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    Can laptop batteries explode while getting charged?

    Have a query about charging laptop batteries? Wondering if they can explode while charging? On this page our ISC Experts shall provide you with inputs regarding your query.

    Very recently I have read a news item about the blasting of laptop battery, which injured a person severely. He left charging the laptop on his bed throughout the night and it exploded. We have heard about the blasting of mobile phones many times. Many people will advise the mobile users not to speak on the mobile phone while it is getting charged. But most of the times, we work on the laptop while it is getting charged.
    Can laptop batteries explode while it is getting charged?
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  • Laptop batteries are always a danger as are other products such as a pressure cooker etc. Your safety depends on how you use them. The only mantra to stay safe is to handle your gadgets with care. Both the smartphones and laptops use Lithium Ion batteries and the chances of the explosion are very less unless otherwise there is a manufacturing defect.
    Many factors come into play – overcharging, over discharging, unwanted carbon build up, etc. A Lithium battery has built-in mechanisms to disconnect from the device and adjacent cells in case of overcharging etc. A faulty laptop battery is one that would not provide such mechanisms to protect the cells from overcharging etc. This is just to give you an idea of why companies have recalled products in the past saying the batteries are defective. They are missing one or more such precaution mechanisms.
    Among other reasons why a laptop battery can exploding are mishandling – probably it is dropped and the alignment of electrode plus anode is disturbed. This will change the alignment of electrons in the cells which may create overheating – a known factor that explodes batteries.
    The other reasons can be the atmosphere where you are using the laptop. If it is humid and hot enough, it will make a good case for short-circuiting that – in turn – will result in overheating and hence explosion.
    There are many reasons for this but manufacturing defect is the cause for all these issues.

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  • Any gadget like a mobile, tablet or a laptop that has a high power battery that needs to be charged has a chance of exploding. But, in real life, thankfully such instances are far and few.
    The common reasons put forth are
    2.Hot, humid,stuffy environment
    3.a short circuit in a laptop that has been dropped or where the contact points are loose.
    4.a bad or a faulty lithium-ion battery
    5.'thermal runaway'- every working laptop has this process, wherein literally heat being given out when the batteries produce more heat than the system can handle during the recharging process.
    6. Some of the old laptop batteries have a higher chance( like the versions of 2006 wherein Sony, Dell and Apple have recalled lithium-ion batteries of that period after such instances).

    So, it is prudent that we follow safety while we enjoy the benefits of the laptop.
    1.Use a reputed standard model, rather than a assembled cheaper version
    2.Regular maintenance
    3.Replace with recommended company made original battery at authorised centers
    4.Use judiciously, for instance, if you into gaming and high video use, then the laptop get hot soon, so use the laptops that are classified as gaming laptops.
    5. Use bottom cooler fan base, that is available widely.
    6.Avoid connecting the laptop for overnight charging
    7. Place in on the desk or the floor, rather than leaving it on and charging on the bed next to you.

  • Laptop batteries might explode. If one is using his laptop while charging for many hours like 80 hours. But no one can use a laptop while charging for more than 79 hours. In my personal experiences, I have been mining crypto currencies from heavy duty machines and my Asus laptop was charging for three days day and night mining the digital currencies through slushpool. But the battery never explode.

    If ones drop the battery in fire then it will explode. However, if all laptops batteries explodes, there will be terror in the world. It's just a crap news that has no genuine facts. The main reason why batteries explodes is the reason behind of carelessness, short circuits, over voltage, incompatible chargers, and many more which we need to look behind before we sit to surf the web or to type something.

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