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    What should a Commerce(Maths) candidate opt for after 12th?

    Confused what to do after pursuing 12th standard with Commerce and Maths background? Follow this thread to know more about this from our ISC experts on this page.

    My sister had scored 91.40% in 12th CBSE board. And we are now at the state of confusion of what to pursue further for a great career. So below are the points which are by my knowledge appropriate but I need more assistance.

    i) Bcom + CA
    ii) BBA + CA
    iii) BBA + CAT
    iv) BBA + CA + CAT

    There may be more courses but I'm not known to as I'm from the Science background. Please guide me through it.
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  • Your sister has scored very good marks. I hope she has studied Commerce with Mathematics. She can opt for B.Com. and CA/ICWA, if she desires so. But the success rate in CA/ICWA examination is less. In that case, she can go for B.Com(Hons.) with Economics as a subject and prepare for CAT to join a reputed B-school for MBA/PG Diploma in various branches of Management.

    It is totally upto her. All avenues are open.

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  • Commerce is a relatively better stream in terms of options for business oriented courses and career making. The most common option is to go for graduation and then apply for either various competitive examination in financial and commercial organisations or go for post graduation in select branch.

    Banking is an appropriate and connected line for commerce students and they can after graduation can appear for combined banking IBPS exam for various vacancies in banks.

    Business administration is also a good career option and one can go for BBA or MBA. One thing which is to be understood clearly is even after doing a prospective course one has to face tremendous competition when it comes to qualify in the tough environment today. So the key is only hard work and patience.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Please do note that you already have some information. I do not know from which part of India are you. Nevertheless, please do note that the Chartered Accountancy course, the Cost Accountancy Course (ICWA)l,or the Company Secretaryship course (ACS) , are all too good and your sister should compulsorily register for the first if she is really interested in becoming a Chartered Accountant. Kindly note that the 12 standard qualification itself is enough these days, to pursue these courses, details of which can be obtained from their respective websites.

    You will do well to take your sister to a qualified Chartered Accountant, either having an independent practice or settled in a good organization in a senior position, so that she will get a more clear picture.

    There are many Universities like the Christ University, Bangalore or the world-famous Loyola College, Chennai, where the B.C om standard itself is so high. Additionally, in the case of Christ University, Bangalore, there is a superb course, that is called Certified Institute of Management Accountants, called CIMA course. Your sister can join this course, immediately after joining the B.Com course. Similarly, the CMA course is also offered in some institutes, in Chennai. Please do note, CIMA and CMA are totally different two courses.

    After B.Com, if your sister wants to go into Capital Markets, then the ideal course would be CFA. This is an American qualification, and the standards are very high. There is some private coaching in select cities, details of which can be had from famous colleges like Loyola College. Am told there is private coaching In New Delhi and Mumbai too.

    The CBSE is a good platform for the UG studies. However, your sister can straightaway join the CA or the ICWA course and the correspondence course in B.Com, from either University of Madras or IGNOU or the Annamali University, which has centers throughout India, for the examination.

    Now, the career prospects. Each of the aforesaid qualifications, on completion, will help your sister get a take home salary of at least fifty thousand at 2018 prices. Even manufacturing organizations like the TVS group start at 7.2 lakhs per annum and the training period is just one year. So, each of the aforesaid courses is simply superb.

    However, one should always remember to gather the right kind of experience. Five years of accounting, should be followed by experience in Financial Management, handling the Initial Public Offer and things like that. Corporate Finance is also a vital part of the experience that she should possess.

    Apart from these things, she should also take up an Executive MBA after three years of experience. Of course, after CA, if she can do her PGDM from one of the three main superb Indian Institutes of Management, at Ahmedabad, or Bangalore or Kolkatta, she will park herself in a superb career, where salaries of upwards of one crore rupees is possible within six years of hard core experience.

    Another option is to gather four years of hard core experience as an executive and then join the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad or Mohali. But this one year PGDM, which is rated on par or even better than IIMs, comes at a huge cost and would involve taking the GMAT examination and getting a very high score.

    Your sister can choose either of the above paths. Today, there are too many choices. All the very best.

  • By having a glance over the marks - score of your sister, I can say it is really a commendable achievement. However, threre should not be any undue pressure from any sources to force her to choose any combination for which she does not have liking.
    However, one thing is very clear that the aquistion of a graduation degree in the commerce stream would be very vital and such aquistion would open up her avenues in many educational fields apart from better prospects in the service career.
    Service - career would include Banking PO examination, Preparation for the Civil - services or its allied examination, Management trainees of PSU or executive trainee in the LIC.
    You may also apply for the clerical cadres in Railways, state - government etc.
    You may acquire a B.Ed degree if you have a passion for teaching.
    However, it would be better in case you opt for CA Or ICWA, though success rate for CA is very low, but with your dedicated effort especially by joining a reputed institute, you would be able to come out with flying colours.
    In fact, the demand for CA's in the present time has multiplied substantially. This profession would give her both fame and abundant money at the later stage.

  • There are many ways to go ahead. It purely depends on the interest of your sister.
    1. Initially, she should plan her graduation. As she is good in commerce B.Com may be the best option for her.
    2. There are some colleges where there are integrated courses. One such school is Bhavans Hyderabad. They offer B.Com + CA /ICWA. If your sister is having the interest of continuing in an independent profession, this is a very good way for her. After completing her course she can work for some time as an Auditor with any famous auditing company or auditor. Once she acquires some experience she can start her own firm for auditing.
    3. If she is having any liking for teaching she can opt for B.Ed after B.Com. She will get government teacher posts. While working there as a teacher she can complete her M.Com and she can go as a junior Lecturer. While working she can complete her PhD also and can become a professor and can teach PG courses and guide PhD students if she can get a job in any university. This is the best-suited option for a woman who wants to have so family life also.
    4. After completing B.Com she can go for MBA in any good business school and that will give her to rise to very high positions in the corporate world with highest posts in finance department like CEO etc. If she has to excel in this line she has to give a little less importance to family life.
    5. Another option is after completing her B.Com she can start preparing for Bank jobs and a good job as PO in any good bank will give her an excellent career.
    6. The last but not the least which comes to my mind is to that she can do Company Secretary course also. If she acquires this qualification in addition to CA or ICWA, her chances will get doubled to excel in the corporate sector.
    These are the various options I suggest let her go on her interest.

    always confident

  • One of the most important thing in career planning is the interest and aptitude of the student as that becomes a crucial driving force in pursuing the career further to shining heights.

    There are many options at this stage and I will suggest that with such a good score card she can try for CA course which is the most prestigious one in the commerce stream. After that there are immense opportunities in the industrial and commercial arena and CAs are today everywhere to guide and help the companies to streamline their business to bring the balance sheet to respectable levels.

    There are three stages in the completion of CA course having a duration of 4.5 years. The first is foundation course where the basics of Accounting, Mercantile Law, General Economics and Business Communication are covered. In the next stage known as integrated course subjects are covered in more details and these are on Accounting, Business Laws, Ethics and Communication, Cost Accounting, Financial Management, Taxation, Auditing and Assurance and Information Technology and Strategic Management.

    The last stage is the CA final exam and is based on subjects like Financial Reporting, Strategic Financial Management, Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics, Corporate and Allied Laws, Advanced Management Accounting, Information Systems Control and Audit, Direct and Indirect Tax Laws.

    From this it is evident that CA is a vast course and the student should be prepared to do hard work commensurate with it.

    The other career option is teaching area for which a person has to go for B Ed after graduation and it will open up the teaching line for her in schools. Going further, one can go for post graduation and then qualify for NET national test after which one can apply for lecturer post in university or colleges.

    If the student is having interest in administrative line then with such good academic record one should try, after graduation, wholeheartedly for top administrative exams in our country namely IAS, IPS, IFS or state public service commission. There is tremendous rush for these coveted posts but one having good control on the subjects can score there significantly and can come in the list of top candidates.

    For bright academic candidates there are also opportunities in the area of research after post graduation in our country as well as foreign countries and in many cases good scholarships are available to the brilliant students making them free from financial woes.

    Knowledge is power.

  • After finishing 12 th std, it is good to pursue career with doing B.COM+CA/ICWA. Nowadays chartered accountant are needed more so this will give a good career in your sister life. Since your sister has been studied in CBSE, CA will not be a difficult to her.

    Pursue career with CA/ICWA, after this also so many options are there to learn. your sister will get more oppurtunities after doing CA/ICWA. Then after she can find a job easily and can be pursued with while working.

    Compared to BBA, Bcom is too better to study. My friends had studied along with CA, They are at good level and working fine. Its a great oppurtunity for her. Take a good decision which becomes a turning point of her life.

  • After 12th standard, there are numerous opportunities in commerce field
    1. B.Com. (General) or B.Com. with specializations Accountancy, E Commerce, Marketing, Computer Applications, Corporate Secretaryship, Banking etc
    2. B.A. Economics
    3. B.B.A
    4. Integrated MBA (IIM Indore)
    5. Bachelor Degrees in Hotel Management, Social Sciences, Trade, Logistics
    6. Along with degree or full time professional courses : CA, ICWA, ACS
    7. Professional Courses not popular in India: ACCA, CFA, CFP, CAIA, FRM, PRM, etc

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