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    Need counselling for my career

    Aspiring to take up a career in school teaching? Looking out for advice about how to get into teaching without doing BEd? Find advice from experts for all your queries here.

    I have completed my grads from DU. I have also done B1 in German from Max Mueller Bhavan. I am 28 now. Although I do not have any professional degree to teach but teaching is my passion and I am teaching school students since many years and now German as well. I tried to do BEd but could not do as I got 49% in BCom.
    I seriously want to teach in a school. As I am about to get married, the school timings are perfect for me. Now I am giving home tuition, I want to take my experience and knowledge to a professional level. Please suggest what should I do.
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  • Well, you will need BEd to teach in a school. recently several state have made it mandatory for schools to recruit only teachers who have a BEd degree.
    In case some teacher who don't have this degree, they are given a period of a couple of years to register for BEd and start their studies.
    So I would suggest that you give a Grade Improvement Exam for BCom and then take admission in BEd course. This is the only way you can take your knowledge to a professional level and achieve your dream of becoming a teacher.

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  • There are two alternatives for you now:
    1. Take up a regular job, along with that take teaching as a part time,additional job to supplement your income and enable you to have a satisfaction of your passion. The teaching part you can be a guest or leave vacancy teacher in private schools,German language teacher. Or you can join a caching class as a teacher and can use your knowledge in German as a freelance teacher or start a coaching centre yourself.

    2. Try and improve your grade(if the deadline time is not over) to enable you to get admission to B.Ed. Then take up a job as a teacher in regular employment in recognised schools. Go for improvement only if you are sure that you can improve grades .

    I think right away you can use the first alternative, as it seems more feasible and possible.

  • You can possibly try to take the Diploma in Teacher Training course, and then apply for the B.Ed. This is one big possibility, as there will be jobs available for even those who get the diploma itself.

    Please do check with the admission procedures of Universities like the Madurai Kamaraj University, the Bharadidasan University and so on, where just a graduate degree itself is enough. There are so many Universities offering this course through correspondence and if you can contact a resource center in your local area, you can get all the guidance in this regard.

    Now, another route is also available. Please do go over to the major metros, where there are good institutes or branches of the Max Muller Bhavan available. They have their own authorized institutes for teaching German. Once you go to the next level, that is, qualify yourself in German at an advanced level, it will become that much easy for you to qualify for a school teacher's job, as the basic qualification will not matter.

    There are MNCs operating in India, and they require professionals with a very good knowledge of German, and those qualified can also find jobs as translators. Once you get this job, which is a very good job, you can then apply for a M.Com degree with any local University or the Indira Gandhi National Open University and get the M.Com degree in two years time. Once you go with two years of experience, you would always be picked up any good school. The Post Graduate degree will enable you to complete the B.Ed. After this, please do complete the M.Ed and thereafter, you can also possibly do the doctorate as well. This will even help you to switch to college teaching, as you will have enough to claim for your credentials. It may take five years, but that hard work will make you a professional.

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  • You have 49% in B.Com and are keen to be a teacher. If it is not too late, try enquiring with the university for a re-totaling option to get a chance to bring up the total to 50%.

    Right now your are taking home tuition. I would suggest try and get an entry into a primary school or nursery school and work as a teacher or an assistant teacher. I say this because, if you have two years of teaching experience, then you would be eligible for the Dip in Elementary Education from IGNOU or other recognized universities. You can consider this option.

    If you have the aim of being a teacher in the government service etc, then you would need the B.Ed as it would not be possible to get into the regular stream teaching without a B.Ed.

    Do you belong to a reservation group? If yes you will have 5% downgrading of the eligibility cut off marks for the entry into the B.Ed. Please also read (page 6) the minimum qualifications for teachers in India, the guidelines are set by the NCTE (, this would enable you to plan better.

    The other option would be, to see if you can appear for the B.Com imporvement exam as a private candidate.

    If not, you need to Join a good college for B.A, take up English, continue working part time so that you can get the experience of teaching students. Once you finish this B.A, you can take up B.Ed by distance mode from IGNOU.

    Once you finish the B.Ed, with your 4 years of teaching experience at nursery or primary school level, you would be better qualified to become a teacher on the government service with the TGT/PRT exams. Since you also have the German language degree, you cna focus on taking tuitions or be a tutor in a language school.

    With the regular job as a teacher and having completed your B.A/B.Com and B.Ed, you can enroll for a Master's in the same stream. Once you complete your masters you would be eligible for the NET/SET exams that will help you to apply for lecturer jobs in teaching colleges. This route will enable you to realize your dream for a teaching/academic career in maths or English.

  • I have read the question. My suggestions are as under:-

    (a) You have to obtain a Master degree in a subject, preferably which you have studied in Graduation (M.Com or M.A in Economics).
    (b) You have to obtain a B.Ed. degree.
    (c) For both (a) and (b), Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) would be ideal in your present circumstances. You can pursue both M.A/M.Com and B.Ed from IGNOU.
    (d) However, please remember that admission in B.Ed offered by IGNOU is based upon your performance in the Entrance examination.
    (e) After obtaining M.Com/M.A(Economics) and B.Ed. degree, you can confidently apply for the position of TGT and PGT, both in Government schools and in private schools.
    (f) Alternatively, you can also go for teaching German in select private schools which offer this language to the students.

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  • The course or degree to secure for teaching depends on to which level of teaching one wish to go. For a nursery level teacher, one has to qualify a diploma course of Nursery Teacher Training (NTT). For high school teacher one has to secure a degree of Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.). A degree in graduation is mandatory for teaching nursery and high schools, but one need to be a postgraduate in order to teach students at universities and professional colleges. Teachers are able to increase their pay scale with their experience and can teach at preschool, elementary schools, kindergarten, high and middle schools, tuition teachers, art teachers, dance and music teachers and sports teachers.

    After completion of degree, one can apply in various schools and colleges of their niche. There are also websites available where one can drop the resume in order to secure a job in a prestigious institute. Teaching is an excellent long term career option even for those who are engaged in a transferable job.

  • You are not able to get admission in BEd but without BEd it is difficult to get a teaching job especially in a Govt college.

    Anyway, you can try for a teaching job in a private school where you can learn the tricks of the trade. When you get some experience then only you can think of changing your job.

    Another option is to join a coaching or tuition center as teacher where there is a lot of to learn as well as you can earn a handsome money also.

    One thing which can also be considered is go for MCom or MA degree and if you are able to score in that properly then you can apply for NET and after qualifying it you are eligible to apply for lecturer post. This way you can avoid BEd.

    So I suggest you to work hard and try to get good score in your post graduation. Today job market is highly competitive and until one does hard work and continuous efforts it is difficult to get good score which is the key to unlock your bright future.

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  • Even with the present percentage of marks, you can do your BEd in some universities through correspondence course. The annamalai University is offering this course by Correspodance course. This degree is equal to full time degree in all means and you will be eligible for getting a teacher post.
    The second option is to continue your teaching in private schools and simultaneously going for BCom betterment or studtbBA with some other subjects. Once you complete this process you will become eligible for BEd. Then you can complete your BEd. All these days you can continue teaching in the private schools or for a few students in the house. As you know a foreign language, you can get more people to learn the subject.
    Once you complete your BA,B Com and BEd and the experience you gained by that time will give you additional advantage so that you can also aim for PG and try for a teaching post in colleges.

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  • If you are determined to go ahead with the profession of teaching, you need to secure either a STC course allowing you to be eligible in the primary classes up to class ten. However, the situation would be somewhat different in case, you want to take up a B.Ed degree. In that case, your aggregate marks in the final degree examination should not fall below 50 percent.
    You may appear for the improvement examination from the same university and prepare the same in such a way so as to exceed the percentage of the minimum aggregate of your graduation examination. You have to put your entire effort for the betterment in the said examination.
    Once, you complete the graduation, go ahead for B.Ed from IGNOU - an excellent plateform where you would get right course materials apart from assistance of eminent professors for the clarification of your doubts in the doubt removing classes offered by the university.
    Your graduation coupled with a high second class marks in B.Ed will enable you to secure the appointment of high school teacher of a recognised school. Later, you can join in a government high school with your satisfactory performance in the interview.
    Try to achieve a post graduation degree with a minimum 55 percent marks and appear for the NET examination so as to be absorbed as a lecturer in a college. Ph.D degree can be obtained at the later stage for the better growth in the Lecturership.

  • If teaching is your passion you can make your career in this field. You can do the following things:
    1. If you want to make your career in the field of teaching and want to be a teacher, B.Ed, is a mandatory eligibility for this job. So, complete your B. Ed, in the present session. You can take admission in any B.Ed. college, next year will be zero years for B. Ed and after that four years integrated course of B. Ed. will be implemented for doing B.Ed.
    2. If you want to make your career as a professor complete M.Phill or Ph. D. and clear the NET examination. After that, you would be able to be a professor in any college.
    3. You can also join any professional coaching institute to teach the students. These coaching institutes also provide the higher salary and provide you with the training and study materials.
    4. You can also start a Youtube channel to teach the students and can upload videos at regular intervals. If you will upload qualitative videos, you would be able to generate some extra income through Google Adsense.
    5. You can upon you on coaching institute and hire other teachers to teach the students.

    This article will help you to be an excellent teacher.

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  • Most of the universities require minimum 50% marks in graduation for getting admission in B.Ed.Do not do B.Ed in distance mode as good schools recruit teachers with a regular degree.
    You can consider the below options
    1.Appear for improvement exam
    2. Do MAsters degree ( ( M.Com or M.A). If you have Masters degree with over 50% marks you can get B.Ed admission.

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