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    How to solve the issue of phone shutting off

    Wondering what to do if the smartphone shuts off frequently? Worried if only a battery change can resolve this issue? Scroll through this page and get answers to all your queries.

    I am using an entry level Smartphone purchased in November 2014. I am using it actively for the last 3 years after keeping it as a spare and standby for a few months initially.

    It is a 4 inch display, 4GB internal storage, 512 MB RAM phone and I bought it for a net price of Rs3700/- It was fine for my use, as I use only whatsapp only apart from phone calls and SMS.

    The handset fell down from my hand many times, and was much affected after a fall a few months ago in a wet place. I lost all data from my memory card, put a new memory card with just 2GB capacity as a higher capacity card caused the phone to hang or behave strangely. Now in the last few days I find the battery draining up fast especially when I view video clips in whatsapp or even when I start deleting the videos. The battery starts dropping so fast and the phone shuts off suddenly in the midst.

    The battery remains for a day if I do not use videos or net. Can a battery change solve the issue? I also find that there is some lose contact, as the phone shuts off even when I put is with a small thud on the table.
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  • There could be several reasons for the battery drain and the phone shutdown issue. I would be more interested to know about the brand and model before giving suggestions. Anyways, there are some general issues which are applicable to any phone. I believe your phone is an Android phone. If yes, then I must say that it has well served for 3 years. Because not many people have an Android phone running for 3 long years without any issues.
    Now, coming to your issue you can try the below options,
    1) Take a backup of all your data from the phone like contacts, media, messages, etc. Post this, try to do a factory reset. This option will be present in Phone settings. Very important to make sure that you have taken back up of all required data as the factory reset will erase all the data on the phone.
    2) After doing the factory reset, switch off your phone and then turn it on. Put the mobile for charging until it gets fully charged. See how it is behaving.
    3) If the issue is still not resolved, then you have to change the battery and check. Because its usual for any electronic device to get the wear and tear after long usage.
    4) If battery replacement also does not resolve the issue, then you have to give it in a phone repair shop and see. But given the cost of the phone, I would rather suggest you go for a new phone.


  • The way you have described about phone I should say that you have utilised your phone for almost four years and it can be considered as a good performance only. I feel your phone worth the money you have spent.
    I understand that the problem you have described is due to the problem with your battery only. I advise you to change the battery and once you change it automatically all the problems related to battery will get solved and your phone should start working normally. If still your problem is continuing you can show the phone in the company show room and go as by his advise.

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  • Sir, Entry level smartphones often do not have the good quality batteries that last longer or support video viewing.
    512 MB RAM is one of the basic ones, as the phones get software updates regularly, the phone starts to slow down, close to 4 years is a good life for a phone that has costed only Rs 3700.00. Often the contact point would get slightly widened when the phone has wear and tear and the battery life also slowly dwindles.

    Even the Samsung phones that have lithium-ion batteries have a life of 2-3 years. The average lifespan of a smartphone ranges from just 21 months to 4 years (depending on the usage).(

    A decent mobile battery costs around 600-900 based on the basic models, visit a mobile shop where you know the person and ask him whether it would be worthwhile changing the battery. If some more life can be squeezed off from the phone, then change it.

    I would suggest, instead of changing the battery, please go in for a new mobile set itself, we get a decent economy handset from 6000-7000 onwards. If you the mobile dealer close by you can check with him, or try family members who would want to buy a new handset while their older one is still in good shape (we do this in our extended family, wherein elders have a workable but slightly older model and the youngster keep the newer models).

    Image credit Consumer electronic association that is now known as consumer technology association.

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  • You did not mention handset make and model. Usually warranty of handsets are for 1 year. Also battery draining is most common problems in all type of handsets except non smart handsets.
    Try following things to save battery and check how long it last
    1. When internet use is over turn off the cellular data and Bluetooth.
    2. When you are not in coverage during travel or high altitude or no coverage area, Turn your phone to flight mode. This turns off network search which is main cause of battery eat up.
    3. Turn off location search when app is not open.
    4. Charge phone when battery utilization is less than 10% and do not keep phone charging after full charge.
    5. Restart handset every morning before use that will clear up cache and background processes.

    This will give you another year for battery but ultimately you will have to buy new battery. If possible then visit nearest service center of your handset maker and inquire about problems.

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  • To solve the issue of draining battery fast you needs to follow these things :
    1. Use the original charger.
    2. keep your brightness low.
    3. Disable gestures and some other features that is unnecessary for you.
    4. Don't use more social app and third party apps.

    There are many ways of extending the battery life of your android smartphone. The screen is the biggest battery user on phones because of its size, though the recent update causes the Operating System to use most of the power.
    Go to your Display Settings disable most of the features on this settings page if you don't use them.
    Adaptive brightness can be disabled as manually adjusting the brightness is more efficient.
    Ambient display wakes up your screen when you receive notifications. I find this feature distracting and it takes its toll on the battery, which is why is already turned off.
    Keeping the Sleep interval small is also a good idea for obvious reasons.

    Other areas of improvement are location services and device backups.
    In your location settings, select Battery Saving to reduce the GPS polling interval. Note that some apps require high accuracy location services, but they will simply ask you to re-enable it when the time comes.

    Download Greenify app from play store that will help to save your smartphone battery life. This app can be used by both non-rooted and rooted phones without any problem to save battery life.

    Battery Calibration fixes major battery draining issue. Such as sudden battery percentage drop which is most common for those who used to flash custom ROM. If you are flashing a custom ROM in your smartphone then please make sure to do a battery calibration. It will help you to fix most of the battery problem that you may face.

  • While thanking for the above answers,I would give a few more points in this regard.
    After monitoring the handset for the last couple of days,I have found the following:

    1. The battery does not drain when not in use. It stays almost with the same charge overnight.That is if the phone has 55% charge when I go to bed and I keep WiFi off, the charge remains almost same when I see next day morning after about 9 to 10 hours.
    2. The battery does not drain much when I use phone for receiving and making , SMS and seeing text messages in Whatsapp.
    3. But when I see video clips from gallery or whats app, after a couple of minutes, the phone starts heating up and shuts off. Even when the battery was 60 % or 80%it suddenly drops to 4 or 5 percent and simply shuts off. I am using the default video-player in the handset and not using any app. The scan by Avast Mobile Security does not show any malware or threats at all.
    What can be the problem? I have not done factory resetebecause I am not sure of my technical ability and afraid that I may end up with more serious problems.

  • Most of the smartphones develop problem after 2-3 years barring a few high end costly models. The change of battery may not help in your case as there are multiple problems in hand set which can give rise to such behaviour. The lose connections anywhere in the connectors, boards or peripheral hardware can create such nuisance.

    Nowadays companies are also designing their products accordingly for a few years life as they very well know that due to technological advancements and new features people will switch to new models.

    Gone are the days when we used a wrist watch for 10-15 years and it always worked nicely after the servicing.

    I had almost similar problem in one low end smartphone and one of our friend suggested to pack the battery with a piece of thin paper card at one side which due to this packing facilited the good connection between the battery and the mobile. Luckily in our case it worked and mobile did not turned off by itself. Anyway there could be many reasons for such defects. Still one can try it.

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  • When it comes to Android mobiles, the major problem is lagging, hanging and battery draining so fast. I appreciate that you have been using this mobile for more than three years. Believe me, I have to exchange every year or two.

    Here is the reason why your mobile is hanging and lagging.

    1. Your phone or external SD card storage is running out. You need to reserve minimum 500MB to 1GB space in both storages.

    2. Installing too many apps. If you have recently installed too many apps from PlayStore, Xender, Third parties websites, the your mobile is more likely to be affected by some firmwares that allow access to restricted permissions.

    3. Some mobile devices like Gionee, Asus, and Nokia comes with too many pre-installed apps and games that cannot be Uninstalled. In such cases, if you think, the pre-installed apps are taking too much space then consider rooting your Android device by King Root app. Once you have installed, UNINSTALL unnecessary apps. Here is the list of pre-installed unnecessary apps.

    A) Google Paly Music App
    B) Hangouts
    C) Google Drive. Please use Chrome to access files instead of drive to save storages. If it's necessary then don't UNINSTALL.
    D) Theme Park
    E) Pre-installed Games
    F) Google Photos (If you already have gallery app, consider uninstalling this app)
    G) Background Processor (This app monitors and allow access to apps that can run in background and auto start itself even if you kill them by task manager)

    4. Once you root your device, start King root and make sure you check the battery health. If more than 2 blocks are damaged, replace the battery.

    5. Install SD Card 2 RAM app. This is a premium version. Try searching online to get it for free. Once installed, create a RAM in your SD card to remove lagging. Alternatively you could try RAM cleaner auto boost to automatically boost junk files and caches.

    6. Your phone shuts down because you never updated the firmware and phone software in three years. If you are using the latest version, try escalating the issue to mobile repair person or flush your mobile.

    7. If none of the above tricks works, then consider buying a phone that suits your budget. I would recommend Huawei or Redmi since these phones have high configuration, cool designs, and never hangs or lags.

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  • If your phone has removable battery, you can try getting a new battery for your phone, if not, you can't help, but discard this phone, as even higher end smartphone batteries are not lasting as long as the one like yours. You were really fortunate.
    The other thing which can cause this, is either some virus, or over loaded memory.
    Try getting your phone checked by loading an anti-virus, that will also help in stopping the background apps, if any is still running without showing up.
    Even I think, there is some loose contact, in the power switch.
    You can first try the local phone repair shops, and then if that doesn't help, contact the manufacturer company for further repair advice.

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