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    How to save The Human race and few other species without leaving The Planet Earth

    Wondering how to save humans and species on the planet earth? Searching for survival mechanisms in terms of oxygen, water, supplies, power, surveillance etc.? On this page get ample suggestions from experts to make this plan.

    Let's say that our world is going to loose its oxygen from the atmosphere !
    And in this case if someone wants to invest in a underground base with a self-sufficient power, oxygen,water and other supplies with an external surveillance system, How deep it should be built,what kind of materials and proofing system or the insulations will be the best ? And the plants and other crops which can be grown in that kind of a situation.
    I know it sounds like crazy but am very eager to know the answers and the legalized procedures specially in India.
    And is there any scientific organizations or research center working or established yet for this project ?
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  • Oxygen is a very important thing for the survival of human race on Earth. We can not imagine to have our existence without this gift of nature to us.

    The question raised here requires a very high technology input and only those who are associated in research on protection of human race from possible future extinction can help in designing safe places in such situations. The reasons for that extinction are many starting from ecological and climate failure to nuclear holocaust.

    Let us start from the beginning of that fearful end. If the quantity of oxygen is reduced in the atmosphere then the only way to move around is to wear oxygen masks and the living quarters should be sealed from the atmosphere and should have a dedicated oxygen generation for human consumption. The exhaled carbon dioxide is also to be removed from the living quarters on a regular basis. These will require huge electrical power for supply to various appliances in the residential areas or domes as they are called in science fiction terminology.

    To make the sealing more effective and take advantage of the thickness of soil above the bunkers, the scientist have already thought the possibility of making underground colonies equipped with all the basic ingredients for remaining alive with chemical foods and supplements. Of course the effect from lack of sun and fresh air will be taking toll on the health of those people who are living in the underground places.

    As I remember, there are some such underground facilities already made in US for the official VIPs in case of a sudden calamity threatening the life on Earth. I do not have details of those but same is to be replicated in case mass living colonies are to be raised underground. With the present advancement of technology and science it is not a big task but to sustain the good quality human life in such artificial environment will be a challenging thing for all of us.

    The exponential growth in science and technology makes us to believe that such survival is possible within Earth without escaping to nearby habitable planets.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Sounds like a hollywood sci-fiction movie plot. What if we do not have oxygen in around us. Unthinkable but anything can be possible.

    Your question have been raised many decades ago. Can many sustain in an hostile enviornment, this led to Man landing on moon in 1969 and then further plans of actually colonising were dropped. Still studies are ongoing whether man can live in Mars.

    Back to Earth, there are many innovitave research teams that have investigated whether man can live in a self contained and self sustained enviornment?

    The first modern attempts would be the NASA living Pod (1960s) at NASA's Langely research center. Here four astronauts had to live with what was in the pod, they could do for 4 months only.

    The Russians tried it in Siberia in 1972, Bios-3(controlled ecologicallife support system). Three people could survive for 180 days.

    What you need to is study closely about 'Space biosphere ventures', this companay in 1987, initiated a 200 million dolloar project in the Arizona desert called as Biosphere 2. This has a rainforest, ocena, grassland, mangroves, farm land etc. It has a 40,000 pound 'lung' that generates oxygen for the life forms to be alive.

    Once this was setup 8 sceintiest were sealed in 1991. it failed due to complex adverse interactions among the humans and also due to lack of oxygen.

    Interestingly a range of options where put forth on how to sustain in a closed system. There are around 40 great projects that have been tried ( doing what you are thinking about.

    Please also read about 'BioHome' project of NASA ( and Rocky Mountain Institute (

    This 25 page pdf file is a research article in detail about human life in a closed space and how toget oxygen (

  • The climate is one of the Earth's fundamental life support systems. It is generated by four components:
    The atmosphere (the air we breathe); the hydrosphere (the planet's water); the cryosphere (the ice sheets and glaciers); the biosphere (the planet's plants and animals). We human beings bu our actions we have long back started modifying this climate.
    The emissions of carbon dioxide modify our atmosphere. The trees take away that co2 and give us oxygen. But we have started killing trees.
    Our water use increasing beyond control and hence this had started to modify our hydrosphere.
    Rising atmospheric and the sea-surface temperature had started to modify the cryosphere, most notably in the unexpected shrinking of the Arctic and Greenland ice sheets.
    Our increasing use of land, for agriculture, cities, roads, mining – as well as all the pollution we were creating – had started to modify our biosphere.
    So we can say we had started to change our climate. As such there may be a chance that humankind may not exist on this planet Earth. So we have to think of various means and ways to survive on the planet.
    In that pursuit, the man started exploring The moon and The mars. But so far no positive steps are seen. However, we can still expect some favourable leads in that direction. At least till an alternative is found the human beings should mend their ways and protect the environment on the earth so that the existence will not be a threat.
    If pressurized spaces can be built on the Moon or Mars, in underground lava tubes or caverns, it would be possible to have them contain biospheres with self-sustaining ecosystems?
    Within a habitat enclosure, you'd have your vegetation in some facsimile of a natural looking environment. You'd also have a power station to provide artificial light and heat, as well as water filtration and air purification. What other inputs do you need as a prerequisite for a self-sustaining ecosystem?
    Some work is going on in some countries. But it will look maintaining an aquarium with some pets in our house but it is not as simple as such. How many millions of dollars are required and even after that for how many we can create. Likewise many questions which can't be answered easily.
    The best way is to conserve the available God's gift than doing futile attempts for an artificial environment6 creation for the sustenance of human being.

    always confident

  • What you are asking is very much doable situation during war times. Many developed countries home system has so called Safe room or Panic room. They are built mostly underground for safety.
    Going back to you question if oxygen is gone. There are movies made on such situation like 2012 and MARS. Please watch them if you get time. Basically all you need is tunnel inside ground which will be your home. Otherwise a close house underground which is leak proof. You will need seed samplings , method to make water from different sources. Our planet is following cycle of balancing these all gases including oxygen. So you will need all things to create living essentials like Oxygyn/Air, Water, Fire, Earth/Soil and Spirit.

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  • The ocean produces oxygen through the plants (phytoplankton, Kelp and Plankton) that live in it. These plants produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis, a process which converts carbon daioxide and sunlight into sugars the organism can use for energy. Those plants needs to grow more to get more oxygen.

  • You will need a permission to build underground house from the government. Even the chances are too low that government will give persiion to build underground house.

    The first thing is permission. Secondly, you will need expensive professionals tools. One needs to hire professional excavator so that he could help you buy professional equipments. One needs to drain and design how many storied or rooms you want. Once it's done, your area needs to be avoided from hazardous material like fuel, gas stations, etc... Also consider consider air and water filtration systems, potential light sources, and food storage space along with elevators. If you have played FALL OUT SHELTER Android games, you will get complete understanding on how to build underground rooms from scratch.

    Third, if the world is going end then you are difinitely going to be underground for very long periods of time may be years or decades and in such cases you will need to have your water set up to some sort of renewing water source which you can find ideas online or by playing fall out shelter games and you will also need a ton of space to keep the food you have fresh. This means many refrigerators and a reliable power generator to keep them safe.

    Also a reliable air circulation and filtration system is also crucial to avoid getting carbon dioxide poisoning or other airborne illnesses. If you fail to install air circulation filtration system in that shelter, you will be wasted including those inside.

    You will also need an elevator to acees all the rooms. Like I said, you need to install electricity, and if it's not present, you will have to build a strong ladder. It's not possible to explain everything in brief here. Nevertheless, search for pre-made underground house and have it installed easily. That way you'll save your time.

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