Incontinence is the most common type of incontinence. It occurs when any movement that puts pressure on the bladder, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise, causes small amounts of urine to leak. It occurs more often in women and is usually caused by weakened muscles in the bladder and abdomen.
    Urge Incontinence is the inability to hold urine long enough to reach the bathroom. This sudden, uncontrollable urge to urinate is often found in people with other conditions, such as diabetes, stroke, dementia, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis.
    Mixed Incontinence is a combination of stress and urges incontinence.
    Overflow Incontinence can occur when the bladder doesn't empty completely during normal urination, so small amounts of urine leak out unexpectedly.
    Functional Incontinence occurs when physical disabilities, external obstacles, or problems with thinking or communicating prevent a person from getting to a bathroom in time.
    Reflex Incontinence, also called unconscious incontinence, occurs when a person is unaware of the need to urinate.
    In your case it may be "Overflow Incontinence can occur when the bladder doesn't empty completely during normal urination, so small amounts of urine leak out unexpectedly"
    Transient IncontinOverflow Incontinence can occur when the bladder doesn't empty completely during normal urination, so small amounts of urine leak out unexpectedly.ence is caused by a temporary condition, such as an infection or medication.
    The overheat in the body may be a cause for the problem
    Diagnosing incontinence usually starts with a physical exam and a discussion of the patient's symptoms and urinating habits, followed by diagnostic tests.

    Here are some of the common tests used to diagnose incontinence:

    Postvoid Residual (PVR) Measurement. This test checks the bladder's capacity and the bladder's ability to completely empty itself.
    Stress Tests. Your doctor will check for urine loss as you a cough.
    Urinalysis. A urine sample is collected from the patient and examined for evidence of urinary tract infection, urinary tract stones, or other causes of incontinence.
    Blood Test. Examines blood samples for various chemicals, substances and other possible causes of incontinence.
    Imaging of the Urinary Tract. Various imaging technologies are used to show abnormalities or problems with the urinary tract.
    Ultrasound uses sound waves projected into the body to create pictures of the organs and areas being examined.
    Cystoscopy allows a urologist to look directly into the bladder by inserting a thin, flexible cystoscope up the urethra and into the bladder.
    Urodynamics. Various techniques used to examine many aspects of the urinary system, including pressure on the bladder, bladder muscle strength and functionality, bladder contractions, the bladder's ability to empty steadily and completely, and urine flow.
    Treatment for urinary incontinence depends on the type, cause and severity of the symptoms. It is always advisable to visit a competent doctor and talk to him in detail and proceed as per his advise is the best course of action.
    Prevention of Incontinence
    Many causes of incontinence can't be avoided. But sometimes, incontinence can be prevented by avoiding things known to irritate the bladder. Here are a few suggestions:
    Avoid caffeine
    Avoid acidic fruit juices
    Avoid alcohol
    Limit or avoid certain medications such as diuretics, antihistamines and over-the-counter cough and cold treatments
    Stop smoking
    Drink plenty of water

    always confident

  • This problem is not due to overheating of the body. I am providing the answer as per your query:
    1. There may be many reasons of that and sometimes psychology also affects. So, do not think more about it. It is not related to circumcision. Generally, circumcision prevents this type of discharge. There is some medical problem which is not serious. Please contact any urologist he will provide you medication which will give you relief.

    2. Yes, you should consult a doctor, urologist. A simple table is provided for this type of problem and within a couple of days, you would get better.

    3. You can offer Namaaz, Allah will accept it. You should take a cloth and make it wet and at the time of Namaaz please put this cloth around your secret organ. Allah will certainly accept your Namaaz.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • First, I like to thank both the authors for your reply
    Most of my issue is in doubt I feel like something is passing through my urethra I will get the doubt that is it the urine or just passing of blood or it's just a sensation even if some blood is passing or if the organ becomes cool I feel like coz of urine passage it became cold. It may be a little bit inconvenient to type all this but for my mental peace, I have to discuss

    One person suggested to use a cloth and keep it at the secret organ and remove when I go to Namaaz. and change every time before going to Namaaz. You are suggesting to use a wet cloth.which is better can u please suggest or it will be fine if I use only one cloth daily. If I had to change repeatedly I thought of using a tissue paper by which I can check it easily if I got wet and change it. can I use tissue paper so that it will be convenient for me. I want to follow the right rather than seeing my convenience. . Even though it is a little bit deep please feel me explain. I am trying my maximum extent. I am worried that I will be a sinner if I had got wrong. Or is it better quit all namaz and Roza. I can say as"Sawab to Nai ayega kamse kam guna gar to nai hounga". Or is it ok even I had gone wrong?

    Abdhul Firoz.

  • I absolutely acknowledge your devotion and even appreciate it. Just like Dr.Srinivasa Rao suggested it could be urinary incontinence. Or maybe it's not.
    But to keep feeling urine passing by, is actually pretty common. Well, at least to me. As soon as I vent my bladder in a few minutes I feel the urge to vent it once again. And during that urge I would feel moment of sort, like liquid slowly oozing under my skin. I was afraid for long. But then I understood that my stomach is behind my problem.

    I want to know if you have troubles with constipation or bloatedness. Then the stomach muscles compress your urethers making you feel the need to vent. I just had to correct my diet and improve my digestion to get rid of my problem. Hope that can save you too because during fast, stomach might get bloated. Drink a lot of water before and after fast.

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  • The probable problem in your case is Urinary Incontinence and that has already been explained nicely by the other members.

    Now coming to the mechanical muscular malfunctioning of some body muscles and ligaments in places the retention in he area may be affected. The Urinary Incontinence could be a manifestation of these disorders. In our Vedic Pranayam and Yoga system of life style it is mentioned that certain type of disorders in the body especially mechanical in nature can be corrected or cured through these techniques.

    I have come across one such method to control your lower abdominal and nearby peripheral muscles to improve the retention of urine in bladder. As there are many reasons for Urinary Incontinence so all of them can not be cured by this method but one can try it as it will help in strengthening the area with simple exercises.

    The method goes like this. Sit down on a chair. Inhale deeply. Now contract your annal, organ and testicle region to your abdomen side that is towards inside and then exhale slowly and then release the contraction and relax. Initially this can be done for 5-6 times but later to be increased to 20-25 times. Remember do not contract your lower body parts with much force as it may generate pain in the area as whenever we start some exercises we get pains in our limbs or other places.

    I will also suggest you to take the opinion of a qualified physiotherapist who can guide you in the matter.

    I have used this technique not for Urinary Incontinence but for initial stage of Hernia which is also a problem of lower abdomen and Inguinal or groin areas and it was quite effective in strengthening the muscles in that region.

    Knowledge is power.

  • This is mainly due to Stress Incontinence which means the failure to hold the urine when a pressure happens on your bladder or abdomen. It can happen due to your physical stress. This stress can happen either due to activity like jumping, sneezing or through coughing. When there is increased pressure on the bladder, it forces the urethra to expand and this urethra tube has urine and it travels through the body. The urine leak can happen when more pressure is applied to the bladder.

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  • Urinary Incontinence is a medical condition and could be due to many physiological reasons. It requires a consultation with a physician or specialist.

    After conducting certain medical tests the doctor can identify the root cause of this ailment and prescribe the remedial measures.

    The retention of urine is done in the body by a combination of lower abdominal muscles functioning as per control from the brain and due to any mismatch or malfunctioning in this system the incontinence will be generated.

    In old people it is a common phenomenon due to pressure on urethra by the enlarged prostrate gland and they have to go to bathroom many times a day.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • No, overheat does not relates with leakage of urine. Urinary incontinence is a loss of control of the bladder. In some cases, it may result in a total loss of the bladder's contents or it may just cause minor leakage. The condition may be temporary or chronic, depending on its cause. It can be Temporary incontinence and it can be Persistent incontinence. Incontinence can be a symptom of many different health problems, ranging from cancer to kidney stones to an enlarged prostate. It can also be a natural result of the aging process, since your bladder muscles become weaker as you get older. Stay straight while doing toilet. One more thing try holding your urine for a while and then after few minutes go for toilet. It really helps a lot and there is nothing bad if you hold it for while. If you make it habit then your problem of urine leakage can be solved. It is actually not a disease it's a symptoms which can be caused everyday habits underlying medical conditions are even a physical problem. Certain drinks like caffeine, alcohol, tea etc drinks increase volume of Urine. It can also happen because of stress incontinence.
    It is better to do check up of urine or consult any best ayurvedic doctor.

  • Please consult an Urologist first, do not post your issues on general forums. I say this because For a man at 27 years to develop urinary incontinence is rare and not heard often (unless there is a lower spine injury or spinal nerve damage). Women, yes can develop a little stress incontinence at a young age while they are coughing and sneezing.

    The commonest cause for young men to have leakage of urine is
    1.Urinary tract infection.
    2.After this would be the possibility leakage of prostatic fluid or seminal fluid at the end of passing urine.
    3.Then would be an over-active bladder.

    Stress and nervousness also can contribute to this. I would advise, meet a good urologist who can assess your symptoms, examine you and prescribe a treatment. They would also check your blood sugar levels along with the urinary examination and urine culture. Apart from this, other members have already suggested the simple life style changes that you can start.

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