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    How to earn more from a YouTube channel?

    Interested to know how to earn more from YouTube uploads? Just check this page to learn how to earn from our ISC experts.

    I have created a YouTube channel and posted some videos on my mobile. These videos are unique and are not copied from else where. I have also enabled AdSense on the videos, but my earning is very less. Experts can share ways to increase the views and earnings for channel.
    Link to my channel is :
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  • You have created a youtube channel and posted some videos. You enabled Adsense account also. You do the following activities.
    1. Find a Niche for YouTube. The youtube channel should have a theme on which you are trying to post your videos so that your channel will be seen as a special channel for a particular niche
    2. Develop Content Strategy for youtube videos. A good content always rules.
    3. You may be using a mobile phone for your video recording. if you want to record a good quality video, you must use a webcam. you should hire a professional video maker, once you start earning regular income. Use Google Keyword Planner. Use Evernote. With Evernote, you can note all the main points you have to speak with a slight detail while you are recording your video. A good talk while recording the video will give you more visitors. Use social media to make publicity to your video channel.
    4. Share your video with your family members and friends and ask them their opinion. If they suggest any changes you can think of that also. They will be your propaganda agencies. Let the talk about the video to their friends so that it will spread among the known people.
    These steps may help you to get more audience.

    always confident

  • YouTube is mainly earning its revenue from advertising activities and other related business propositions. Depending upon the popularity of a particular channel, YouTube will share revenue with it. There was a time when YouTube paid handsomely to its contributors and early birds in the field have taken advantage of it. In addition to this one can link his channel with Google Adsense and earn the revenue as per the Google Adsense procedure.

    So it is still not very late and one can enact a channel in YouTube and if the quality and content is good and interesting there will be a good traffic generated which is directly proportional to the revenue earned by the contributor.

    There are certain things which are to be kept in mind. The first thing is to avoid posting similar or repetitive data which the surfers are already seeing at various places. The channel should have something novel and authentic to attract the internet users to visit it again. For example if you find that you have interest in religious rituals and processes but there are not very good channels existing you can think of going ahead with it. Like this there are many ideas which can be thought to make ones channel popular.

    Tutorials and coaching in specific subjects is also another ares where there will be a prospective audience though it requires a firm and solid academic background and at the same time one can hire or take competent people as partner also in such endeavour.

    As the sites like YouTube are already crowded with channels and people providing all type of information one has to be cautious and careful in selecting the material one is going to present to the internet users or more specifically to the YouTube users in ones channel.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Hi Manoj,
    I checked your Channel. Here is some what improvements needed and some information about adsense earning through youtube.
    1. You have only 3 videos so far I see. You need to post more. Video should be unique.
    2. You need catchy labels to attract viewers. Please do so.
    3. Adsense for Youtube policy changed in Feb 2018 , and you need 1000 subscribers to start earning. So better start subscribing others so they will subscribe you too.
    Here is my channel for your reference.
    4. Keep track of youtube viewers through google analytics.

    Life Is Beautiful

  • Many of us think that we could earn from YouTube or any other channels overnight. Maybe it was possible around 3 to 5 years ago. But now YouTube has tighten the rules and earning from YouTube is not an easy task, but it's definitely not a nightmare if you follow some simple steps

    First of all, I note that your channel has a default YouTube URL. Try to make it as a custom URL so that you will gain visibility in organic search

    To get monetization, It's mandatory to have 1000 subscribers and view time should be 4000 hrs in the past year

    Attract visitors by creating an engaging design and label

    Try to post informative content that is beneficial to readers and label it accordingly

    You can add annotations with a link to subscribe your channels in every video

    Use right keywords in the video title and description by analyzing some keyword planner tools so that users can find you easily

    You can try content marketing, by writing few articles related to your video, and add a link to it.

  • Its really hard to earn money from youtube. There is rule of youtube that youtubers has to post videos regularly if they really wants to earn more. You can rewuest people for subscribe your channel.

    Here are 3 most important things you needs to know about.
    1. Grow your audience before monetizing your videos.

    2. If you want to monetize only a few existing videos, choose popular videos with high watch times.

    3. If you don't want to monetize individual videos then automatically monetize all future uploads using the default option.

    here is how to check your channel's eligibility

    Sign in to your YouTube account.
    In the top right, select your account icon - Creator Studio.
    In the left menu, select Channel - Status and features.
    Under "Monetization," click Enable. You'll only see this option if your account hasn't been disabled for monetization. Follow the on-screen steps to accept the YouTube monetization agreement.

    2. Enable your channel for monetization

    3. Connect your YouTube channel to an adsense account
    To earn money from your monetized videos you need to associate an approved AdSense account with your YouTube account. You can use a new or existing AdSense account.

    4. Review the ad formats
    Make sure your video meets the video monetization criteria and review the different YouTube ad formats that are available.

    5. Monetize your videos with ads
    Before you start: Make sure you've set up your channel to earn money. Be sure that the video you want to monetize is set to public. If you're uploading a private or unlisted video, you need to change the privacy settings to public.

    After you've opted your channel in for monetization and set up your AdSense account, you can enable eligible videos to earn money from relevant ads.

    6. Track your adsense earnings

  • Hello there, I can see that you knows the system of earning revenues from YouTube. YouTube's Revenue Program and Google AdSense are the examples. Let us look into certain points to develop your channel - make it more popular.
    1. Create Quality Content
    Always go for the best option you have to increase the output quality, never compromise.

    2. Post Contents Regularly
    Always get your stuff uploaded at regular intervals.

    3. Concentrate on a Particular Genre
    Go for a section or area where you are utmost comfortable and there are viewers.

    4. Promote Your Channel
    Use your new videos to promote your channel via social networks.

    5. Conduct Giveaways
    This is bit costly, and do it on special occasions, make it special. Ask viewers to share your channel/video for entering the lucky draw.

  • After checking your channel, I can say that it's just a start. If you are on YouTube just to earn money from the initial place without developing your influence then you're totally wrong. Take an instance of many other channels that stands out of the crowd. Some are even now building their influences even after meeting the eligibility criteria to monetize the channel. Even me, I have more than 250 videos but I am not monetizing it right now because I want to build my influence like all other YouTubers are doing. Getting 1k to 5k views per videos is not worth monetizing.

    When it comes to your contents on YouTube, you should post videos from life hacks, tutorials, how to, coaching, tips and tricks, comedy, talk the talk etc instead of posting videos that you have already uploaded.

    Once you have good videos, copy the title and three keywords from your description and paste it on Tags. Most newbies just go on uploading videos without even writing a proper title, and I have also seen most people would leave the description BLANK. Description is optional but it can attract new viewers before watching video, most people prefer to read description.

    Add tags keywords in tags section. You should copy the whole title and two to three keywords from description and paste it in tags to index your video. This way, when people searches they will find the right content.

    Thumbnails can be a burden for creator. It's very easy to create an attractive thumbnails, but it consumes a lot of time. Be creative. Lastly, YouTube has updated their policies from 10K views to 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers before you enable monetization.

    Keep working.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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