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    Leave for preparation for exams through UPSC on basis of NOC.

    Have a query about preparation leave for UPSC exams? Wondering if the employer can issue a NOC? You can scroll through this page and get advice for how to get the NOC and spend time in UPSC preparation.

    I was issued NOC by my organization for appearing for examination through UPSC.
    Can I apply for leave for preparation of the said examination on the basis of NOC ?
    Is there any mention of such a case in CCS (Central Civil Services ) Conduct rules or any other ?
    I need to prepare for the examination which is time demanding and with current scenario of the job I get very less time.
    Please help me by answering the query.
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  • The key thing is that you the NOC granted for taking up the UPSC exams.

    Many departmental heads of government/private organization would not be happy to grant leave for employees to study and move to another job or company.

    One needs to be realistic and use the quota of leave that he/she has in the year. Please check your records and apply for leave. You will either get a letter sanctioning your leave or be rejecting it. If it's rejected, then some employees take the route of opting for leave without pay which would be easy to get.

    Some companies like BHEL have a special leave policy related to higher study sabbatical if it is related to the sphere of work. (

  • As far as the Central civil services rules regarding study leave go, there is provision to apply if you are doing a course or training in the area of your work and is beneficial to the organization. Please read through this and then have an informal chat with the senior colleagues. Please read through this chapter 6 of the rule guidelines (

    The most practical option would be to use your earned leave or take leave without pay based on your study needs. Try not to let everyone at the place you work know that you are taking your UPSC exams, it can make this worse for you.

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  • As far as the leave is concerned some government organisations give some leave to the employees if they are going for QIP(Qualification improvement programme). But the qualification should be useful for the organisation you are working. A BEd teacher can go for PG as it is useful for the organisation. But already you have taken an NOC to apply for another post. So there is no provision for you to get any special leave for the preparation for that examination. You are eligible for CL, SL and earned leave. You can utilise your these normal leaves if your boss sanctioned the leave. You try to explain your boss and get the leaves sanctione if you want to apply for preparation.

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  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) has been issued to you to appear in Indian Civil Services conducted by UPSC. On the basis of this NOC, you can apply for leave on the days of examination.

    But on the basis of NOC, you can't apply for long-term study leave for Civil Services Examination, You can apply for leave, but your controlling officer has every right not to recommend the same.

    Leave of a Central Government employee is governed by CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972. Please refer to Section 7(1) of the CCS (Leave) Rules which specifically states that: "Leave cannot be claimed as of right.'' Section 7(2) of CCS (Leave) Rules further stipulates that: "When the exigencies of public service so require, leave of any kind may be refused or revoked by the authority competent to grant it, but it shall not be open to that authority to alter the kind of leave due and applied for except at the written request of the Government servant''.

    Your application for study leave will be governed by Section 7 of Leave Rules as mentioned above. However, I must add that except in cases of extreme emergency, leave is generally granted in such cases of UPSC examination preparation.

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  • Your department has given you NOC for this exam means that you can resign here and join there if you are selected in that exam. That is one part of the story.

    Now you want sufficient leave for the preparation for the exam. This is actually the discretion of your controlling officer and he can grant you the leave or reject it. You can not ask this as per your right.

    NOC does not entitle you for right of leave for preparation for the UPSC exam. In this condition what I will suggest is you should cordially and in request mode ask for this favour for whatever number of days they can allow you. That way you can get some time for preparation. This is a delicate matter and to be handled gently rather than in conflict mode.

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  • Approval of NOC for appearing in the Civil - services Examination does not mean that your leave would be sanctioned for the perusal of studies for Civil - services.
    There are provisions for study leaves in the Public - undertakings but such leaves are sanctioned to the employees a assuming that such levels for the persuasion of studies would be ultimately be helpful for the organisation as a whole. Persuasion for the studies of Company - secretary, ICWA, AMIE etc are such qualifications which will strengthen the potential of the employees and the Organisation could save money by not having extra - expenditure in the recruitment of such especialised people and such human - resources are available in their pay - roll.
    But in your case, preparation for the Civil - services Examination would not benifit the company. However, you may be sanctioned leave without pay if the work of the Company could be managed when you are being spared for studies. If there is any regret in sanctioning the leave, you will have to manage your studies with the available time which you enjoy at present.

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