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    Regarding causes and effects of precocious puberty or simple puberty somewhat earlier

    Have a query about precocious puberty or simple puberty? Looking out for information online? Check out this page and get answers for all your queries.

    Can watching porn,trying to masturbate,bad friends,sexual talks and thoughts all the time,no physical exercise,or any other particular eating habit at a very early age (for boys) cause simple puberty to cause somewhat earlier.
    If yes,than,will this affect the final adult height of the person in the same way as the precocious puberty does?
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  • Puberty starts on average in girls between ages 8 and13 and in boys between ages 9 and 14.
    Doctors diagnose early puberty when this normal process starts early and continues to progress through growth spurts and bone maturation, usually for reasons we don't understand. Girls who show significant signs of puberty and its progression before age 7 and boys before age 9 are considered precocious
    There are two types of precocious puberty.l.
    1. Central precocious puberty is the more common type. The process is identical to normal puberty, but happens early. The pituitary gland is prompted to produce hormones, called gonadotropins. These hormones, in turn, stimulate the testicles or ovaries to make other hormones, testosterone or estrogen. It's these sex hormones that cause the changes of puberty, like breast development in girls.
    2. Peripheral precocious puberty or precocious pseudo-puberty is a different condition. It's also rarer. The hormones estrogen and testosterone trigger the symptoms. But the brain and pituitary gland is not involved. It's usually a local problem with the ovaries, testicles, adrenal gland, or a severely underactive thyroid gland.
    The main causes for this may be:
    Gender. Girls are 10 times as likely to have central precocious puberty as boys.
    Genetics. Occasionally, precocious puberty can be triggered by genetic mutations that trigger the release of sex hormones. Most often these children have a parent or sibling with similar genetic abnormalities.
    Race. Researchers don't know why, but on average, African-American girls seem to start puberty about a year earlier than white girls. Some experts say that puberty should only be considered early in African-American girls if it happens before age 6.
    International adoption. One study showed that children who are adopted from overseas are 10-20 times more likely to develop precocious puberty. Again, experts aren't sure why, but the uncertainty of the exact ages of the adopted children might bias the study results.
    Obesity. A number of studies have shown an association between obesity in young girls and an increased risk of precocious puberty. However, researchers don't know how direct the link is. Obesity does not seem to be connected to early puberty in boys.

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  • A. Can watching porn,trying to masturbate,bad friends,sexual talks and thoughts all the time, cause puberty to cause somewhat earlier.

    There are studies (from the west) which imply that the teen mind (boy or girl) which is exposed to various images, actions, acts and behavior affects the developing brain. The immature(sexual) brain is suddenly exposed to too much of visual and auditory information that these youth try to imitate, carry out and perform sex and try high risk sexual behavior too.

    As they mature, the body full of hormones and these information prompts them to indugle in physical sexual contact. As time goes by, such individuals has a tendency to see intercourse and sexual behaviour as purely for sexual gratification instead of intimacy. When they get addicted to porn, there actual satisfaction with a partner or spouse is not very rewarding.

    Now, researchers are finding that the average age of puberty for boys and girls have come down significantly due to various factors and one of them, is thought to be is over exposure to unhealthy sexual knowledge. The fact that watching too much porn induces precocious puberty is Yet to be proven conclusively.

    Precocious puberty is basically related to over-exposure of hormones either internally (disease of the hormone producing, hormone regulation parts of the body) or externally (diet and skin contact with creams and ointment).
    Children who are at risk of developig precocious puberty include obesity,female gender, exposure to sex harmones,radiation therapy, adrenal hyperplasia etc.

    B. If yes,than,will this affect the final adult height of the person in the same way as the precocious puberty does?

    This question cannot be answered clearly because, as of now we do not have conclusive evidence that watching porn/ thinking about sex causes early puberty. True precocious puberty is associated with early growth spurt and then a quick bone maturity that results in a final shorter height.

    The content of the questions hints indirectly that there could be an issue with addiction and a sense of guilt because of bad friends. It is important to understand that sexual practices with multiple people or high riks behavior can lead to unwanted health issues. If there is a doubt of addiction and someone needs help, they can approach to psychologists who are professional trained and experts in helping the person from getting out of the addiction.

  • For boys and girls, the onset of puberty signals a time of transition from a child into an adult. In many cultures throughout the world, puberty is a celebrated event. It represents the natural progression of life. However, as children are entering puberty at earlier ages, parents are becoming concerned. During the 1800s, the average age for boys and girls to reach puberty was 15. In 2015, a growing number of children are entering puberty as young as 7 years old.

    When children go through puberty, their sexual organs have matured to the point that they are able to sexually reproduce. Boys and girls have different experiences during puberty.
    When boys experience puberty, it is noticeable by several factors. The pitches in their voices become deeper. They grow taller. They begin to grow facial and pubic hair.
    When girls experience puberty, they display outward signs of puberty as well. They begin their menstrual cycles. They develop breasts. They also develop pubic hair and acne problems.

    The less common peripheral precocious puberty occurs without the involvement of the harmone in your brain that normally triggers the start of puberty. Instead, the cause is release estrogen or testosterone into the body because of problems with the ovaries, testicles and edrenal glands.

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