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    What are the options after BCom

    Confused about what to do after BCom? Want to resolve your confusion? Here, on this page check out the responses from experts.

    I have completed my BCom degree with Computers. What can I do after my degree?
    Can you suggest a suitable option after this degree?
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  • You have done your graduation with commerce and had one of the subjects as computer also. In today's scenario commerce stream is having many opportunities as business environment around us is humming with commercial and industrial activities.

    Have you got any particular career line in your mind or you have strong inclination or aptitude towards a particular trade so that we can focus on that line rather than going for anything anywhere. Please remember a person follows his interest and aptitudes with full vigour and vitality.

    Now one of the simplest option is to go for BEd and then apply for teaching job in Govt or private schools. If you have ambitions for college lecturership then better go for Post Graduation in the subject of your choice in commerce stream and then qualify for NET before applying for coveted posts of lecturer in colleges or universities.

    You can think of applying for various jobs which are advertised by many Govt or other agencies and these jobs are in the nature of Office Assistant, Junior Clerk, Deputy Field Officer etc. There is a lot of rush for these jobs as they are having good remuneration but with hard work and determination you can get success there.

    Have you ever thought of appearing for most prestigious exams like Indian Administrative Services which are the gateway to a magnificent career? If yes, you can prepare for the same wholeheartedly and try your best to get through.

    After graduation in commerce there are many good diploma courses in the commerce stream which are more or less in the nature of chartered accountancy and these can also enable one to enter private business entities.

    One thing which I will like to mention and suggest is when you prepare for any exam do not do selective study. One should go for thorough studies and always think of solving maximum questions from the question bank or alternative text books. This is a very important aspect as no guess-work or guess-paper is going to help us in this matter.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Since you have completed B.Com with computers there are a variety of job opportunities available for you. There are immense vacancies for chartered accountants and you can either study for CA course or get some practice in Accountancy and then enroll for Cost Accountancy course. You can also get opportunities in computers also and you must study technical skills to work in the software industry.

    "Earning knowledge is by sharing it with ISC and we will rectify our mistakes."

  • You have a good background with computers and the commerce stream. Now that you have done the B Com course with computers, you will do well to deviate and take up a professional course like the Chartered Accountancy, or Cost Accountancy or the Company Secretaryship ( ACS) course. Please do remember, these are the three best courses, still, and with a background of CA, you can easily pass the rest of the two, as you will get exemption from appearing in, or studying so many papers.

    Please do note that most of accounts or finance work is totally computerized in most offices. The NEFT transfers to supplier accounts maintained in banks is a perfect example. So, your background in computers will help you a great deal.

    However, you should note that a professional qualification is a must. Even after you do the ACS course, once you qualify yourself in Cost Accountancy too, you will simply take off, as you will be given financial management responsibilities in any big organization. If you handle an Initial Public Offer (IPO) made by any big organization for their expansion plans, you will gather huge experience. And if you jump to a growing organization that follows the Mergers and Acquisitions ( M&A) route for their growth process, you would literally landed on the moon!!

    For, gathering such a vital experience will enable your career to simply zoom. You will pick up huge practical experience. It is wise to shift jobs till you are 45 years old and then go on to the safe companies.

    What are these safe companies? These companies are those that deal in cement, sugar and paper. Their factories are in remote locations and they always look for finance and accounts professionals who have fifteen or more years of experience in hard core accounting, corporate office management of finance, advising the Board of matters of financial importance and so on. Once you park yourself there, you can safely be assured that you will not be retired, even at the age of 65!!

    Somewhere down the line, you need to pick up additional skills in Portfolio Management. Please do remember, the language of money is so important in corporate life. Nothing else matters. It is the sweat smell of money that matters a lot. For example, you will be able to get a very good name, if you can squeeze suppliers and delay their payments by just ten days.

    This is not a very unfair game. Suppliers will grin and bear it. You then need to park the amount, running into as many as ten crore rupees, in a good liquid fund of a reputed Mutual Fund. The interest that you earn will ring sweet in all the ears of the bosses up there!!

    Once you learn the Corporate tricks, once you learn the art of cost cutting , you can succeed very well in finance and accounting. Do not bother that you may be referred to, as bean counters!!

    Just smile, even laugh and get away with it. For, you can laugh all the way to the bank!!

    if you are a bit academically inclined, you can also teach in a neighboring B school, on a part time basis, as case studies are always made out of hard core business practical experience.

    Please do not follow the MCA route as the Information Technology industry will see tumultuous changes. Finance will always be finance and accounting will always be accounting, even with the most advanced software on earth.

    All the very best.

  • B.Com is a degree and is one threshold eligibility for various higher courses of study . It is also a threshold eligibility for many jobs ranging from a clerical level job in an office, bank and to be eligible to apply for UPSC(IAS etc). If you have the aim and focus you can join for Chartered Accountancy or similar professional courses.

    So as per your choice and necessity or situations you may choose to go for Post Graduation, post graduate diplomas , additional mandatory degrees like B.Ed (for teaching jobs) or some special job oriented courses, or even management courses.

    If seeking jobs you can apply to the IBPS tests,various state government and central government jobs. private sector company jobs etc. B Com graduates absorbed more as junior accountants, accounts clerks in many medium and large organisations also.

    In fact a B Com graduate has far more alternative than some of the professional course graduates also.

  • A. You have completed your B.Com and now planning what to do next. The answer depends on your age, financial status, urgency to start a job and earn or would you be able to focus on higher education for the next 3-4 years, your aptitude and core skills. Last but not the least what are your dreams, ambitions in terms of a career and thoughts on working in India or abroad.

    B. So, there are many factors to be considered. The traditional route that many take is focus on competitive exams and join a government job via the bank exams, UPSC etc. Once in the job, then they enroll for a distance education masters program like M.Com or MBA and improve their chances of career progression.

    C. Many choose B.Com to meet the basic criteria of having a bachelor's degree for many jobs in the business firms and tax firms as a fresher or junior and then complete a Certificate courses related to finance, accounting and tax laws.

    D. People interested in getting a Government teaching job, go on to complete their B.Ed and then take up the competitive teacher selection TGT exams, start as a school teacher, then complete M.Com via distance mode, take up the NET/SET exam to become eligible for lecturer jobs in colleges and gradually work their way up towards a permanent faculty position by gaining more experience and doing their PhDs.

    E. People interested in a career that has overseas reach enroll for CA course, Company secretary course, a global MBA from a reputed business school etc. This would enable you to become a Chartered account, a finance expert. With further short term certificate course while being in a job you can move on to be a consultant in niche areas like offshore banking, wealth management, corporate governance, pension consultants, expatriate tax consultant etc.

    F. Other potentially good area would be to think of Supply Chain management. With the many MNCs based in India with branches all over, if you have the aptitude for management and do a course in logistics or supply chain management, you can quickly build on a rewarding career based on your commitment and skills.There are institutes that have a full time MBA program on this and certificate courses.

    So, you have an option of consider B.Ed, CA course, CS course, MBA (banking/finance) and M.Com, give the above and suggestion from other members a thought and choose based on your situation.

  • There are many courses you can do after B. Com Computer. What do you want to do? If you are an excellent student I will suggest you do CA or CS. You can also do the following courses:
    1. You can do M.Sc. and then Ph.D. for being a professor.
    2. You can do B.Ed and become a teacher and after doing M.Sc. you can become a lecturer.
    3. You can also do M.C.A. which is a very good job oriented course.
    4. You can do M.B. A. and apply for any multinational company.
    5. If your economic condition is not good and wants an urgent work I will suggest you do Tally and start working as an accountant for any institution or for businessmen.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • Once you have completed your B.Com, you have two options. The first option is to go for further studies. The second option is to go for a job. I don't know what is your idea and financial position. Based on your interest and financial position you can select any one of the above two options.
    Continuing the studies: If you opt for this, you have many ways to do it.
    1. After B.Com, you can opt for doing B.Ed., which is a two-year course. You have to write a written test conducted by the Universities in the state and based on the rank you will get a seat in the college. Once you complete this course, you will become eligible for teacher post in the government school or good corporate schools or any private schools. While working as a teacher you can improve your qualification by private study or open university study. You can go for M.Com or MA or MBA.
    2. After B.Com you can do CA or ICWA. These two courses are very good for getting good jobs or you can start your Organisation on your own for the auditor activities. For this course, you have to join with a practising auditor and you have to complete articles.
    3. You can also go for Company Secretary course which will be also a good course to get a good job. All limited companies have to appoint a company secretary.
    4. You can also try for MCA course as you have computers as a subject in your BCom.
    The best course as per the interest can be selected.
    If you want to start your career, the options are,
    1. There are many government posts for B.Com. You can refer daily newspapers in which you will be getting many advertisements like UPSC, Banking Services, RRB, SSC etc.
    2. You can also place your CV in, times jobs. com and other leading job portals and you will get alerts from these sites. If you have any suitable vacancy you can apply for the same.
    3. There are some IT companies who are recruiting graduates with computers as a subject. TechMahendra is one such company. You can look for these advertisements and forward your CV.
    You may start applying and join in the job and then go on trying for a better job or government job.

    always confident

  • A graduation degree in commerce can open up your job - avenues in many fields but you need to consider your own interest. Here in this plateform, I would suggest you a few tips and you may have glance prior to taking your ultimate decision.
    1) If you have strong back - ground in Mathematics, you can teach in a high - school in Mathematics and later with the permission of the school - authorities, you can take up your B.Ed course with the open university IGNOU so as to avoid any dislocation in your existing service.
    2) There is the dearth of capable teachers in commerce in the higher - secondary school. You may meet the principal of any Higher - secondary School whom you know personally and ask for a favour. He may allow you to continue teaching in Commerce subject to your satisfactory performance in the brief interview with the Principal.
    3) if you have the flair for Joining in the IT industry, you can join MCA course in a well established institution. If you secure impressive marks in the final examination, you will get a chance to be absorbed as a Software - engineer in a multinational company.
    4) There are lot of vacancies of Probationary - officers in the Banking - sectors. You may devote your full time to the preparation of Banking Competitive Examination. You may take the help of a professional institute for the smooth preparation.
    5) if you are ambitious and interested for Civil Services, start preparation sincerely with the guidance of a reputed professional institute. With your consistent effort, you can secure a good ranking in IAS examination.
    6) You can prepare for the post of BDO with your meticulous preparation.
    7) CA course, though difficult to crack the same because of limited success in the said examination, but with your aggressive preparation, success in this field can be achieved.
    8) You may apply for the clerical services in Railways, Banks, Public Undertaking etc. You will have to see the leading Newspaper for the advertisement.
    9) You may register yourself with for your absorption in a suitable post of your liking with a minor commission they may charge for the ultimate search of the job.

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