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    In SBI PO'2018 application, name not as per school certificates.

    Does it create a problem if there is a mismatch in a name in Examination application form and School certificate? Have a look at this webpage about this doubt very often raised by many members and see what our experts say about this.

    In SBI PO application, I have given my name as Meena Nataraj as per my PAN Card/ Passport. But actually, in my school certificate, it is mentioned as Meena N.

    Is this a mistake? If YES how to rectify this at the time of document verification?
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  • Your full name is Meena Nataraj and short name is Meena N. So there will not be any problem. It is good that you have mentioned your full name in the application. If they question us you can say the name in the School certificate the authorities have given the only short name you can tell. They will not disqualify you for this. If necessary they may ask you get the certificate from the authorities by the time they will give you the appointment letter and then medical examination etc. You will have time.
    Meanwhile, what I suggest you is to apply for correction in the certificate by giving the full name in the certificate. For this, you can approach the School authorities with a copy of your birth certificate in which your name will be mentioned correctly and apply for correction in writing. They will advise you the complete process and the documents required and other formalities. You complete those and apply so that they will get you the corrected certificate. Even though it is not essential as of now, it is better to have the same name in all certificates.

    always confident

  • Thank you for your response.
    But Sir, even in my birth certificate it is Meena N. Only in my pan card, Aadhar card and in passport I have my full name.
    So is it possible to change my name in school certificate without the birth certificate?

  • The easier option is to correct the Aadhar card and the PAN card, which is very much possible, to the actual name in the birth certificate and the School certificate. For this purpose, it is wise to obtain a letter from the School P:rincipal, and also from a Notary Public, that you are the same person, though the names have been differently printed, in the relevant documents, and that you are seeking a change to get the Aadhar card for this purpose, that is, to have the name changed to Meena N.

    You see, today Aadhar Card is the Gospel truth, as it overrides every other single document. In future, this will become the sole identify for every Indian, as his or her horoscope will be written with this card!!

    Jokes apart, go for the course of action suggested.

  • Initial expansion is not a major problem and would be an issue only at document verification, much later. You cannot change much after you have submitted your online application form because there are thousands of candidates applying and it would be logistically difficult to respond and correct each members query. Please review the SBI application filling guidelines (, see page 3, point 11,a,iii.

    Firs, what is important is while you prepare for the exams, see that you have one ID proof that has the same name as the application form so that you will be eligible for the first step of the SBI-PO exams. In your case, I am glad to say that you have a PAN and a Passport with the full name. So, don't worry, please focus on your preparation.

    Once you finish the exams, then you can go to rectify the mistake. Since you will be applying for online exams and your employee records will be online, it is best to have your name as one either Meena N or Meena Nataraj. I would suggest that stick to Meena Nataraj since passport changing name and PAN would be more difficult than the school certificates.

    You need to have an affidavit via a Notary which should state that your name is Meena Nataraj. The person mentioned in birth certificate and your passport/aadhar/PAN are one and the same. Then publish the name in two newspapers, one English and one in vernacular langauge locally and preserve both original snippets.

    Once this is done, then approach the school principal along with a letter drafted by you explaining the service you need. This letter needs to be forwarded to the respective boards of 10th and 12th under which the school/college your studied comes under.

    There would be a small fee to be paid and it takes around 4 weeks to get the corrected certificate which would be mailed to the school. Please keep the acknowledgment and fee receipt handy so that you can quote the reference number for further correspondence.

  • Thank you all for your responses

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