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    BA Environment Studies universities and colleges in India

    Interested in studying environmental studies? Wondering about the best universities for this course? On this page our ISC experts shall respond to your questions here.

    I am interested in environmental studies. I would like to take a Bachelor degree in that. I understand that BSc environmental science requires science and math. I am not too keen on that. That's why I have opted for BA environmental studies.
    Please help me with universities that offer this course.
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  • You can refer the following URL for the details. The page from India study channel will give you all the details about the course you have asked.

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  • BA or BSc Environmental studies, both are first degrees in the subject. Environmental studies is a science subject and hence the degree generally will be BSc. Data collection, analysis and interpretation will be one aspect of the subject. So, naturally, a knowledge of Statistical methods become essential.


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